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Posted 9 November 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB 5G Mobile Phone - £854.10 / £804.10 With Trade In (+ £25 Uber Eats Voucher) Delivered @ Samsung EPP

£854.10£94910% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Get this deal going via a works portal like perks at work, reward gateway etc., or a student portal like student beans, £804.10 with trade in of any smartphone, you can also get 15% off buds headphones as well when bought with a phone, so they are a shade over £60 if you fancied some of those, comes with an £25 uber eats voucher

256GB for £894.10 after trade
512GB for £966.10 after trade

About this item
  • It’s our brightest innovation yet. The sensor pulls in more light, the Super Clear Glass dials downs lens flare, and fast-acting AI delivers near-instant intelligent processing.
  • The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with faster motion sampling to stabilise your shots. Meanwhile super HDR adjusts the colour frame-by-frame to keep every frame looking gorgeous.
  • Sunlight, meet Galaxy S22’s bright display. The Stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2x display is crafted specifically for high outdoor visibility, keeping the view clear in bright daylight.
  • Bring the crew together with Google Duo. There, you can watch movies together, streaming high-quality video just like IRL.
  • Our fastest, most powerful chip ever. That means, a faster CPU and GPU compared to Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s an epic leap for smartphone technology.
  • Fast Charge that outlasts the day. The battery intelligently adapts to how you use your phone, so it lasts beyond 24 hours.

Samsung More details at Samsung

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    Same price available if you go through Edenred, for those that having with work 👌🏽
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    Looking to upgrade from my Note 9 512GB, with 256GB microSD inside. Everything seems such a downgrade with respect to storage 😯
    Don't do it to yourself - especially if you have the Snapdragon version. I still keep my Note 9 for travel and there hasn't been a single phone from Samsung released between 2019-now that I feel it would be worth trading in for (which isn't a downgrade in some or multiple ways).
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    I have S22 and it's
    Agreed, my S22 Ultra has been the worst phone I've ever had, not only becuase it was getting up to 70c whilst iddling, but also for battery life that wouldn't last 13 hours when barely touched - see my post for more details.
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    The S23 is coming February 2023 yes, at a higher price, but its not long to wait!
    That's my thinking now. I need a 1tb phone (current s10 plus is that and do a lot of photography, gaming etc.)
    But they don't do this mobile on 1tb on the website anymore. So have to wait for the s23 anyway. Have heard the camera is meant to be a lot bigger upgrade over the last one.
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    I would advise against getting a Samsung S22 Ultra - for performance issues, but also becuase I've had a very, very poor experience with their Customer Services when trying to sort out issues, which I've been experiencing since the first day I turned it on over 5 months ago.

    I've been having issues with mine for 5+ months - it initially was getting up to 70c even whilst iddling and the phone barely lasts 6-8hours off a full charge and with hardly any use. The overheating issue was fixed but battery has never good, I only ever got 13 hours max off a full charge with only light use (Spotify both ways on my commute and whatsapp messages on and off throughout the day) and Samsung have been saying it's working 100% ok, even through they advertise 24+ hours and suitable for power-users (I wouldn't say a bit of Spotify and WhatsApp are power use, but it kills my phone). Anyway, it's taken me 5 months to finally get a refund from Samsung, and not because they admit the phone is faulty or any other issue, but because my customer experience hasn't lived up to my expectations - of course it hasn't when they claimed 24+ hours battery and the phone lasting till the 2nd day. I've been tweeting about all the issues I've had, with documented screenshots evidencing poor battery life under SamsungPhoneWoes.

    Anyway, I've been led round the houses by differenty customer services teams for months, and the phone is garbage because it can't even last 0.5 day with barely any use, though the camera is exceptional. I used to be a big fan of Samsung, but now because of my recent experiene I would highly recommend going with any other phone manufacturer - the S22 Ultra can't perform, and Samsung Customer Services don't care about you once they've got your money.
    The Exynos CPU in UK model is dreadful. . I read the S23 Ultra will only come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 .
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    Should I get one and trade in my XS Max 256GB or wait for S23 ultra??
    Wait 3 months.
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    Cold. no air fryer, a screwdriver and a bluetooth mouse with the uber voucher 🐁🪛
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    I don’t like these ‘with trade in’ deals.
    Firstly, how many people have spare phones lying around or own old phones. 
    secondly if you have a newer phone or a higher value phone, the trade in price offered by Samsung will be poor. Nearly always better to sell such a phone yourself than trade in.
    Agree however for me, I have drawers full of phones, and cheapo phones can be had from ebay for around a tenner, so effectively an £40 saving
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    Sorry to jump in...A52s is at £269 if any1 fancy posting.
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    S23 ultra out very soon. Plus this has rubbish Samsung Exynos CPU not Qualcomm Snapdragon.

    Saving money to buy Snapdragon ,8 gen 2 phone (edited)
    plus battery isnt so great either, gsm arena has s22 endurance at 66hrs, her old phone was 102.tbf this is 10
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    They have stopped doing any phone trade-in. Would only be a good deal with trade-in for me.
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    If you have a Tesco Clubcard .Not a bad price if you want on contract or if you want to pay in full for the phone it’s £846 ( Tesco Mobile) plus one month line rental (this is a month rolling tariff so it can be cancelled

    tescomobile.com/shop/samsung/galaxy-s22-ultra (edited)
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    That is one uuuuugly phone
  14. Avatar
    Excellent phone at a good price via your portal of choice like perks at work etc, and even better if you can get rid of an old phone via the trade in ♨️
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    I see trade in values have increased significantly since the end of the recent 20% off Galaxy phones! £400 ttade in for a note 20 ultra currently. So outside of the EPP, I can get the 128GB version for 549 before any friends and family discount codes that you tend to find posted on twitter which isn't too shabby.

    It's just a shame that expanded memory models are priced so high - these no longer accept microSD cards if I'm not mistaken?
    Unfortunately not
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar
    Trade in values via EPP is a bloody joke.
  18. Avatar
    Now we just need the £200 cashback offer to overlap and we're in business.
  19. Avatar
    Can't find the 'any phone' option, only specific models. My Galaxy Note 10 gets me £140 off but I was hoping to get rid of my Galaxy S3 😔
  20. Avatar
    Anyone know if i can trade in a note 8 that does not charge with a plug but charges wireless no problem?
  21. Avatar
    Where can I get a 10% code ? Samsung
  22. Avatar
    Same price with BLC...they are offering up to £410 trade in too taking it down to potentially £444! Oh, and the £25 Uber Eats voucher too
    Yeah £410 trade in.... If you've a £650 fold 3 5g to trade.

    This batch of trade in "deals" are poor, except for the any broken Samsung £40,which might be the best way to offload some ropey old phone.

    Other than that trades seem to be at 2/3rds ebay prices.

    Previous deals for any phone is worth £150 gave great value, these, not so much.
    Switchy posted another deal with a 2 year contract for similar money. Better value
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    Great price , but personally will avoid this one. I sold mine 5 months later. I had to many bugs. I have owned multiple samsung phones which have been awesome.This one is a train wreck. My advice get n Snapdragon one from Wonda mobile if you not fussed about Samsung pay.
    Same here, I've had mine for 5+ months and it's garbage - see my post for more details. I've just this week got my refund for this piece of crap confirmed. (edited)
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    If you are trading in, avoid perks at work route.
  25. Avatar
    48655262-lDV4Z.jpgTrading in an s20 ultra. Black Friday deal on Samsung website
    I have a nor working Samsung ace sitting in the drawer, can I trade this in?
  26. Avatar
    Is this exynos?
  27. Avatar
    Yep wait a couple or 3 months s23 out.
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