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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB Black Excellent Used - £795.40 / 512GB £843 Like New Red With Code / S21 £219 + £7 @ Clove Technology

£795.40£819.993% off
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12 in stock of the 256GB, 1 in stock of a like new red at £795, 1 in stock of 512GB red at £843

S21 Link free headphones

Excellent Condition

This listing is for the handset only. The phone is in excellent working condition. The item is almost pristine with no noticeable signs of wear and tear. In addition, the phone may arrive without a box.

Key Features
  • Android 13 with One UI 5.1
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Built-in S-Pen with ultra-low latency
  • 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X - Adaptive 120HZ refresh
  • Quad 200MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP Rear Cameras
  • 12MP Front-facing Selfie Camera
  • 256GB / 512GB / 1TB internal storage | 8GB RAM / 12GB RAM
  • 5,000 mwah Battery | 45W Adaptive Fast Charging | Wireless Charging | Wireless PowerShare

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is here, with the striking design returning but a bunch of upgrades to look forward to. A new and improved Snapdragon processor, a 200MP primary camera, and up to 1TB of internal storage all make the Galaxy S23 Ultra a brilliant improvement on last year’s iteration. Furthermore, the built-in S-Pen is back, bringing all the productivity with improved latency for a natural writing and drawing experience.

Clove Technology More details at Clove Technology
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  1. heraferi's avatar
    anyone use Clove technology before? any issues with returns if the item is not as described
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Returns aren't free, factor this in to your purchase
  2. AF1_Supra's avatar
    An (almost) no compromises phone. Had mine for 3 months or so now. Brilliant in every department
    Shrinkwrap's avatar
    And nothing comes close to offering that.
  3. realdeals's avatar
    I'm so tempted, but I decided after picking Up the S22 ultra and the Flip 4, that the Fold 5 would be the primary target this year.

    I could do the buy and return thing, but I know I would make an excuse and keep it.
    Xxavier's avatar
    Fold 4 was great to use. Had it for a week. Returned it as I had to be extra careful to not damage the screen. Specially the inner one when opening it. Hopefully they keep getting better.
  4. dabear11's avatar
    I managed to get the S23 Ultra 512Gb on pre-order for £805 final cost. By trading a dumb Nokia phone. But this was because somehow my bday 15% code worked
    insanechild's avatar
    When did you order - that's an incredible deal
  5. ppiddy's avatar
    Is it worth the upgrade from S22 Ultra? I'm really happy with my current phone. I'd only upgrade if the camera is better.
    quake.ee's avatar
    Main difference is processor: Exynos in 22U vs Snapdragon in S23U. Cameras are still decent in S22U + you can get now all new features from new models.
  6. Cassie93's avatar
    Is this a good deal for the s23 ultra? Can also get £120 cashback through topcashback, making it £894.76
    insanechild's avatar
    What's the pros of the 512gb + 12gb ram?
  7. mark.dinsdale's avatar
    This is a genuine question not knocking the phone or anything because I'm sure it's great but why drop nearly a grand on a phone? Like what is the deciding factor- is it performance/looks etc? I get that people like getting the newest iPhone because it's a fashion statement sort of thing but what's the difference between this and say one from a Chinese company for about half the price?
    AF1_Supra's avatar
    I dropped 900 or so on it, my last phone was a note 8 which I bought in 2018, if this lasts me another 5 years I am happy
  8. Shrinkwrap's avatar
    The 2023 benchmark.
  9. ohsomeonenew's avatar
    This comes after getting magic5 pro. Oh well
    AshadMamood's avatar
    The Honor Magic 5 Pro is the better deal in my opinion. Got mine today and I'm well impressed. I can retire the P30 Pro, it had served me well.
  10. Rimi's avatar
    Question is , is it worth of saving £154 when Samsung does it for £1249 minus £300 for any condition phone, making total of £949 for brand new phone from Samsung, with option of paying off in 36 months interest free? Not worth in my opinion.
    MrSwitch's avatar
  11. richHDUK's avatar
    I was fannying around on Mozillion putting in an offer on an Ultra 22 yesterday and didn't get anywhere, so this came along at just the right time. It's going to be hard to retire my Note 10 (although the power button has started to fall off) but this is a great deal.

