Unfortunately, this deal has expired 23 December 2022.
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Posted 12 December 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G 128GB + 100GB Three Data £17p/m 24m + £299 Upfront = £707 + £200 Cashback (+ £35TCB) @ Mobile Phones Direct

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Total price of £507, or £472 with TopCashback.
Additional bonus of 12 months of Disney Plus, which, if you are paying for already, works out to be £96 worth back too.

Key Features
  • 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display
  • Enjoy a 4500mAh battery life
  • 10MP front camera
  • Fast charge
  • Facial recognition

Love to snap pictures? This Samsung Galaxy S22+ is perfect for you. The 50MP rear camera will make sure all your special moments are caught in incredible detail, while the 10MP front camera lets you steal some of the limelight too. Your socials will never look better. Enjoy all your pictures on the stunning 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, or if you’d prefer, stream some of your favourite YouTube videos to really enjoy 5G speeds. If you get a little snap-happy, the generous battery life will keep up with you, but when it is time to juice up again, fast charge does it in a tick. You can even show off in front of your mates as you announce the next round’s on you with a simple tap, but be warned - you’ll never be able to pretend you’ve forgotten your wallet again.
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    Does anyone know how soon the Disney code needs to be used? Can you extend an existing?
    I contacted Disney and mine was use by 1 June 2023
  2. Avatar
    Does anyone else have issues with Three 4G? A couple of people at work have mentioned it's terrible...
    Three network has actually improved in my area , I have seen a massive mast go up not far from me , 4g is still the same however 5g is faster than my home broadband granted I do have to be stood outside to actually use it
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    I tried to get this deal but 3 turned me down based on my credit history. I've got a credit score of 999 and the only 'amber' rating on my credit file is my debt to income ratio which is too low apparently! Didn't seem to matter that I've always paid all previous credit on time, have a solid job with the same employer for 8 years and own my own home outright. Quite bizarre.

    Is this a 3 thing. Anyone else had this experience?
    I've seen this thread where ID mobile (also running on Three network) customers applying for a second contract getting declined: community.idmobile.co.uk/ask…233

    Have you made multiple applications within a short time period (which leaves a hard search trace on the credit report)? It seems having multiple hard searches on a credit report within a short time period negatively impacts further applications in the short term regardless of the credit score: experian.co.uk/con…tml

    The suggested advice generally seems to be to wait around 3months or so before applying again although not sure if the same advice applies if applying for a contract through a different mobile network that might be using a different credit agency. (edited)
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    Why is it only S22+ dropping this much... S22 is currently more expensive!
  5. Avatar
    Wonder what this will drop to when the s23 comes out
    Yeah this is falling like a brick probably sub £300 soon just keeps getting cheaper every week.
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    Not a bad deal in fairness. Phone can be sold on ebay for around £500. Sim is virtually free even if you sell the phone. Just an example. Appreciate not everyone will want to sell the phone.
  7. Avatar
    I have one in green like brand new were is best place to sell apart from ebay etc
  8. Avatar
    Anyone got disney subscription codes which won’t be used?
    I've got a 12 month one, how much you offering?
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    Defintively best Galaxy S22 Plus deal I've seen, next best deal was the Tesco deal where you cancel the SIM card so effectively paying only the phone for £477. This deals works out better as you're getting a contract for 24 months.


    £507 - £477 = £30. So effectively paying £1.25 per month, if we're compaying this deal to the Tesco deal.
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    Can anyone comment on the camera quality? I recently bought an oppo x2 pro, and the camera quality at night is dire.
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    Can't do dual apps on samsung correct? Besides messaging apps
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    Is this deal over now?
    No still ongoing, phone is still in stock and contract is still available.
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    I thought this would be a really hot deal??
    Yeah it should be, I think people might of mis-read it for the Galaxy S22, this deal is somehow slept on.

    This SIM free deal was really hot, and that was priced at £477

    This deal u get a 2 year contract out of it for £507, which works out much better, so I don't know how this isn't voted hotter than the previous deal haha