Unfortunately, this deal has expired 5 December 2022.
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Posted 1 December 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Plus 128GB + 12GB data for one month + £200 Samsung Cashback - £677.50 Clubcard price / £477.50 after cashback @ Tesco

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Select upfront cost to full price of £666
add 12GB data sim for £11.50
this is one month sim -


Samsung has launched the cashback offer - valid from 01/12 - 20/12
Various amount of cashback is on offer on various product
Tesco Mobile More details at Tesco Mobile
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  1. KimCowdrey-f05b2.59476's avatar
    Ive just been tesco and got this deal, went on the samsung website uploaded proof of purchase, imei no and serial number and had email back already to say £200 will be credited to my bank within 45 days (edited)
    Juan_Punzano's avatar
    Did you get the deal from a tesco store? Sold out online so was hoping to go in store
  2. Scarlet_Pimp's avatar
    These phones unlocked? I am on VOXI currently, tempting price though
    Bil.27's avatar
    Yes, all new phones come unlocked after OFGEM changed the rules.
  3. 1gavinr's avatar
    Is the Tesco Website down for anyone else? After adding the deal to the basket and going to the next page it's all in HTML format and there is no where to continue. Tried it on 2 different browsers and also my phone but it's the same.
    mghutd's avatar
    me too
  4. Qasim7's avatar
    You can get the Ultra for under £600 after cashback from Laptops direct
    Qasim7's avatar
    Although that's without a contract
  5. Nosaj_1996's avatar
    Mine is on it's way hopefully here tomorrow

    Just reading the T+Cs as I saw about staff discounts on a different thread : "If you've made a purchase via EPP Discount Portals or have received staff discount from one of the participating retailers, you will not be eligible to take part in this promotion." so just to be aware of
    MrChrisOnline's avatar
    Yup, I worked for Tesco and bought a phone last year after the mobile staff told me I would still get cashback, did not get cashback.
  6. Tibby17's avatar
    Anyone having issues checking out ?
    Gravesy166's avatar
    Only that I had to ring them to finalise the order. It's gone through and item has now shipped 🏻
  7. fastclau's avatar
    Stupid question....how do you cancel the rolling contract? Stop the DD, or have to call them? Thanks!
    Mandz27's avatar
    Call them or live chat, if you stop the DD it'll be a default on payment, not good for your credit score (edited)
  8. MK5HashTag66's avatar
    I would stick with the S20 FE 5G; this is simply an incremental upgrade
    James_1po's avatar
    Thanks for the advice!
  9. aymrez's avatar
    Andrew_irD's avatar
    just keep checking is the answer
  10. Andrew_irD's avatar
    just to be clear, if it says out of stock, just save it as a bookmark, check, buy.
  11. ED_WA's avatar
    I saw this deals ages ago, the big question is

    Is it worth regarding your money?

    Think about it.

    I was checking the phone today, it’s useless and it’s not worth that amount of money.

    First of all the phone does not take external memory card
    2-You need to ask yourself why people can not take any deal from Tesco or any other provider 256GB or 512GB?

    The answer is you will run out of memory so you through your phone then third party companies will buy it from you by half price then they sell it again.

    I checked there is some good website where you sell your phone, they just pay £350 for the Samsung galaxy S22+ 128GB

    It’s a joke.

    3- Why Tesco always gives this discount only on small devices memory usually 64GB or 128GB

    The available memory of Samsung galaxy S22+ is 100GB so the whole 128GB is not available as a storage so be careful they intend to do that.

    I test the phone today at Samsung near kings Cross and the 50 megapixel camera is rubbish especially when you zoom in etc

    4- The phone does not accept any headphone except if you need to buy an adepter or buy EarPods or Samsung buds

    So it’s extra money, do not forget turning Bluetooth on will consume the battery age etc.

