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Posted 21 July 2022

Exclusive Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB Smartphone + 100GB Three Data - £168 Upfront + £34p/m - Total £984 With Code @ Affordable Mobiles

£984£1,0698% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update 2
Down to £984

We worked with affordable to get this deal under 1k, may not suit everyone, but if you had your eye on the latest and greatest from Samsung, and wanted a neat monthly payment, then this is your current best option.
Possible 12 months disney+ here as well


Faster Speeds with 5G
5G is here on Three, bringing you incredible data speeds, a smoother experience when gaming and video calling, and a more reliable data connection in busy places like the football and festivals. Three has launched 5G in a load of busy towns and cities up and down the UK. See our Help Centre for the full list. Note: When you leave a 5G location, your 5G mobile will automatically switch to 4G or 3G, then back to 5G when it's available.

Use Your Phone on the London Underground
With access to WiFi on the London Underground, on over 250 stations in ticket halls, walkways and platforms, you can continue using your phone on the commute, checking Facebook and replying to emails, rather than getting cut off as soon as head down the escalators.

99% 4G UK Coverage
Our combined 3G and 4G network covers 99% of the UK outdoor population. And we’re full steam ahead with our 5G rollout.

Claim Exclusive Offers and Discounts
Three customers can download the Three+ customer loyalty app and access exclusive discounts on the biggest brands like Uber Eats, Cineworld and more. Plus, music lovers can get pre-sale tickets to the UK's biggest festivals.

About this item
  • It’s our brightest innovation yet. The sensor pulls in more light, the Super Clear Glass dials downs lens flare, and fast-acting AI delivers near-instant intelligent processing.
  • The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with faster motion sampling to stabilise your shots. Meanwhile super HDR adjusts the colour frame-by-frame to keep every frame looking gorgeous.
  • Sunlight, meet Galaxy S22’s bright display. The Stunning Dynamic AMOLED 2x display is crafted specifically for high outdoor visibility, keeping the view clear in bright daylight.
  • Bring the crew together with Google Duo. There, you can watch movies together, streaming high-quality video just like IRL.
  • Our fastest, most powerful chip ever. That means, a faster CPU and GPU compared to Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s an epic leap for smartphone technology.
  • Fast Charge that outlasts the day. The battery intelligently adapts to how you use your phone, so it lasts beyond 24 hours.

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Affordable Mobiles More details at Affordable Mobiles
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  1. Avatar
    I currently have a s21 ultra. All paid out. But I'm on three contract for the data etc.

    Would there be a way to get a better deal if I contact three directly

    Replying to

    I bought one in May, to replace my OnePlus 8 Pro that was showing signs of aging battery (and its latest update making it look like a kid's knockoff version of Android).

    Idle battery drain is about 5% an hour (with 5g disabled, and on WiFi) -- it will shoot up if you enable 5G or mostly use mobile data, and light usage (reddit, hukd, web browsing) drains about 20% an hour. I do have 120Hz enabled, but have all the other power saving options cranked up to the wazoo, with the 85% "battery saver" mode enabled, I'm coming home from work with 25-30% battery most days, and it's on < 10% by the time I get into bed.

    I've tried all the tricks on r/S22 and r/Samsung etc for helping battery but nothing seems to get it to that "new phone" feeling.

    edit: like with all phones, your mileage may vary -- but for someone who recently got a new job where I'm not consuming as much content on it or using my phone as much in general, I'm barely a power user when it comes to phones these days, so it just seems really poor to get maybe 4 hours SOT and be left in the red. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    This is a really filthy deal! Does anyone know if any providers price match? It's only that it's 3 that's putting me off! And that's only going off the reputation to be honest, I've never actually been on 3.

