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Samsung Galaxy S23 256GB 5G Smartphone £749 / £649 W/Trade In + 10% Off With Selected Accessories W/Unique Code (Select Accounts) @ Samsung

£749£84912% off
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So the code also applies to the standard S23, following the get deal link there will be a blue banner at the header of the page, no need to copy the code as it already populates in the basket once you hit redeem voucher, can be bought with selected accessories for a further 10% off, if you are trading in an s22 for example you get £370 for it, which is a very good price, and a nice upgrade with the newer chipset etc. Otherwise, trading in a low cost phone will get you £100

Code expires tonight, nice and compact for all those who don't want the ultra bestie

About this item
  • Unbox the change you want to see in the world. Crafted with recycled glass and PET film and coloured with natural dyes, each phone is tucked into a box made of recycled paper and paper-based protective film
  • Get ready for a smartphone Gallery full of epic night shots everyone will want. Nightography's enhanced AI keeps details clear, so low light photos and videos will be bright and colourful from dusk to dawn and back again.
  • The 50MP Wide-angle Camera works hand-in-hand with a powerful chip, rapidly combining frames to extract bits from each into a single hi-res photo. Add in Detail Enhancer technology and you've got quality so sharp; you'll keep zooming in for more.
  • When stopping's not an option, this revolutionary chip powers your android phone to deliver better gaming and video streaming, with extended battery life to carry you through the most epic of days.
  • Call it a night? Nah. Game on and binge-watch your favourite shows with the phones long-lasting and fast-charging battery.


Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    This code worked for me on the S23 earlier in the week. H4J9KHRKL
    Cheers mate, just saved me £70
  2. Avatar
    Disabling adblock might help if you're struggling to get £749. Code wouldn't autopopulate for me with it active, and pasting code said it was invalid. Disabled adblock on samsung.com and shop.samsung.com, Once I did that, the steps in the OP worked.
    Were you on a computer? Mobile browsers don't have built in adblocks, do they?
  3. Avatar
    What is the cheapest accessory I can add to get 10% off please..?
    Galaxy M13 clear case ( £8 ) (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Anyone having trouble with the code. Just go incognito. A couple of people on the other thread recommended it so I gave it a whirl and it worked on the Ultra for me.
    Didn't work for me. Whatever I've tried.
  5. Avatar
    Thank you, finally gone for it £592.20 trading in a very broken old S9.
    Same, that was with an LG Viewty I haven't used in about 14 years!
  6. Avatar
    I have just bought the Ultra 512gb, 12gb ram for £639 with trade in and code. (edited)
    What was the trade in?
  7. Avatar
    Super deal Mr Switch!
  8. Avatar
    Ordered s23 on the previous deal u posted switchy, wish id of waited now 🤦‍♂️ always the way all to save £60-£70 optd for the finance option and cant be bothered to mess around with it heat for effort tho 🔥
    just done it.Really easy-just live chat with samsung.Have cancelled my order and automatically cancelled finance.Only problem if you bought any accessories with that to get exta discount- need to sent it back.
  9. Avatar
    I changed to desktop mode on my browser and it popped up straight away
    I'll try that.
    Edit: still nothing on Chrome, Samsung Internet or Edge, signing to 2 different accounts or without accounts. Well I guess I'll skip it this time:) (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Well! pre ordered & delivered last week & now in use. Checked account & have code. Phoned support to see what I can do. Answer NOTHING. Apart from sending it back for a refund & buying again. What a Joke.
    Don't think it would worth the effort for less than 40 pounds.
  11. Avatar
    I wish I knew the secret to getting this code. I've tried everything!
    Google “Samsung s23” and click on the sponsored link. That’s how I got mine.
  12. Avatar
    I think that using the soreto code it brings is down more than this code
    If anyone wants one pm me as they are unique.
  13. Avatar
    @MrSwitch is it account specific as I'm not getting the banner even after clearing cookies and cache ..
    Edited title, I thought all could get it
  14. Avatar
    10% off with 2 products and this code don't work together?
    It does
  15. Avatar
    what code?
    Working on S23 Ultra as well?
    works about about only £869.00 for S23 Ultra 512gb with any broken phone trade in and a clear case for S23 Ultra. (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Can anyone please confirm what is the final price of s23 ultra after using this code + accessory like a screen protector?
  17. Avatar
    Does anyone know what the lowest price you can get for the s23 plus without trade in? Is there a code for s23 plus (except referral code) like the blue banner one for ultra only?
  18. Avatar
    @motionwerk thanks I'll give it a go later on. Will let you know.
  19. Avatar
    With full trade in isn;t te S23 Ultra a better deal? I ordered on Wenesday with an additonal £150 voucher email to me and it came to £629
    Depends on the device you are trading in?
  20. Avatar
    I only get 150£ for Ultra i want for the normal S23 code...
  21. Avatar
    H3W9R2LRR - 10% using this worked for me. Just need to enter when checking out on payments screen under redeem voucher as voucher code only works on checkout and not before.
    Yeah a 10% code works but the £150 off offer in the blue banner works out £50 £60 better off
  22. Avatar
    Samsung sent me a £150 off code and I did the £100 trade-in so all together, an S23 256GB and leather case cost me £622.11.