    5-the other fact that the memory storage is 128GB but the only storage which is available is 100GB to use for your app, videos, music and pictures

    Those people are really smart and they know exactly what they are doing

    To buy a very good case you may spend £50 to £80

    Another fact there is no charger 😹 you spend a huge amount of cash money because people believe it’s a good deal and they are smart more than those huge companies who make millions

    They want you to buy a charger, your previous Samsung charger will not work because this is the new modern usb charger it’s a new one

    They want to save the environment but they need your money so prepare yourself to pay for expensive charger because you’re not going to buy the 15W do you? Or 25 W

    Of course 40 W is more convenient

    I even challenged the guy at Samsung so you need to be careful and read the cash back agreement carefully if the cash back is £200 or UP to £200

    Finally, why Samsung is giving this £200 cash back?

    Why they do not just cut it straightaway when you are buying the product from their retailer (Tesco)?!

    EBay, Amazon and marketplace is excluded from having the cash back

    More over,
    Before you buy the phone, go to Samsung official place near kings Cross which is near to London art university

    Test the phone by yourself and ask yourself this question

    Is it worth £667 or even £466?

    Are they crazy they price this device for £950 then they are selling it for £667 or £466?

    This is a real fact that this device is not worth £300 so they still make huge amount of profits from selling this (restricted or limited Phone functions)

    Small memory, does not accept memory external card, the 50 megapixel is rubbish when you zoom in
    The phone does not accept normal headphone so etc.

    When you want to sell it no one will buy it more than £350

    The best way is to save your money and search for another good phone where you see the value of your money

    Thanks (edited)
    FatTony's avatar
    Such a strange post this. Why would you go out of your way to test a product you had no intention of buying and then post about it on here?

    £466 is a great deal for a new (not refurbed) S22+ which has won all kinds of rave reviews for its performance and camera.

    Whether you like Samsung or Apple shouldn't matter. Likewise if the deal isn't right for you, it doesn't make it a bad deal.

    Voted hot for me. Oh by the way, you can get a great case for around £10
  12. Esfiha28's avatar
    How strange. This deal is much better than any Black Friday week or Cyber Monday deal for an S22 (S22, SS+ or Ultra). They've just dropped this deal after all that ended. So don't always believe the hype, BF is often not the best time to get the best deals!
    TheCostOfLies's avatar
    The ultra for under £600 after cb beats this
  13. rbz5416's avatar
    No deal on the 256GB, which makes it useless for me sadly.
  14. Nosaj_1996's avatar
    I have just made the phone call and they could see my web chat from this morning but need a managers review which could take 5 working days.
    I cannot fork out another £400 so I'm not sure where we would stand should they stick to their guns....
    Z4H1DON's avatar
    Just got an response from Tesco
    We are aware that a small number of customers cancelling their Clubcard contract deals early have been charged a fee. We’ve raised it with our support team to check the issue and a fix has been applied. The charges will be removed automatically, and you do not need to take any actions at the moment. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused and are working to resolve the issue.

    I appreciate your understanding and patience with this matter. Please do let us know if you need any other assistance.
  15. giboning's avatar
    Thanks everyone for help and advice. My £402 fee was waived this morning after emailing the ceo. This is why i love this community.
    imiy's avatar

    Would you kindly prive message me and tell me what you said in your email to ceo.
    I just come off the phone with CS with no joy.

    Many thanks
  16. Jonathan_Siddles's avatar
    Just ordered this, seems a good deal and will cancel SIM once received
    mghutd's avatar
    So if you cancel the sim do you just pay the 18.49 per month for 36 months? do you still get the cashback?
  17. thaliar's avatar
    OK so I'm being dim... can't get an upfront cost of 666 - only 0 - 180 then jumps to 1080 ??
    Nosaj_1996's avatar
    Click "full price" after 180
  18. Andrew_irD's avatar
    back in stock, just nabbed one
  19. Nosaj_1996's avatar
    Has anybody had trouble with tesco? I've now received a £400 bill for non return of the phone .... despite only cancelling the rolling contract.
    richkay's avatar
    I've just had a similar email. It didn't mention phone return just a demand for final bill payment. I've called and spoken with CS and they seemed quite indignant that I would think to be able to cancel without paying for two years. Not sure where their £402.14 requested comes from either since 2 years at £11.50 would be £276 and I've already paid one month of that! Last thing was that they would review the call where I cancelled and get back to me. When I cancelled there was no request to return the phone, just that the pay monthly would switch to payg.

