Unfortunately, this deal has expired 21 March 2023.
Posted 20 March 2023

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 10% Off at Mozillion (e.g. Refurbished 128GB (Excellent) £558 or Good £526.50))

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Nice reductions on these. Come with 24 month warranty.
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  1. brum's avatar
    128 gig versions only come with 8gig ram, just highlighting this as got one when they came out and had to send it back for the 512 gig one as the 256 and 512 come with 12 gig ram.

    Will also point out the volume buttons are rubbish, mine have never worked properly for more than a couple presses from the day I got the phone. They keep sticking or more acucaretly the down volume does, meaning trying to get a screen shot is a right pain.
    There is a ' fix' of sacking on the volume buttons, it works.. then 2 presses later jammed again. Very poor for a flagship phone. (edited)
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    Asked my daughter she's had the phone since day one and her volume buttons are working perfectly well.
  2. ohsomeonenew's avatar
    I like mozillion but they have to reduce their fees. Their prices are higher than 4gadgets because they charge 12% to the seller. The seller has to keep prices high to at least get a decent amount. Their grading is hit and miss as I got 82% battery health iPhone as excellent condition
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    Mozillion's good condition S22 ultra 256gb price is more than £100 cheaper than at 4gadgets 🤷 (edited)
  3. ohsomeonenew's avatar
    This vs fold 4 from giffgaff for 680 after cash back? Mine came in the excellent condition but confused if I should keep it
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    Would stay away from foldables completely especially if second hand...

    They aren't mature tech yet and the screen is begging to snap.
  4. Tommy_1's avatar
    doesnt let me add payment details
  5. YasminMis's avatar
    Hi. I'm trying to buy this phone but with 10% it is coming to 612 pounds. Am I missing something? I'd appreciate some help pls
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    I think it's gone up in price unfortunately
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