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Posted 22 September 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G 128GB Smartphone / Mobile Phone + 100GB Three Data - £29p/m Zero Upfront With Code - £696 @ Affordable Mobiles

£696£7203% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Bargain, even cheaper than yesterday's s22 plus 100gb data deal, now with zero upfront With code S22PLUS29
Links to all colours below:

Black - affordablemobiles.co.uk/con…=13

White - affordablemobiles.co.uk/con…=13

Pink - affordablemobiles.co.uk/con…=13

Green - affordablemobiles.co.uk/con…=13


About this item
  • It’s our brightest innovation yet. The sensor pulls in more light, the Super Clear Glass dials downs lens flare, and fast-acting AI delivers near-instant intelligent processing.
  • The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with faster motion sampling to stabilise your shots. Meanwhile super HDR adjusts the colour frame-by-frame to keep every frame looking gorgeous.
  • Sunlight, meet Galaxy S22’s bright display. The Stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2x display is crafted specifically for high outdoor visibility, keeping the view clear in bright daylight.
  • Bring the crew together with Google Duo. There, you can watch movies together, streaming high-quality video just like IRL.
  • Our fastest, most powerful chip ever. That means, a faster CPU and GPU compared to Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s an epic leap for smartphone technology.
  • Fast Charge that outlasts the day. The battery intelligently adapts to how you use your phone, so it lasts beyond 24 hours.

Go Roam
Go Roam lets you use your UK allowance to call and text the UK and between Three's Go Roam in Europe destinations and use up to 12GB of data in more than 70 destinations Around the World. A £2 daily charge applies to unlock your allowance in Go Roam in Europe destinations and a £5 daily charge in Go Roam Around the World destinations excluding in Ireland and the Isle of Man. Three will waive these charges until 23 May 2022. See three.co.uk/go-…oam (http://three.co.uk/go-roam)

5G Ready
If you are purchasing a 5G Ready device, this plan provides you 5G at no extra cost! Even if you decide to change to a 5G device in the future, there is no need to update your plan, it will automatically switch to 5G where 5G coverage is available. (5G Device required)

With Three's new rewards app, enjoy exclusive offers from brands you love like Cafe Nero, Cineworld, and more!

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  1. Avatar
    £85 upfront charge for me
  2. Avatar
    Wow great deal. Would get this if I didn't have the s21 fe. Three has dramatically improved over the last year for me.
  3. Avatar
    Can anyone confirm this is dual physcial sim?
    It is.
  4. Avatar
    Top notch, almost, Android phone, with lots of Three data, if that works for you, it does for me, no upfront cost and cheap monthly charge, in view of the phone and data. 🔥
  5. Avatar
    At the basket

    48276683-pSgpd.jpg (edited)
  6. Avatar
    These are not dual-sim are they? Because if they were, I think at this price I'd just go for this and pop in an EE sim for backup where Three doesn't have signal.
    Taken from here eu.community.samsung.com/t5/…/47 and looks to be dual in the UK.

    S22 U Snapdragon (US) SM-S908UZKFXAA: Single Nano SIM + eSIM

    S22 U Exynos (EU/CH) SM-S908BZKHEUE: Dual Nano SIM + eSIM

    S22 U Snapdragon (Korea) SM-R908N: Single Nano SIM + eSIM

    S22 U Snapdragon (HK) SM-S9080DRHTGY: Dual Nano SIM + eSIM
  7. Avatar
    Had the S22+ since release. Not happy with the performance. It gets bogged down and starts to lag. You get 8gb ram but I always get between 1.8-2.8gb that is actually free. It's a flagship phone so you'd expect no lag but for whatever reason it tends to slow down even though I don't have apps open in the background. Disappointed with Samsung. I had no such issue with the S20 FE 5G. I've got the Poco F3 and Poco F4 GT and both phones are buttery smooth and they never get bogged down. I blame the weak Exynos chip.
    There’s 3 tips I’d advise on.

    1) Turn on performance mode. Swipe from top downwards on the Home Screen, find the icon called ‘processing speed,’ and hold it for a second. Click on high or maximum. Go back to the Home Screen, swipe down from top downwards again, find the icon again and this time just click it once until it turns blue to enable it.

    2) check for any software updates in settings>software updates>first option.

    3) update all your apps in the google play store and the galaxy App Store
  8. Avatar
    Anyone know if smarty sim number can be ported over? They both use 3 network (edited)
    Yep that's fine too do
  9. Avatar
    If only it was on ee or Vodafone....

    Heat regardless (edited)
    Only ee I would say vodafone has gone down the drain, be lucky to have useable internet. They were amazing like a year or so ago but now no reception and the 5g speed is worst than 4g year or so ago
  10. Avatar
    I hate the the way some of these flagship phones dont have a sd card slot
    Old hat though with cheap cloud storage
  11. Avatar
    Christ, never trust a man in a vest with his cap back to front.

