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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra £806.65 with a code @ Samsung

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 128GB SIM-Free Smartphone.

Trade in available aswell up to £560 off

Just traded in huawei p40 pro for £300.

506.65 in total

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Trade In Offer

Trade in your old smartphone for an instant discount

Limited time offer! Get up to £390 off when you trade in now

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra pushes the boundaries for power, performance, and creativity in a smartphone. Powered by a lightning fast 4nm processor, enjoy a super long-lasting battery, an immersive Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with stand-out brightness, and night-time cameras with Dual Optical Zooms. Plus it comes with an advanced S Pen embedded in its minimalist design for serious multi-tasking.

5G enabled

Get ready for the next generation of mobile internet and experience incredible download speeds, or play games without the fear of lag. Please contact your mobile service provider regarding the 5G options currently available to you.

Advanced S Pen included

The first S series smartphone to have an S Pen embedded in its design, the S22 Ultra puts huge multi-tasking options at your fingertips. Sign documents, sketch ideas, take notes, and more. It's ultra responsive and precise, and Air Actions let you easily open files and control videos.

Epic stills and video, even at night

The Galaxy S22 Ultra houses a 40MP selfie camera, plus 12MP Ultra Wide, 108MP Wide, and 10MP Tele triple rear lenses, and is packed with tech for amazing content creation.

Sophisticated AI and a 4nm processor let you capture supremely bright, blur-free and super-smooth videos, and you can create superb footage after dark with the 'Nightography' feature. Auto Framerate automatically adjusts each frame by lighting condition. A large pixel sensor captures every tiny detail, and OIS and Auto Focus keep every clip steady and sharp.

For stills, take pro-grade portraits in low-light with AI enhanced cameras. Adaptive Pixel uses the Wide lens in both modes to combine stunning brightness with exceptional clarity. Detail Enhancer Mode improves sharpness and colour, and you can get closer to the action with 100x Space Zoom and 3x/10x optical zoom.

Brighter, smoother viewing

Its QHD+ AMOLED 2X display has a 1 – 120Hz refresh rate, and it adapts to your activity, so scrolling is smoother than ever.

5000 mAh battery

Thanks to housing a 5000 mAh battery, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will see you through the day. Helpfully, when you do need a top up, super-fast charging technology means you won't be hanging around for long. If you prefer to power up via a Qi wireless charger, don't worry – with Fast Wireless Charging, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has you covered.

Qi Wireless Powershare

Want to power up a (Qi wireless charging compatible) device such as your GalaxyBuds or a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (sold separately), while you're out and about? No problem – just place your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra face down and put the battery-drained item on the phone's back to start charging.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is different to the permanent storage provided by hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) or memory cards in your equipment. RAM is used by your device to temporarily store data to carry out everyday operations. The more RAM your machine has, the faster you can expect it to open and run programs.

This device has 12GB RAM.

Stay connected

Across the S22 range, you can collaborate, create, and chat together, even when you're apart, with Google Duo Live, share reactions to the latest Youtube videos, or share your screen to brainstorm ideas.

Galaxy tech

Take the Galaxy experience further with the One UI 4.1, a secure Digital Wallet, enhanced security and privacy, and smarter pairing with other Galaxy devices.

  • 6.8-inch AMOLED display
  • 108MP quad-lens camera
  • 40MP selfie camera
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Google Assistant
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • Connectivity - GPS, NFC, 5G Ready
  • Camera Features - LED flash, Hyperlapse, Panorama
  • Dimensions - 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm
  • Weight - 228g
  • Display Size - 6.8-inches
  • Battery Size - 5000mAh
  • Standard Features - Fast charge battery, Finger Print Recogniton, Face Recognition
  • Internal Memory - 512GB
  • Expandable memory - No

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Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    Better to get the Mobile Phones Direct offer with a two year contract for £867. Only problem with that one for some is that its on Three.
    Three 🤮
  2. Avatar
    Was tempted for the 22 ultra with trading in my 21 ultra, good price for just 560. But the s23 is supposed to be a beauty so might have to wait for that!
    The S22 ultra is very similar to the S21 ultra, I think every two years is a good gap to leave between phones, to stay up to date but to get a better experience. I've read the chipset is a lot better too.
  3. Avatar
    Haven't seen this mentioned.

    It says trade-ins need to be received by them within 7 days. Does this mean you are basically phoneless until the s22 Ultra turns up a few weeks later?
    Its usually 7 days after delivery
  4. Avatar
    Don't forget 5% cashback when you pay via Samsung Pay+
  5. Avatar
    Even lower Black Friday coming.
    That's good so we can use:

    Plus, find it cheaper this November and we’ll return the difference
  6. Avatar
    Xiaomi not 0n there
    Dead phones that's why
  7. Avatar
    How do they define good condition? My screen on my 21 Ultra has a couple of scratches. Does that meet the hurdle? £356 for this if so, although I'd be losing 128 gb as my 21 Ultra has 256 gb.
    I'd have thought scratches would be fine if they're just surface ones, says normal wear and tear is fine. Actual cracks to the screen and screen burn/other screen faults seem to be the dealbreakers.

    Wouldn't you also be losing 4GB RAM if you go for the 128GB model? Never followed the S21 Ultra, but don't all models of that have at least 12GB?
  8. Avatar

    What? They had no problem delivering 3 tablets, 4 previous phones and a smart watch within the last 6 months?

