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Posted 5 October 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB Mobile Phone + £150 Trade, 100GB Vodafone Data (24m) £149 Upfront £35p/m - £989 / £839 @ Mobile Phones Direct

£989£1,0052% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This deal comes with £150 Trade In Boost plus 12 months Disney+ - needs to be claimed. samsungtradeinoffer.co.uk/pro…tra Final price at least £839


About this item
  • It’s our brightest innovation yet. The sensor pulls in more light, the Super Clear Glass dials downs lens flare, and fast-acting AI delivers near-instant intelligent processing.
  • The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with faster motion sampling to stabilise your shots. Meanwhile super HDR adjusts the colour frame-by-frame to keep every frame looking gorgeous.
  • Sunlight, meet Galaxy S22’s bright display. The Stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2x display is crafted specifically for high outdoor visibility, keeping the view clear in bright daylight.
  • Bring the crew together with Google Duo. There, you can watch movies together, streaming high-quality video just like IRL.
  • Our fastest, most powerful chip ever. That means, a faster CPU and GPU compared to Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s an epic leap for smartphone technology.
  • Fast Charge that outlasts the day. The battery intelligently adapts to how you use your phone, so it lasts beyond 24 hours.

Your tariff also includes
these great benefits:
No Cap On Data Speed
Get speeds as fast as your device will allow with no speed caps from Vodafone! This includes 5G speeds at no extra cost (5G device required).

5G Ready Plan
If you are purchasing a 5G Ready device, this plan provides you 5G at no extra cost! Even if you decide to change to a 5G device in the future, there is no need to update your plan, it will automatically switch to 5G where 5G coverage is available. (5G Device required)

Very Me Rewards
Enjoy free gifts, exclusive discounts and tailor made offers with the Vodafone VeryMe App. Download the app to start enjoying the benefits, exclusive to Vodafone customers.

Tethering Enabled
With personal hotspot you can use your existing data allowance to connect other devices to your phone and get them online for free. This is called tethering. It is great for other devices when there is no available WiFi.

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  1. Avatar
    Just remember you'll be hit with the cpi increases which are going to be hefty. Better off perhaps getting the phone on a 0% finance deal from Samsung on a Black Friday deal?
    Good point but after cashback and factoring in the data plan I can't see Sammy getting anywhere near this price. Works out to ~£680 for the phone.

    Data plan worth £240 (£10 per month)
    Cashback £150
    Total deductions £390

    Total contract cost £1067 - including cpi increases of 10% (2023) & 5% (2024) .
    Deductions -£390
    Total handset cost £677

    That's without D+ sub which may save some £70 - £80. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    What kind of phones can you trade in. Have a tonne of broken devices / cracked screen but working
    There's a list on the Samsung website, it's only certain handsets, I didn't have one so I bought a damaged P10 lite for twenty quid off eBay and traded that for 153 quid... Worked a treat. Good luck, great deal.
  3. Avatar
    Data plan worth £240 (£10 per month)
    Cashback £150
    Total deductions £390

    Total contract cost £1067 - including cpi increases of 10% (2023) & 5% (2024) .
    Deductions -£390
    Total handset cost £677

    That's without D+ sub which may save some £70 - £80.
    Sorry for stupid q... what do you mean by D+ sub?
  4. Avatar
    How can I find how much my phone is worth?
  5. Avatar
    been waiting for a good s22 ultra deal but wanted to trade in my htc u11 but thats not on the list of trade in devices
    Just buy a damaged handset on ebay, trade that in...
  6. Avatar
    C"mon @MrSwitch we want a decent 'sim free' deal, plleeeaaasssee.
  7. Avatar
    How do you check how much your phone is worth? This is tempting me away from my p30 pro now.
    It reads to be a flat £150 trade in for any of the phones listed on the T&C's. I'm still using my P30 Pro and waiting for the right deal to come up....may hold out for Black Friday

    I'm just hoping the camera on the S22 is as good as the P30 Pro
  8. Avatar
    Lol not a chance, my iPhone 13 Pro 256gb was £1049 and far superior and sim-free, how can they charge this much for that plastic brick? Awful phone with awful OS.
  9. Avatar
    Is there any way to edit the colour of the phone on the deal? I can't seem to find the same contract and upfront cost when looking at the website, any help would be appreciated
    Unfortunately not, just black
  10. Avatar
    Hi @MrSwitch - a bit unrelated but I'm looking for a new tablet solely used for streaming on demand (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon etc.) No gaming or surfing the internet and WiFi use only. Any recommendations? Don't want to spend more than £250 but willing to if needed. Cheers!
    There are quite a few decent new tablets, the lenovo M10 3rd generation is worth a look, as is the Nokia t20
  11. Avatar
    So I get £300 for my faulty S21 Ultra (broken screen) and then I get £150 on top? Or do these prices include promo bonus (edited)
    * Prices include trade-in bonus.
  12. Avatar
    If only this was with Three. Nothing against Vodafone, just Three is the only 5g network in our area.
  13. Avatar
    So am I correct in thinking I'd get £150 trade in for my Galaxy S10e + another £150 on top?

