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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G 256GB £36pm / 24m + £99 upfront - Galaxy Buds2 + £150 Trade-in + £110 TCB + 12m Disney Plus on Three £963 @ MPD

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Posted on a discussion thread but was encouraged to post this as a deal to gage what others might think of it?

Three network

I'm in the market for an S22+ deal with 256GB, just found this on mobile phones direct:
S22+ with 256GB storage

100GB data, unl txt, unl mins.

This deal comes with Free Galaxy Buds2 plus £150 guaranteed trade in value, and 12 months Disney+ - needs to be claimed.

I just checked on Topcashback and it says £110 cashback with an upfront cost of over £50.
£36/mo + £99 up front
Total phone cost is £963

Trade-in = £150
Galaxy Buds2 = £50~ resale
Topcashback = £110
12 months disney plus = £80~

So total phone cost comes to £653 (excl. Disney Plus and doesn't include approx. £10/mo for 100gb data)

This sounds good to me, unless I'm missing something?
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    Topcashback won't be 110, it will be 45 or 35 depending on their definition of an s22 (i.e
    Whether the plus version qualifies for the 45).

    110 is for three 'bundles', ie when you buy an over priced accessory along with the phone and contract.


    Also be aware that with relatively high monthly payments, you expose yourself to potentially larger increases each May than a smaller monthly payment.

    Three uses RPI, and if that were to stay at 12% in January (and the same in Jan 2024) then this deal will end up costing you nearly 45 a month by the end of the contract, or £1027 before trade in. All contacts are the same pretty much, just something to be mindful of. (edited)
    Thank you, this is what I was looking for
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    12% here


    HOWEVER, having woken up now and on the PC I can see that Three apply the RPI to contracts *before* October 2020. For contracts after this date (i.e. taking a contract out now) it's a flat 4.5%


    Actually compared to the other networks that's not too bad.

    Would make the monthly payments 38.66 from May 2023 and 40.50 from May 2024 and a total contract cost of 1004.50 before cashbacks.

    Better than some of the other networks..!
    Thank you for this additional information! Does make it a lot more bearable. So we're looking at 1004.50 - 150 - 45 - 50 (buds2) £759.50 total for the contract for a 256gb s22 plus. And thats not including Disney plus. Lets also take off £10/mo the 100gb data, 759.50 - 240 = 519.50

    I think your calculation might not be completely correct. £36* 1.045 (4.5%) = £37.62 (may 2023)
    And £37.6* 1.045 = £39.31 (may 2024) (edited)
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    Why are all the best deals on crap 3
    I get good coverage with 3.
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    I've been with three years, always reliable and consistently usable speeds, the only thing getting slow was my aging Galaxy S8. Signed up for a deal with 02 and I am practically crying at the service they're providing. 0.08mb download and 0.05mb upload and this is the outskirts of Manchester and the same dismal service further afield when I visited family. Having a new S22 is useless when the Google logo takes 30 seconds to load before can even stype in search. My partner who is still on three was getting 30mb+ download 30+mb upload at the same locations, even going into the hundreds at times, oh and i used to get signal indoors with them but not anymore now with 02. Got a huge headache returning the lot now and back to square one. So yeah, three is actually bloody good and I highly recommend them (edited)
    And yet I couldn’t, miles and miles of zero service where I live. We split carriers, wife on one network I’m on another, so will likely have some signal.
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    Is this locked to three? Just thinking of getting it for my own network
    I think there's a law now ,and the carriers aren't allowed to lock any phones to their network.Plus in my experience with three,i never gotten a locked phone from them.
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    Isn't this S22 ultra money territory?
    Not with it being 256gb and all the money you get back with trade ins, cashback and galaxy buds