Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 December 2022.
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Posted 2 December 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB + O2 200GB data sim + £300 Cashback - £29pm /24m + £229 upfront £925 / £625 after CB @ Samsung

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This is £25 more than the previous - now expired O2 deal - but this comes with double data
Link will open 100GB data, but when you proceed to checkout it will change to 200GB


Samsung has launched the cashback offer - valid from 01/12 - 20/12
Various amount of cashback is on offer on various product
Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Jemmers99's avatar
    Is there a way to order this through your LTD company so the phone is in the name of the business does anyone know?
    Zeeshan01's avatar
    Wondering the exact same thing.
  2. Siddas's avatar
    I've got one of these coming from another deal posted yesterday. What is the best charger to get for this. I have a had a look on Amazon and i'm totally bamboozled with PD, 2.0, GaN, etc, etc. Would prefer a reliable brand like Anker etc. Any idea what is the best one to go for?
    BarneyRubble's avatar

    you could go for the 45w but iirc there is not too much difference in time to full and this is cheaper
  3. NazR-Med's avatar
    Rly want an upgrade from my S10+.. shame I can't find the Note 20 Ultra anywhere.. so may bite the bullet with this
    Ragedragon84's avatar
    I'm also wanting to upgrade my S10+ but decided to wait for the S23 to come out. The Exynos in the S22s is junk, there's a lot of improvement in the coming phone.
  4. lello's avatar
    This is about to be a 'legacy' model btw, S23 is just around the corner...
    Xiaoda's avatar
    "Legacy" means discontinued - it still has many years before they stop selling or supporting it.

    The oldest Galaxy S series smartphone sold on the Samsung site is the S20FE, so at this point I would consider S10 or older to be Legacy devices.
  5. Dray's avatar
    Been tempted with all of these deals but I just checked the specs and I can't bring myself to accept the downgrade in features from my note 8. No SD card slot nor 3d home touch button. Home button is a small thing but the lack of SD card slot is a dealbreaker. Not paying jacked up prices to increase storage when I have and can buy more storage for considerably less ;/

    Such a shame when new things just don't seem worth it when they cost this much
    Newbold's avatar
    With you on the SD card slot entirely. Note 8 here too, and the natural replacement as it loses its security updates would be the S22, but not without a card slot.

    What to get though?
  6. Carney_B's avatar
    Really debating this as I missed out yesterday on the deal.