    I did have to fiddle around a bit adding the case and discount code in the correct order though.
    I'm trying to do exactly what you have done here, 256gb s23, £100 trade in and leather case. Can you remember what order you did it in because everytime I add the case it removes the £150 discount
  23. Avatar
    This is the deal I got when I bottled it with the Google 7. Got the code and trade in for an S21, came in at £479.
  24. Avatar
    I'm waiting for when the 128gb can be had for 450 after student codes and trade ins. Got to happen at some point, I assume they have sold next to zero 128s at this stage.
    With the storage promotion I doubt they made many 128GB's
  25. Avatar
    Weird, I had the blue banner on the site this morning, now its nowhere to be seen!
    Me too! So annoying
  26. Avatar
    i got my s23 ultra 512gb for £100 more
    Current difference is around 40. How did you pay 100 more?
  27. Avatar
    Heat! It works out at £360 for me for the standard S23 with the various codes and trading in my S22.

    I have only had the S22 for around three months, so trying to decide if it is even worth it for what is mainly a chipset and battery upgrade.
    Fwiw, I personally find the battery on the S22 to be really bad, so I'm really looking forward to the efficiency improvements.

    A list of the improvements I noted from reviews and spec
    - Significant increase in performance and efficiency due to the new chip. Also the memory in these is UFS 4.0 for quicker read/writes and small efficiency gain (for 256gb+ models), and it has LPDDR5x memory now vs. LPDDR5
    - 35% increase in peak brightness
    - Upgraded internal cooling (so should perform better for longer)
    - Gorilla Glass Victus 2 with supposedly bette drop, scratch or shatter resistance (but take the claims with a pinch of salt - glass is glass)
    - Improved selfie camera
    - Some minor things enabled in software for the cameras (e.g. HDR10+ selfie cam support, 8K30 video on rear camera)
    - Wifi improvements with triband and 6e support
    - Bluetooth 5.3 vs 5.2
    - Improved speakers (as noted by a few of the reviewers).

    You'll also get another year of security updates simply because it's newer, but I personally don't keep phones long enough for support to end. (edited)
  28. Avatar
    Any codes going I would appreciate
  29. Avatar
    S23 is coming in at 591.30 (with a cheapest case added to get the extra 10% off, and with £100 trade in. Is it my bad maths or does something not quite add up with the total after the discounts?
    seems ok if you take the 100 off first and then take the 10%.
    657*0.9 = 591.30
  30. Avatar
    Shame none of the S series have SD card slots these days.
  31. Avatar
    Does the code offer £100 off? It's £849 for me and I can't see that banner (edited)