    So £300 trade-in, effectively making this deal £689 - or have misunderstood?

    "£150 for purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on the top of the standard offer value"
  14. Avatar
    Oh no! Expired. I was pondering this or the Pixel 7 Pro, so perhaps this is a sign to get the Pixel...
    It is back mate.....dilemma is back on :-)
  15. Avatar
    having problems. I've trying to enter my imei number of my new 22 ultra. website says number not eligible for this offer, anyone else getting this
    Ok so update:
    I emailed samsung@tradeinresponse.co.uk last night with my serial number and the email confirmation from mobile phones direct. They have just responded stating it has been validated and pasted the usual link. My serial number then worked for me to do the trade in. So don’t have to contact MPD for proof of purchase (just use email they sent). Bit annoying but we can all breath easy now.
  16. Avatar
    Is there a way to cancel the monthly payement or pay it off partially somehow?
    Usually in your account / app you can buy out the contract. It'd be for remainder of months x monthly fee. Don't seem it'd be worth it pal
  17. Avatar
    Is there a way to cancel the plan and get the phone for ~£600?
  18. Avatar
    Great price @MrSwitch ~£600 for the phone if you factor in ~£10 per month for the data. I might just bite at this price!
  19. Avatar
    Scorching deal! If only it wasn't Vodafone! Their mobile network is terrible around here! I. E. London
    Which part? I have no issues in Central - getting full 5g which is 350-450mbps and in West London its been mostly okay and is fine at home.
  20. Avatar
    My vodafone contract ends this December. How can I buy this and keep same number? Is it possible? Thanks in advance for any advise
    Port number out to Asda no top up required) - port it back to your new contract
  21. Avatar
    Superb phone and deal
  22. Avatar
    Any details on the s22 ultra 512gb or the other size. Both have more ram so a bit of future proofing
  23. Avatar
    If only it was 256gb I'd have got it. The lack of micrsosd makes an offer of a 128gb smartphone a bit stingy given the cheapness of memory these days. Thanks though.

    I'm waiting for a similar price for the 256gb version. The wait goes on....
    Might not be for you but 359 upfront. 33 per month. 3 unlimited. Will be a lot cheaper with trade in
  24. Avatar
    guys why the rush ..wait till black friday
  25. Avatar
    Probs one of the best phones available right now and only need to stump up £149 in front! If Voda data works for you then this is a bargain with enough data for almost everyone ♨️🔥
  26. Avatar
    128GB seems so small in 2022. My s10 was that 3 and a bit years ago. You could at least put an SD card in that one!
    I've still got my S10 plus
  27. Avatar
    Loving my ultra....superb phone
  28. Avatar
    Voted hot,as a S21 Ultra owner I would certainly have preferred the S-Pen like old school Note Series (my daily driver is a Note 9). That said, I find so limiting only 128gb without microsd expansion in a phone like that,256gb should be the standard de facto nowadays. Once you start making videos in 4K it won't be long before the storage will be full.
    My S21U has 512gb and 16gb of ram and dual sim+esim, my deal was the best ever but hard to get..I won't change it for long time..

    -> hotukdeals.com/sha…437 (edited)
  29. Avatar
    If only this was 256gb
  30. Avatar
    Burning 🥵
  31. Avatar
    Just let me wait for pixel 7 please anything good for 256 GB version?
    Not yet
  32. Avatar
  33. Avatar
    What's the deal with roaming on Vodafone nowadays?
    Pay per day, think it's £2/day. Unless you buy a package in advance of £15 for 15 days (£1/day)

    I then believe it's capped at like 20gb UK data being used in EU zones. Outside of that I am unsure. (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Do you get £45 TCB with this one?
  35. Avatar
    Any link for cheap mobile? which I can use for Trad-In ? hot
  36. Avatar
    Would love to own this phone but £35 a month is too expensive for me, rather pay £22 a month for the (cheapest of the 12-series) flagship Xiaomi 12, which is a tier down from this but not a lot worse (in terms of screen and internals, S22U camera is best of bunch almost).
    Motorola Edge 30 ultra is a good option (edited)
  37. Avatar
    I'm currently paying £37pm with EE for a 2-year Pixel 5 deal, expiring next week.

    This contract with the £150 upfront + £150 trade in refund means I can reduce my monthly by £2 and get the latest, shiny Samsung.

    My worry is that I don't really like the whole Samsung ecosystem (I like my phone to be as vanilla Android as possible). But I do have Samsung earbuds and Samsung Watch 5.

    Perhaps it's time to switch to Samsung!

    I'll see what the Pixel 7 announcements today look like before making a decision I reckon (edited)
    there is no such thing as samsung echosystem... android is free mate, dont be an apple sheep
  38. Avatar
    The benchmark has been set for bargain hunting season. 🏇
  39. Avatar
    Status still at pending since the 5th
    Mine too!!
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