    Fingers crossed that Clove aren't rubbish!
  12. mku786's avatar
    843 for a used phone
    Darek_L's avatar
    You can buy brand new Dacia for 13.5k, and you can also buy used Bentley for 200k, this is more of a Bentley.
  13. Benneh's avatar
    This phone is incredible. Had it about 6-8 weeks. Incredible camera, amazing battery (genuinely), and feels super premium.

    I wouldnt hesitate.
  14. Ringo66's avatar
    Just see this, great deal
  15. Ben_Fawcett's avatar
    I couldn't resist at this price. Current phone worth will pay off my Pixel 6 Pro contract and this will work out cheaper over 24 months. Can't wait to play with it now!
  16. 777jrg_'s avatar
    Best phone ever. Love it
  17. Seasider's avatar
    Is £919 a good price for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 264GB with trade in and use of ULTRABOOST code - Samsung direct and delivered free
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Pretty good yeah
  18. angus.jenkins's avatar
    Topcashback has 1.05% cashback. Any issues with clove?
  19. uchihasilver's avatar
    Did you misspell ultra there switch xD
  20. Blazzz's avatar
    Wish I went for the 512gb version. I have placed order for 256gb model.
    Any way to cancel or amend order. Their customer care only till 5pm.
    Don't want to end up getting 2 phones, if I place a new order for 512gb and then unable to cancel the existing 256gb order.
    quake.ee's avatar
    Just return 256gb version.
  21. drsleep0000's avatar
    Had it a month then sadly sold it.
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Whys that?
  22. PC59's avatar
    I spent 990£ two months ago.......
  23. MustangGT500's avatar
    This or the Honor Magic5 Pro? Both similar prices
    Help please
    Xxavier's avatar
    Samsung seems to a better all-rounder.
  24. Soulwaxuk81's avatar
    Best phone I've owned but equally most expensive phone I've ever bought. In reality I don't think phones should cost a grand, it's crazy really but such is life. If you can grab one used for £800 in great condition then that's a decent price point. In regards to the phone I've had no problems with it, brilliant for gaming and obviously photography. I would definitely recommend picking up phone insurance if you don't have it (often get it really cheap through your bank account) I know I would be pretty upset if I smashed a phone at this price.
    neelsn007's avatar
    Which bank are you with? (edited)
  25. cheeky_chops's avatar
    Could anyone who's bought one check their receipt that they were charged 20% vat please? (some refurb vat isn't 20%...)
    crazydadz's avatar
    No mention of vat on confirmation email. Not sure what it said when I placed the order.

  26. daniel.cox's avatar
    Amazing phone, got this for £51 a month 2 year contract with unlimited data/text/minutes a few months back so this is a fairly good deal
  27. Lokesh_Rao's avatar
    cant find the red one or 512 gb one.. sold out ?
    Zosia's avatar
    Red one was 512, so probably sold now.
  28. Seasider's avatar
    Seems a good deal. But reviews online incl Trust pilot don't fill me with confidence regarding Clove technologies.
  29. Jonwillis's avatar
    Still waiting for a "decent" deal, 512gb was under £800 new direct from Samsung, with trade in of OnePlus 7T as it was free upgrade to 512gb + £300 off on top. (edited)
  30. djmokalolo's avatar
    Sold out
  31. ryanboyle81's avatar
    Ordered this afternoon (with an extra £10 postage to NI). Anyone received theirs yet and want to comment on quality/grading?
    ryanboyle81's avatar
    Received this morning. As described. Excellent, no marks.
  32. MustangGT500's avatar
    Sold out
  33. richHDUK's avatar
    Ordered Friday, arrived today.

    The only negatives are that it comes in a generic box (which is fine because I'll be using that to post off my Note 10) and the battery capacity is 98% (no big deal).

    It's just charging up now but tentatively this looks like a sweet deal.
    Xxavier's avatar
    How did you check the battery capacity please
  34. jenmumof5's avatar
  35. EvenOdd's avatar
    Why is this deal still active even though it is sold out - do they keep coming up
's avatar