Posted 1 February 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 256GB Smartphone + 40GB O2 Data - £25pm £349 Upfront + £100 Enhanced Trade £929 / £829 @ Mobile Phones Direct

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£829 after trading in any phone on the 256GB S23, with good O2 Data, and 6 month disney+

£100 enhanced trade in available, £829 is £20 less than the sim free price

Trade in isn't quite ready.

£924 here with 25GB ID data


  • Want a phone that’s worth getting excited about? Look no further than this Samsung S23 model.
  • It’s packing serious power with a new chip, and since it’s 5G ready, your apps will run at lightning speed. They’ll be doing so on a stunning 6-inch Dynamic AMOLED display too, leaving you tempted to stream boxsets from your phone every night – what television?
  • When you finally do make it outdoors, the triple 50MP rear camera will capture everything wonderfully from a sunset to drinks with friends.
  • Don’t want anyone left out the picture?
  • The 12MP front-facing camera will take care of that as well. And if it’s your round, no need to get out the wallet, Samsung Pay will have those bevs ordered with just one tap. Perfect.

Mobile Phones Direct More details at Mobile Phones Direct
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  1. Avatar
    Damn increased prices and no buds or tags etc.. ?
    Double storage, though. Not for everyone, but same price nesr enough as the s22 256gb currently
  2. Avatar
    Well this is going swimmingly, thanks all
  3. Avatar
    Really tempted to go for the S23+. Can be had for £634, the 512gb model, once I've traded in my pristine S22+. I haven't factored in student discount yet. I've had the Pixel 7 for about a month but I'll sell that off. That was my plan all along. (edited)
    I wouldn't bother...there is hardly any difference between the S22+ and the S23+
  4. Avatar
    Looks like a very bad deal for the S22
    Oopsie daisy.

    Auto pilot. Don't hate me (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Dont buy. They post deals and when u order they cancel. Waste of time.
    They were glitches, this isn't a glitch and will be fulfilled.
  6. Avatar
    I stopped reading at 02 good data, rubbish for me
    How bout the other deal in the description?! Three?
  7. Avatar
    How can you find out how much they will give for your phone? E.g. I have an S22 256gb

    Edit s23 ultra showing £150 extra trade in. Total contract price is £1299 for 40gb or £1339 for 300gb both pretty tempting upgrades (edited)
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    Do you think it's worth buy with the trade in offer or waiting a few months for potentially better deals?
  9. Avatar
    What's the difference between the S23+ and the S23?
    Screen size