  12. Avatar
    Id like someone to compete with these deals on the Pixel 6 pro please
  13. Avatar
    Pls let me know if anyone sees a similar deal like this for another network as 3 are rubbish
    I think Vodafone and ee are rubbish
  14. Avatar
    Three inside my house is terrible but turn on WiFi calling to improve the signal.
    Voted Hot but Im holding out for the s22 ultra or pixel pro .
  15. Avatar
    waiting for the Ultra deal!
  16. Avatar
    I'm with 3 and I never have any issues, this is quite tempting as there's no trade in as I love my current s10e (edited)
    Same I get 250mbs downspeed on the 4g
  17. Avatar
    Any deals for the 256gb?
  18. Avatar
    I've just bought this and really shouldn't have. Thanks again Mr Switch. You'll be the end of my marriage!
    You should be in control of your marriage. When your wife does something similar it's never the end of marriage is it?
  19. Avatar
    Sadly it looks like they're selling products they don't have in stock. It was meant to be next day delivery but I just received this email.
  20. Avatar
    Mobilephonesdirect option (If you have a worthless phone to trade)
    27/mo + 239 = 887
    Minus guaranteed 150 trade in = 737
    Minus 110 TCB = 627

    Also includes 12 months disney. (edited)
    Which one is this? Link please
  21. Avatar
    Ive 8 months to go on a £12 per month contract , i should not even be looking but so tempted
  22. Avatar
    My S20 FE 5G actually feels smoother to use than my S22+. Apps may load a second or so quicker on my S22+ but scrolling feels smoother on the FE 5G. And that's with "Enchanced Processing" turned off on the FE! How is that even possible when the S22+ is the latest and greatest from Samsung. Snapchat, for example, feels jittery on the S22+. No such issues on the S20 FE. I'll be avoiding Exynos from now on. Also have noticed Netflix plays in SD on the S22+. FHD on the S20 FE. Oh dear. (edited)
    Wow, I ordered one and also upgrading from S20 FE but this is worrying.
  23. Avatar
    If only three had good signal in my area
  24. Avatar
    Ordered! Thank you @MrSwitch!
  25. Avatar
    Ordered. Despite having 2 months left on my contract.

    I reckon I will get more for my S21 now than in 2 months. So should balance out a bit.
  26. Avatar
    Great deal, just bought the one yesterday. Wonder if I can cancel since they haven't shipped it off yet
    Definitely, be mindful of another credit check
  27. Avatar
    Link to green doesn't work.....
    Working now, cheers
  28. Avatar
    I think the £720 deal may be slightly better as the use of the voucher may stop TCP and Fonehouse seem to over decent trade-in on my 20+
  29. Avatar
    Does it let you add pac code anywhere?
  30. Avatar
    Can we cancel/return if 3 service is rubbish in my area?
    Yes. Though why not check the signal in your area first?
  31. Avatar
    I have used 3 several years without issues. My work phone is on Vodafone which give lesser coverage compared to 3. Please note, I am only quoting 4G network. I don't have 5G on my phone yet hence looking for a new 5G phone
  32. Avatar
    Recommendations for either s22+ or a pixel 6? Coming from an S7 so either will be an upgrade. Phone mainly used for photos, a few games, watching videos and browsing the web. I'm torn between them. Pixel is cheaper but I don't know anyone who has had 1
  33. Avatar
    I want this but already have an o2 contract, maybe i can give the 3 sim to someone
  34. Avatar
    Hi does this come with 12 months Disney +?
  35. Avatar
    Was looking at upgrading to this from an s20+ looking at specs it seems more of a downgrade or am I missing something?
  36. Avatar
    Since when has a battery lasting 24hrs because of special technology been a selling factor?

    24hrs is the bottom of the pile for a battery.

    HOT deal though, I may consider swapping my S21 with a rubbish battery for an S22 with a rubbish battery. Serious.

    Then again, I may ditch Samsung until they solve this issue & go for a Pixel 6. ?
    Pixel batteries are notroriously worse than Samsung ones. The S22 still has battery complaints but this is the S22 plus which has no such issues.
  37. Avatar
    Another great deal.

    Some reviews say this phone is slow, as in pauses between touches?
  38. Avatar
    I hate HUKD. Just got this and the gw5pro. Thanks a lot.
  39. Avatar
    Great deal, if it wasn't on 3! There is no worse network
  40. Avatar
    As others have mentioned, great deal except it's on Three who I moved to O2 from, might see if they can price match but I'm not holding out any hope
    I bought it based on the fact that we seem to have the dual-sim version in the UK. If Three hasn't improved in the last couple of years, I will just put an EE sim in there as well with some backup data for spots where Three doesn't get signal. Deal is too good to pass lol. EE wanted 20 quid just to keep me on sim-only 12 month contract with 100GB of data. They have the best service, but are having a laugh with their pricing. (edited)
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