    Im cf64, just outside Cardiff. Its a bit rough, but it's not a mountain side...
    Happened for me as well (for London ), but then I refreshed and it worked. Worth giving a shot. Seems like a website issue.
  9. Avatar
    Is it dual sim or single ??
    Mine came with two slim slots. I think you can do two physical sims or one virtual and one physical.
  10. Avatar
    Any chance tbey would match this in the samsung stores? I uave an Amex cashback offer. (edited)
    Amex offer in store or online ?
  11. Avatar
    £530 trade in on my S22 plus, very tempting but S23 will be out soon.
  12. Avatar
    Thanks I traded in a mate 20 pro for£200 and got it for £636
    Is this the one... Can it be?
    The one phone to replace over the mate 20 Pro?
  13. Avatar
    I have the s22 ultra and the camera isn’t all that. I have the s9 plus snap dragon and the sharpness is the best. I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max and video and low light photography is amazing. Although the iPhone software is terrible compared to Samsung and the iPhone does not multitask!!! When an app is not open it goes to sleep so Amazon photo uploading is a pain!
    Realistically the s22 ultra destroys the camera of the S9+.
  14. Avatar
    Don't buy this phone, it has an inferior chip.
    I could be wrong - so please let me know if I am - but in terms of the UK market, I believe the Exynos variant is the only S22 Ultra officially available. Therefore, inferior to what exactly?

    Do you mean it's inferior to the S22 Ultra's that you can't buy in the UK?

    If so, then (and again, correct me if I'm wrong) but surely that's not really relevant? (edited)
  15. Avatar
    I'm waiting for the s23 ultra.
    Thanks for the heads up.
  16. Avatar
    No expandable storage on 128gb 🤮
  17. Avatar
    Thanks, tempted as it will cost £660 after trading my s21 ultra but I think I'll pass.
    I get it lower trading in my s10.plus with a cracked screen, why so high for you?
  18. Avatar
    A most fantastic phone, but after reading reviews that the Exynos chip combined with an inferior performance in almost each and every category (photography, battery life, processing power, signal power, internet speeds, heat dissipation, etc.) compared to the Snapdragon version, made me skip this flagship. New one in a few months is also something to consider.
    but UK version of S23 ultra may get the Exynos as well so all the wait for nothing!
  19. Avatar
    Not sure why, but i did it - I placed an order 09:30 pm and already showing as dispatched 48680636-vgwLg.jpg
  20. Avatar
    Amazing deal - got it for under £399 saving a massive £750 with an S22 trade-in and 15% off. Super price for a great phone.
  21. Avatar
    Would be great price for 256GB model. 128 GB is not enough these days, especially for such phone. Only system takes 34GB, leaving you 90GB of useable storage space. And it fills out quickly. (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Has tracked on topcashback now as well 3% of value
  23. Avatar
    Any new code? QGALAXYECO15 is dead
  24. Avatar
    Very tempting but think I'm going to finally switch to iPhone after being on Android all my life
  25. Avatar
    Check out S21 Ultra pricing first
    Nearly the same phone.
  26. Avatar
    Good deal but the S23 Ultra is around the corner. (edited)
  27. Avatar
    bit the bullet, as my current phone has just stopped working, thanks for the share!
  28. Avatar
    I've got the s22 ultra but now I feel the s23 will definitely be my next phone after seeing the spec sheet
  29. Avatar
    How is Xiaomi not part of the Trade In Offer but Oppo and Realme is?????
  30. Avatar
    £509.15 to replace my S21 Ultra 256GB with like for like in S22 Ultra.

    Was expecting a better deal than that to be honest...
    Sell me your phone 📱
  31. Avatar
    I'll wait 12 months, it'll be £150 then x
    120 months maybe.
  32. Avatar
    Last week Samsung had 20% off and I resisted my temptation and didn't buy.
    Was thinking my contract will end in Feb. I'd get either Ultra or iphone 14 pro max. And now, I'm torn between Ultra, iphone pro max and S23 that is coming out soon (edited)
  33. Avatar
    £704.65 when trading in my 3.5 year old S10e.... Not too shabby!
  34. Avatar
    The note 20 ultra is the better phone and deal. Don't forget that they have reached the limit of human perception for DPI a few years ago . So any increase is invisible to the human eye. Don't get fooled by any claim of better screen quality. The note 20 ultra also has a memory card slot. The 22 does not. You'll get very good deals on the note 20 ultra. Overall, it's the better phone and toy of the 2.
  35. Avatar
    Lack of expandable storage is a big negative for me. Hopefully they bring it back for the Ultra 23
    Totally... I have the Samsung fe and glad I got it with the sd option..
  36. Avatar
    Great deal. I traded in my fold 3 for the ultra 256gb and paid £424.15 for mine. Arriving this afternoon
  37. Avatar
    This phone is... not great. The Exynos version is a significant downgrade over the Snapdragon version. Performance is meh, battery life is nothing to write home about. The 21+ I traded for this was much better.
  38. Avatar
    The problem with Android phones is that the resale value is so poor. always had Android but I'm thinking about moving over to the Darkside because of this reason.
    You never pay the full price for a Samsung phone though. I got the s22 Ultra for £644 after trade in. Will wait for a deal on the S23 Ultra when it comes out and get most of my money back for S22 ultra. Not losing much just like Apple when you don't pay the full price.
  39. Avatar
    Codes no longer working
    Yeh I've found the same, appears the code is no longer working
  40. Avatar
    Code does not work?
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