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Posted 1 February 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 256GB Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Smartphone & 6 Months Disney+ - £764.10 / £714.10 With Any Trade In @ Samsung EPP

£764.10£84910% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Live now, 256GB FOR the price of 128GB. Go via the likes of totum, perks at work, student beans etc. For this price
Pre-order the new Galaxy S23 Ultra and get 10% off*, plus get an additional 5% off both when you pre-order with any Galaxy product or accessory

Pre-order from Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program. Discount based on regular samsung.com price. While stocks last.

Pre-order from Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program. Discount applied automatically when qualifying items are added to basket. All products to be shipped at the same time.

More innovation, more mindful
Slip into something a little more special. Fresh new colours inspired by nature, showcased on a polished metal frame.1

More light for your night
Fill your Gallery with epic night shots everyone will want. Nightography's enhanced AI keeps details clear, so low light photos and videos will be bright and colourful, even in low light.

Get all the deets
Capture every detail with a 50MP Wide-angle Camera. Detail Enhancer technology utilises AI to improve depth and definition for stunningly high quality photos.

More power to you
Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy powers your phone to deliver better gaming and video streaming, with extended battery life to carry you through the most epic of days.2

Unlock even longer gameplay
With a long-lasting 4,700mAh (typical) battery on Galaxy S23+ and 3,900mAh (typical) on Galaxy S23, easily blast through quests, binge-watch your shows, then power up in no time with Super Fast Charging.3

Glare be gone
Get optimal colour and brightness with adaptive outdoor visibility. The 120Hz screen smooths the scroll, while Eye Comfort Shield keeps your eyes from getting tired, even as you view in the dark.

Your Galaxy, the way you like it
One UI maximises customisation, allowing you to control the details, from lock screens and themes to widgets and notifications.

Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    Shame, not for me. The trade in glitches etc made my upgrade from an S9 to an S21 about £70 all in.

    Realise those times are gone, but too rich for my blood, particularly when the Pixels are so much less.

    Looks a decent enough device, hope they sell enough of the little 'un to keep manufacturers pumping out these smaller options.
    Hard to justify getting a Samsung nowadays, even more so with their increased prices for this year.

    Pixel 7's have changed the game.

    I have a Pixel 7 Pro and it's fantastic. The only downside is the charging time, which I can live with, as everything else is really good.
  2. Avatar
    Just received email from BT, they are giving 30 perc discount
    For ultra?
  3. Avatar
    Definitely don't assume the EPP is cheaper.

    Would work out cheaper for me on the main site. Getting £230 trade in on main site and only £80 on EPP would mean the EPP is more expensive.
    I can confirm this is right, I have the note 10 plus and it would be £30 cheaper to buy and trade in via the main site, not Epp.
  4. Avatar
    I bought a UAG case and just noticed it has 'Magsafe' compatibility. Is this a useful feature? If so what magsafe charger do you recommend for it? Many thanks
    I am using Pitaka charger stand with Pitaka case.
  5. Avatar
    Disappointing offer this time
    Definitely, last year I got the S22 256gb for around £200 cheaper than this from the same Samsung website. Trading in any old broken phone. I also got 12months of Disney plus and free Galaxy Buds!

    I've since moved to the Google Pixel 7 Pro
  6. Avatar
    Finally snapdragon S series in the U.K.
  7. Avatar
    Had a look and it's going to cost me over £600 to upgrade my standard S21 to a standard S23....It's a no from me
    Agree, very disappointing. Managed to snag a S22 256gb for £375 after £200 trade-in+totem discount and birthday discount which was a fantastic deal. Not only are you not getting a proper discount for the S23 line but from what I understand the cameras are pretty similar to last year’s model, had they put the S22 ultra cameras on the S23 the way Apple do that would’ve been tempting. 
  8. Avatar
    I'd be more interested in what happens to the older S models now we have the costs for the 23.

    I quite fancy an S21 ultra, but not at £800+!
    I wouldn't get it due to exynos . Get an imported snapdragon , it'll be so much better
  9. Avatar
    Will the 200mah bump and new chip make any significant difference to battery life? It was an absolute deal breaker on the S22 (edited)
    Yup. 100% it will help.
  10. Avatar
    Just spoke to Samsung chat, i only got offered £360 for my S22 and they are not accepting any promo codes within the first 3 months for the S23 series lol
    I was offered £430 for my s22 although it was the 256mb version.
  11. Avatar
    Not great tbh, I got a A52s in 2021 for 200 quid and it's still doing fine for me, will probably wait for something similar later in 23.

    Flagship phones have lost their lustre, last one I had was the S8 just don't see any point in them on a price/performance basis any more
    Try the fold4, you will see some flagships have not lost their lustre
  12. Avatar
    @MrSwitch I managed to get it even cheaper with trade in. £618.84 in total. I guess it would be £718.84 without trade-in.