    Will give them a few days and see what happens. Looking around there are similar reports for the equivalent iphone deals today. Suspect they've lost a bit of money on this deal and trying to claw some back. I'm not sure how they can justify it seeing as all the documents state 1 month contract!!! (edited)
  20. Mandz27's avatar
    Now I'm debating this or the iPhone 13
    finnmaccool's avatar
    This. I've had both
  21. martin.08's avatar
    Cashback a maximum of £200
    Mandz27's avatar
    It is £200 for the 22plus
  22. mghutd's avatar
    not working for me when i try to go to checkout
    Mandz27's avatar
    I've bought this for my daughter, if you get an error at the checkout it most likely needs a credit check so you'll need to call customer care, they sorted it in 5 mins for me
  23. Ib_f's avatar
    Am I stupid or are these not locked to tesco sim?
    Nosaj_1996's avatar
    Think all new phones have to be sold unlocked now
  24. Scarlet_Pimp's avatar
    i've gone for it, can you cancel the sim immediately or do you have to wait a certain time.
    Mandz27's avatar
    As soon as phone is paid yiu can cancel the sim
  25. Hullablue's avatar
    Anyone getting an error why they try to checkout?

    Your payment has been unsuccessful
    We've cancelled your order and no payment has been taken.
    Please call us on 08000 304030 so we can help you with a new order.
    Sen1115's avatar
  26. Gravesy166's avatar
    Do you have to have a Tesco mobile account to get this ?
    Mandz27's avatar
    Tesco club card only
  27. lkl265's avatar
    So this is a monthly contract ?
    Mandz27's avatar
    Monthly but sim plan can be cancelled as soon as phone is paid off, that can be done over the duration or in lumpsums
  28. golferX's avatar
    Not sure how you add this deal to your basket. Do you select pay monthly, payg or sum-free?
    Mandz27's avatar
    Pay monthly, then select duration, upfront cost and sim package you want
  29. Aliz121's avatar
    Is there any deal for S22 or S22+ with Trade in and Cashback?
  30. jpielow1's avatar
    How does this compare to Note 20 Ultra?
  31. Z4H1DON's avatar
    Has anyone's been dispatched yet?
  32. planet2sky's avatar
    If we going to buy pays you go through Tesco till cashback still works?
  33. Shamz_Hussain's avatar
    Thanks!! Ordered!
  34. FatTony's avatar
    Great deal
  35. musicalbox's avatar
    I personally would not use Tesco mobile as use O2. I and my family cannot get a signal in the house and very patchy when out. I am sure others find it ok.
    planet2sky's avatar
    Now u can use wifi calling from 23 November
  36. Zedmeister's avatar
    You are seeing offers as the new S23 range should be out within weeks
  37. tb4100's avatar
    What a good deal, can someone help me ?
    Can I pay cash for the phone ? just keeping the £11.50 monthly sim
    Mandz27's avatar
    Yes you can pay the phone in full and keep the sim running
  38. James_1po's avatar
    I've currently got an S20 FE 5G. Is this a big enough step up to justify it, given I can get £130 for the S20, and trade-in values should be very strong when the time comes to switch again?
  39. Zameen's avatar
    Oos for me
  40. a_kerr's avatar
    So working this deal as suggested, is the phone locked to Tesco/O2, and if so any idea how to unlock for Vodafone? Thanks.
    P.S. is it definately kosher to cancel airtime contract once phone is paid off?
    fnorbika's avatar
    I've been told on LC these are unlocked.
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