    Thanks for sharing this by the way! I'll probably end up taking the plunge if no one will price match it.
    I've been with 3 on and off for 6 or 8 years (3 or 4 contracts I am not sure) and I never complained.
    I live in the outskirts of Bristol but never experienced any issues with the network coverage etc.
    The only annoying thing is gurantanteed plan price hike after a year or so but I assume most networks do it now anyway.
    Previously (and in between) I was with o2 and also no complains.
    I don't know maybe I am just lucky but so far I can't complain on neither of above networks.
  3. Avatar
    Wait a few months and buy it on fb marketplace for 500 and stick a 20 quid a month unlimited sim in it . Got ,y 21 ultra for 480 few months old not a mark on it gotta be nuts paying that for a phone
    So that’s £980 for 2 years. This deal is £1000 and the phone is brand new with no risk of it getting blocked etc like when buying from fb market place. Oh and you don’t need to wait a few months to buy it
  4. Avatar
    Little bit silly spending £500 on second hand phone then paying £20 a month for 2 years.
    That works out to me at £980. A saving of £20 for second hand. This deal is 🔥

    Replying to

    Good luck getting 90% back on that phone
  5. Avatar
    128gb storage = 8gb ram. Better to pump for the 256gb version imo
  6. Avatar
    Considering RPI is through the roof, I'd be worried about the rise in bills next April.
    Three don't do 'RPI' or 'CPI' they do a flat rate of 4.5%. So in March 2023 this would increase to £35.53 then in April 2024 £37.12.
  7. Avatar
    £284 for me unfortunately
    Yeah, sorry, use the code HOTUKDEALS22
  8. Avatar
    Any expandable memory on this phone or have the stopped allowing micro storage ?
    No expandable storage
  9. Avatar
    Ordered this today bit 46 a month ffs lol
    14-day cooling off period, cancel and then order this?
  10. Avatar
    Can I get this if I'm already on Three (my contract expires in a few weeks?) and keep the same number obviously?
    You'll need to port away to something like ASDA Mobile and port back in.
  11. Avatar
    If only this was at least 256gb..... I like to have all my photos on one place and my P30 pro is almost full
    This initially put me off then I checked my phone and realised I havnt even used 80gb and had it for 4 years. Regarding photos, videos and files just use a free cloud storage app as you gdt 100gb data on this which is plenty
  12. Avatar
    Close deal doesn't work
    It does, just tried right now
  13. Avatar
    Anyway to trade an S21 in with this cracking deal?
    Not with affordable unfortunately
  14. Avatar
    If it wasn't on 3 I'd probably jump at this.
  15. Avatar
    128gb storage, is this the 2015 model?
    I know right i bought the 1tb model when it came out
  16. Avatar
    Please may there be a 256gb S22+ deal? thanks!
  17. Avatar
    The 128gb I heard Samsung are holding on to too much phone inventory so maybe more deals to come
  18. Avatar
    Great deal! Shame it's the 128gb model
    Indeed they killed the SD card slot 128GB just aint enough for me atleast
  19. Avatar
    Hope this gets cheaper with Samsung having way too much stock and the new one in 2 weeks time