    Main question is, is the screen too big to use for one hand usage?
    sajidtg's avatar
    I am using it and I would say no and I have Medium sized hand.
  7. Drunkn_Munkey's avatar
    Quick question tempted by this just a though when the s22 ultra come out Samsung were offering 1k trade in on the s21 ultra for the s22 so in theory could by this then come January pre order the s23 ultra trade this in and pay around 199?
    sajidtg's avatar
    I don't think Samsung offered 1K
    It was I think £550
  8. 145ah's avatar
    link not working i get this
    <message>Product [SM-S908BZKDEUB] cannot be shipped - out of stock online</message>
    kharma45's avatar
    Looks like now £31 a month and £199 up front
  9. Joshfount's avatar
    This is a flagship Android phone, with 200GB of data which is enough for almost everyone, so if O2 data works for you then this is a good deal. Quite a hefty upfront cost but it will work out better for the RPI+price increases in the end. Total cost is great after the cashback so ♨️
  10. plewis00's avatar
    Check the network works for you, but where I am, O2 data is appalling and I struggle to get through even 10GB a month, it’s just so slow or fails to connect entirely. I often wait til I’m near Wi-Fi or use my other Vodafone handset. 
  11. Gary_parker-dbea1.47914's avatar
    I'm note 8 too, its still by far the best samsung I've ever had and the longest lasting although i can only wirless charge now, temped by this deal but i may hold off
  12. paul106's avatar
    Recently 'upgraded' to a 256gb S22 Ultra from the Note 8, but that was only because the battery was atrocious else I wouldn't have bothered.
    Dray's avatar
    Replaced my Note 8 battery myself because I wasn't prepared to downgrade when upgrading, Still feel the same now as I did then an upgrade that removes stuff I want and use all the time is a downgrade no matter how many other things are improved. I use the Motion sensor to wake my phone by waving my hand over it but on the note 10 that sensor only works if phone is awake and I couldn't do the tap screen to wake phone on the phone stand because half the time it didn't work unless I hit it with enough force to knock it over make the wireless charge stand useless which is when I replaced the battery and returned the note 10
  13. TuShae's avatar
    I cancelled it. thanks guys
  14. barkapali's avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered in red. Will claim the £300 and sell my S21 Ultra, good times
    MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    Could you please double check if it was red? I selected red but it ends up Burgundy (edited)
  15. donotneed's avatar
    There is no way to trade in the phone this way is there?
  16. Unszak's avatar
    229 upfront cost. The previous deal was 300 upfront. Better deal??
    Slick4Tech's avatar
    No that one was 24 a month
  17. JackAllard's avatar
    sajidtg's avatar
  18. gd_miester's avatar
    Anyway to stack this with the trade in discount they have going on?
    ToughLeo's avatar
    i tried that yesterday and it doesn't allow to trade in if you choose a plan. Trade in works only if you buy outright.
  19. MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    Can i change the color?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Yes, which colour you are after?
  20. BarneyRubble's avatar
    no deals on the 256gb model?
    sajidtg's avatar
    I did post 512GB -
    It was and still the best available price - but didnt go well here
  21. TheCostOfLies's avatar
    The higher monthly cost with April rises in store make this is a significantly worse deal imo
    L33TL33's avatar
    Fancy seeing you on one of these deals again . My MobilesDirect £576 Ultra order fell through because O2 declined it due to the delivery and billing address being different. Soooo I'm back and ordering this one. Seems to be the next best deal, nothing below £600 now

    So does O2 prices increase every April mid contract? or only when this 24 month contract ends? (edited)
  22. bartk's avatar
    If I have a sim only contract with o2 already, can I just port my number and upgrade to this one or do I have to cancel my current contract and pay for remaining months?
    L33TL33's avatar
    If you're mid way through a contract you'd either have to wait until the contract term ends or cancel mid-contract. Whichever is cheaper.

    I also wanted to do the same but this is a great price for the Ultra so it's worth it
  23. r111's avatar
    Links broken
  24. TuShae's avatar
    If I order from Samsung website will I still get the cashback?
    sajidtg's avatar
  25. KASOOR66's avatar
    Just ordered with the contract. Being charged £229. But recieved a mail and it says subtotal 1149?

    Have I ordered right or have I summat to be worried about?
    KASOOR66's avatar
  26. Benneh's avatar
    I cant see anything about international / EU roaming. Anyone have an idea on the score for this?
    ck12111's avatar
  27. gibbo82's avatar
    Oh man, I love O2 switch up!! 🫡😬 (edited)
  28. tickey's avatar
    Hi am I reading this right please, so I pay £229 upfront and 24 x£29 and the get £300 back working out at £625 for the phone an 2 years of sim and data?
    sajidtg's avatar
    Yep. That's the deal
  29. tickey's avatar
    Wow! Does the cashback def work ?
    Seems to good to be true when phone alone is over £1000 and you get all the data for 2 years
    sajidtg's avatar
    That's direct from Samsung.
    Works 100%
  30. kharma45's avatar
    Out of stock?
  31. ck12111's avatar
    Don't need this but what an incredible deal!
  32. Immi's avatar
    How cashback works?
  33. shaggy's avatar
    @sajidtg any sim free deals for this phone at around similar price point ?
    will probably stick to my 11 pro max and stick a new battery in it at some point as that’s cheaper
  34. Helpful's avatar
    Link does not work and also going via Samsung is not working?
  35. Benneh's avatar
  36. AK81's avatar
    Link is dead, deal must have expired
  37. AG18's avatar
    Which shop am I selecting when claiming cashback? Who's the official seller?
    I.e. who's the retailer? (edited)
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