Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 days ago.
Posted 16 March 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 256GB + £200 Guaranteed trade in + Free Galaxy Buds2 - £899 / £699 @ Samsung

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Thanks @blobsy123 for mentioning about Free Buds2
Galaxy S23 | S23+Buy now and get a guaranteed £200 off when you trade in any smartphone and use code S23BOOST.**

Or if you dont have anything to trade in - you can still get £100 knocked off
No smartphone to trade in? Use code S23SAVE for an instant £100 off
Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. hippityhoppity's avatar
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    Yeah I'm seeing exactly the same
  2. blobsy123's avatar
    Free buds2 get added to the basket aswell! Thanks op
  3. quake.ee's avatar
    When buying S23 the code only gives £100 extra not £200.
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    It does add £200
    I just selected any broken zero value phone and it knocked off £200

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    Just a heads up regarding Samsung trade in: they give you the discount upfront which is great but it can take ages for them to process your phone and tell you the actual value. I remember a post here someone being offered £50 for a broken phone instead of £150 they advertised. My broken phone is with them for 2 weeks now waiting to be processed and only requirement is turning on and holding charge. I can't imagine how long it takes for other phones
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    They do take a while to confirm completion of trade in but I've fortunately never had an issue.
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    Literally got my S23 on Tuesday without all these perks. I haven't even used it yet just put it in a case waiting for the weekend.

    Worth sending it back and rebuying?
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    Its all Free - Samsung will provide you DPD return label.

    you can order this and return when you get this delivered.
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    Can someone confirm something regarding the Samsung trade-in as I've never used it before. I have an S10 Plus that I wanted to trade in (originally purchased on a deal on here from one of those companies that shipped from Hong Kong) that is in perfect condition and boxed but Samsung are saying they don't accept non UK/EU phones on trade in and that I can't trade it in. Is this correct? I'm confused how people are trading in any broken garbage phones on all these Samsung deals but I can't trade in my S10 Plus in perfect boxed condition. The option on the Samsung Trade-in drop down list for the S10 Plus is always "G975F" which is the UK/EU model but mine is a "G9750". When I asked them if I can just select G975F they told me I can't trade in my phone as they don't accept non 'UK/EU' models.

    Also I wanted to buy an Ultra and they give £245 for an S10 Plus when buying an Ultra but won't allow me to trade my phone in so how is this fair? It makes no sense to me as it will have the same internals and don't they just recycle the components? Am I able to trade it in on this deal as the deal says £200 guaranteed? Do I have to choose the option of broken phone when trading in a perfect condition non UK Samsung phone?? (edited)
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    It has to be a UK phone. IMEI will show that.
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    S23BOOST not working
  8. Katro16's avatar
    @sajidtg how can we get the £699 price
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    Code expired. Sorry.
    Its £100 Guaranteed trade in and Free Buds2 now
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    I've been emailed a 10% off code from Samsung - not sure if account specific but if anyone wants to try it just let me know. I won't be using it
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