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Posted 16 September 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Green on Vodafone: 105GB + Unlimited Minutes & Texts - £26/month + £59 upfront = £683 over 24 months @ Carphone Warehouse

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

S22 Contract deal cheaper then sim free.

£26pm X 24 months = £624 + £59 = £683

Sim Free price is £769.

This then doesn't include the minimum £150 discount you'll get for trading in ANY phone in ANY condition.

So bringing your total down to £533 or more if your phone value is worth more then the minimum amount.
Carphone Warehouse More details at Carphone Warehouse
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    Can you port from Voxi which is Voda really
    Yes you can..
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    Any advice on whether it's worth upgrading to this from an s10+ please?

    I'd say so yes and you'd get £150 for your old phone. Unless you could sell it privately and get more money. (edited)
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    Can someone explain how the £150 trade in works for carphonewarehouse please.
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    I bought the £29 offer for S22 in pink and 250gb data, then went to Samsung site to get the £150 trade in offer via Samsung site buy giving my S22 purchase details and used old J3 as trade in, link below
    Most likely they will reject, as Carphone Warehouse is not listed as eligible retailer
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    Seems a bit confusing the trade in process, if I do it on Carphone website it gives me £52 for my s9 and not 150 how they say . Can anyone let us know how they trade in successfully for £150 ? (edited)
    Yes I managed using the link and samsung will post the return packaging to me within 3 days, I got £150 for a samsung J series on the page as it said fixed 150 trade in offer

    Link i used, it will check the details for you and you need the IMEI numbers of S22 and the phone you are trading in
    samsungtradeinoffer.co.uk/pro…mpd (edited)
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    Anyone worried about trade in etc etc, please just go to the store, on their system they have something called "Trade Up" then there is a promotional section under that for working or non working phones for the S22.

    You WILL get the money, if anyone says it doesn't work or they don't know how, then speak to the manager because they are lying to you!
    Do I have to purchase the phone first and claim the trade in later or I have to do it at the same time during the order?

    I already made the odrer thinking the trade in process is similar to Samsung.
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    In case anyone wants to know you can get the 256gb version for the same monthly cost but £149 upfront cost and 65gb data, I went for that as I need the storage.
    Indeed, and there is virtually no difference between 65GB/mo and 108GB/mo
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    Worth mentioning its for the 128gb version of the device
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    I posted this a few days ago, but expired as there is no current way of getting the £150 off the handset cost, unless there now is of course?
    When I went in to store they certainly can do it! (edited)
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    Any similar deals with O2 and trade-in?
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    I'm working tomorrow so will go get this deal. Thanks op
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    Op dont forget to add 12m disney plus
    48249654-dxwz8.jpg (edited)
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    This is a great deal, thanks for sharing. I ordered the s22, £26pm contract for delivery to nearest store yesterday and arrived there at 11am today. I took in the oldest phone I could find for trade in and all went through smoothly, they simply credit your bank account with £150 👌 (edited)
    did you add the trade in during your order or just did it when collecting the phone?
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    Carphone Warehouse is a broken company. After being unable to enter the IMEI number for ANY phone for the £150 trade in and customer services and sales being unable to help. I eventually was cut off after 100 minutes on the phone to them
    I emailed the CEO and have a response from the complaints escalation team.

    The email for the CEO is alexander.baldock@dixonscarphone.com
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    im trying trade in for s10 damaged and it offers £25!!
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    The deal link now shows the £150 minimum any trade in. Possibly £65 via Topcashback. However, when selecting a trade in it doesn't seem to reduce the upfront charge accordingly
    Upfront cost is separate to trade in value.
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    Looks nice. However, I compared it to my Huawei P30 which I got following MrSwitchs advise in 2019 and doesnt seem that much different.
    Possibly I am missing something, maybe somebody more technically advanced can correct me. Thanks
    I came from a P30 pro and much prefer the s22 minus the fact the battery isn't as good.
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    Personally, anyone wanting to do a trade in, just go visit your local Currys. Carphone will be grateful for the business, although they might be grumpy at least you know it's all sorted and not having to send your phone off and hoping for best.
    I tried. In our local currys the guy said they are not trained on trade ins process. So recommended doing that online.
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    The website doesn't work, tried twice to buy and after all the details etc on the last step after submiot, just redirects to currys page and no email no message no nothing48245019-jQ6Xf.jpg
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    Can someone confirm if the 150 pound trade in works with this?
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    I'm on it if the 150 trade happens
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    So after reading through all your replies (thanks)
    Has anybody tried and received trade in cashback for a s22 purchased from carphoneware? How?
    See my reply below
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    The website doesn't state the processor -- am I right in guessing this is an Exynos variant?
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    Considering coming away from apple as sick of the pricing structure. It’s robbery.
    Is this the latest Samsung? If so, when is the next one due ie Apple every September?
    Please phone 999 to report the robbery. (edited)
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    I cant see the £26 month deal with £59 upfront. Can anyone please post the link here? Unless its now changed to £29 a month all of a sudden?
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    Do I need to purchase first and claim the trade in?

    I used trade in from Samsung before where I had to purchase the product first and send the mobile to Samsung and they would provide the cashback to bank.
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    This seems great, would order now but when I go to trade in it can't find my xperia play (what a great phone that was) do they only accept newer phones? going through the samsung redemption site looks like I can trade pretty much anything but I can't find a deal as good as this for phone and contract
    Works with any phone mate, I traded a s3 that I found in a cupboard 😳 £150, thank you (edited)
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    Can't decide whether to go for this, go for the pixel 6, or just keep my S10 5g a bit longer!
    Pixel 6 will be replaced soon fwiw. 
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    Car phone warehouse is not listed reseller/retailer; not sure why they are advertising £150 trade in. Is it with CPW and not Samsung?

    Carphone Warehouse - Dixons. Same people
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    I spoke to a curry's assistant in store about this and he said that curry's would be the one honoring the cashback into your account
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    Can I use this deal if I am already Vodafone customer?
    I have sim only plan.
    Can I take this deal and swap phone number from SIM only?

    Update: needed to call CW for financing. It took 33m for them to answer but were pretty good at answering the questions.
    E.g. to ask Vodafone tech support to port the number or do a "triangle" network move

    The rep said that the deal is eligible for #150 cashback from Samsung (we will see) (edited)
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    Does the phone for trade in need to be unlocked
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    Tried taking an old Motorola E6 to trade in.. But their system didn't recognise the IMEI number so i couldn't trade it in. Assistant said it wasn't uncommon and insurance replacements wouldn't be accepted either... No go for me. (edited)
    That's worrying, I couldn't get their system to recognise my Xperia play online so hoped they could do it in store, will find out tomorrow I guess
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    Worked for me but they wanted £79 upfront for the 105gb data deal. Instead I took the £179 upfront £29 after trade in and £21 per month. Only 50gb data but plenty for me. They also took an old Motorola phone for the trade in. Thanks op (edited)
    They could have done the 59£ upfront as your £79 upfront can be adjusted on system as that’s what mine originally showed but I showed them the online amount and they had the capacity to match it
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    I tried the double dip trading a broken phone in with Carphone when i purchased and then started the trade in process with Samsung direct. I have just had confirmation from Samsung that I will be getting the £150 from the too. I used the link someone posted on here. You don't get asked for proof of purchase at any point.
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    Can you claim the free buds with this offer?
  37. Avatar
    Anyone can say whether the phone comes locked?
    I got S22 from this deal but thinking about selling - so do not want to open the box