    Replying to

    Yeah my bad jumping the gun thought it was February already
  20. Avatar
    Worst battery ever. I bought one brand new, went to transfer everything from my s20fe to this using the smart transfer app thing. In about 40 mins the s22 ultra had lost 15% batter and my s20 (2 years old) had lost 4%... After all that was done and I had a play about with the phone and camera etc the phone was down to 62% within 2 hours.. So I restored it and sent it back and still have my s20 fe.
    The phone hammers the battery in the first three days or so. After that, the adaptive battery settles down really well. As I replied to someone else, I get 7½ hours SOT each day with a small top up halfway through the day. I limit my phone to charge up to 85% so I think you wouldn't have been disappointed if you'd stuck with it.
  21. Avatar
    I traded in my S10 Plus to Samsung directly for a £270 discount off the S22 Ultra 512gb model, bringing the total down to just £959 which is now spread over 36 months. Also got a free pair of Galaxy Buds Pro. I love the phone, but I honestly would not recommend the 128gb model since you can't use SD cards to expand your storage. My 512gb is over half full already in less than 6 months.
    That shows how people knows how to fill fill and fill but not how to get data out. Even if yours had 2tb you'd still complain lol
  22. Avatar
    £34 a month still after paying £184 upfront is way too much I think. £26 a month or below after that upfront cost and you'd be talking.
  23. Avatar
    Very tempted, the lack of SD card is killer. Making it hard to replace my S20 5g.
  24. Avatar
    Shame 3 is rubbish in my area.
    Can't complain with 3 network as use at our Caravan
  25. Avatar
    Want one with 512gb as i do take alot of video shame they only do offers on the smaller ones
  26. Avatar
    We need a version of this with the 256Gb / 12Gb phone!
    Yeah, if you are willing to pay more!
  27. Avatar
    Received the wrong phone, received s22 standard instead of the ultra, customer services are aware, still awaiting a resolve, looks like another user had the same issue and their comments have been deleted,

    Replying to

    18419142891659471287.jpgThanks Mr switch I can confirm I have recoeved my replacement,
  28. Avatar
    @MrSwitch shooting it with both barrels today. You trying to bankrupt me?!?

    Nice deal.
    I'm trying to bankrupt everyone mate, welcome to the family
  29. Avatar
    If this was an iPhone deal with nearly £200 upfront it would be freezing cold
    But it's not, so happy days
  30. Avatar
    Is there a code? Showing as £284.99 upfront
    Yeah, just added
  31. Avatar
    Is the code only for Three contracts?

    Replying to

    OK thanks.
  32. Avatar
    I think this is the EU version too. Exynos 2200 rather than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
    I would consider a SD 8+ Gen1 phone now they are out (faster, less heat and less throttling) However if you don't overstress your phone that may not matter. Personally I waited for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra (and it is awesome) Not that I am saying the S22 Ultra is bad - I just wanted a little more storage than the 128gb and a slightly quicker SoC
    99% of people wouldn't notice the difference tbf.
  33. Avatar
    You can get unlimited minutes for £48 more over the contract and only £88 upfront with the code.
    Can you share the deal please
  34. Avatar
    No SD slot = no heat

    Replying to

    UFS storage is faster tbf, all samsung need to do is bring back the headphone jack and SD card, then they'll be in note 9 GOD territory again.
  35. Avatar
    That's not a bad deal, I got the 256Gb version at launch and pay £34 a month + £12 a month for my Three 12 Month sim only sim; although through top cashback I got £60 back.
  36. Avatar
    Ffs... I'm so desperate to get this phone but I'm stuck with Vodafone until march next year and they don't want to match any decent price I find on this or the pixel pro
    Awesome price tho
  37. Avatar
    Never see S22 Ultra deals on the phone itself (without contract). What's the best price you've seen?

    Replying to

    completely agree on that too
  38. Avatar
    I went to get this but somehow the website is real strange. My bank has now bee blocked and you can ring the website or talk to them I'm rather having a mega bad day or that company is dodgy
    Nothing dodgy about them - had plenty of phones taken out with them.

    If they detect anything close to fraud or something doesn't feel right, they'll most likely have triggered the security on their site. Give them a call.

    It could also be your bank? I don't think HUKD would have an exclusive deal also if the company was dodgy - you're having a mega bad day I'm afraid.

    Side note, you can't ring a website. (edited)
  39. Avatar
    I'll stick with my S10+ 512gb, still going stong. Good deal though.
  40. Avatar
    Mine arrived, seems great. Would not recommend the 'ProtectOne' case/screen protector kit as the protector is v poor.

    On that note, could anyone recommend a good screen protector that doesn't have a horrible-looking circle over the fingerprint region, and where the fingerprint detection still works well?

    Also, did anyone manage to get the Disney+ 12 months with this? Mine says the IMEI is ineligible. (edited)