    Normal store + 10% referral code from Reddit stranger + 10% from adding accessory to order + £100 trade in for old android phone. Don't forget to login to earn some Samsung rewards, I also used TCB but that hasn't tracked yet.

    Lovely mate, nice one
  13. Avatar
    Sammy offering double storage and up to £600 trade in on the S23 Ultra.

    Pre-order from Samsung.com by 16/02/23. £600 based on Galaxy S22 5G 128GB. Values can vary by model and condition of Trade In device, and on purchases of exclusive colour devices. Purchased phone will be blocked if you don't send us your Trade In device. T&Cs apply.
    Can't trade in a fold4 annoyingly
  14. Avatar
    A free watch and I am sold.
  15. Avatar
    EPP (£864.10) vs non-EPP (£839.00) trade in on a Note 20 Ultra 5G 256gb if anyone was wondering. Non-EPP seems to be the way to go
    I've done the same thing, final price was £755.10.

    Really happy with this price for a brand new phone, using a snapdragon processor.

    My current note ultra 20 battery life is appalling, so will be glad to get rid of it.
  16. Avatar
    This is what I have with my AMEX

    is this what you all are talking about or something else?
    because it says it's in-store only.
    Does the store allow same trade in options?
  17. Avatar
    No freebies this time around, crap deal.
  18. Avatar
    So if I buy this terrible phone from Amazon Warehouse for less than £20


    and as all phones have an IMEI number - Samsung will give me £150 off the Ultra?
    No need to spend £27 Just get something off eBay for less than a tenner
  19. Avatar
    Cost of living crisis
  20. Avatar
    Can't see the S23 via the totum website yet
    There's a full page on my tutum49460143-FWxoE.jpg
  21. Avatar
    I'll be sticking with my s21 ultra 16gb ram
  22. Avatar
    Can get £50 trade in for any working or broken phone, bringing the price to £714
  23. Avatar
    EPP is a bit of a strange one,

    Dropped the Ultra 512gb down to £994.10 including trading in my Note 10 Plus (£130.00) but on the regular site, I managed to get the price down to £969.00 with the same phone being traded in (£280.00) so the EPP is a bit of a scam if you ask me...even with the 2% points, it still works out at around a fiver more & that's IF it tracks.
    Same £260 for my S21U on EPP. £410 on the standard site.
  24. Avatar
    49455679-G2ymv.jpgManaged to order the 512GB ultra with a referal code and trade in via the main site just as pre orders opened so lets see if they cancel (edited)
    I also did this, and used Samsung Pay+ for another 5% off. Did got through TCB for and extra 5% but I think they will deny that claim. The 10% voucher is what tipped it for me.
  25. Avatar
    Not sure if this will help anyone else but thought i'd mention.

    Very are doing the 512gb S23 Ultra with a Galaxy watch 5 44mm or the buds 2. If you have a 20% off code from them recently like I do- Punch that in and then:

    Phone and watch = £1071.
    Phone and buds 2= £999

    Might help someone, not the worst offer.
    That's not a bad shout!
  26. Avatar
    49462839-6eWaO.jpgSamsung S23 Ultra + Buds Live + S View Case (Including £400 trade in and 15% Birthday discount code)
    15% Birthday discount code, how did you get that? Don't think they've ever sent me a code
  27. Avatar
    I priced and found trading in a near perfect condition S21U worked out cheaper not going through EPP, as the cash for phone drops from £420 to £270 via EPP. Just so you know.
  28. Avatar
    managed to get s23 256 for £542
    You traded in Pixel 5 good condition worth at least £150 for £190. You also had an option to trade in a phone costing less than a tenner for £150.
  29. Avatar
    Anyone else still showing order as processing despite delivery date as tomorrow? Really annoyed as I had to pay extra for the 7th..
    Unless you had dispatch mail from Samsung or a mail from DPD you order isn't coming tomorrow. Samsung is not good with delivery dates as they just ship randomly. If you login to your account you may be able to see they would have changed date from 7th to some other day. In not yet they would do it by tomorrow.

    And CS is bs if you are thinking of speaking with them, save your time and wait for order to arrive instead of speaking with CS.
  30. Avatar
    Mine is showing as preparing for despatch. The track parcel button is active but when clicking on it, coming up with an error.

    I ordered it on the 4th after cancelling my launch day order due to upgrading from 512gb to 1TB red version.
    Should be arriving day after tomorrow.
  31. Avatar
    What's the hack for birthday codes? Can you just create a new account now with a fake birthday for 4 days time and you will get the voucher or does it need some activity / older acc?
    February code’s don’t work.

    January codes weren’t supposed to either but they do.
  32. Avatar
    Got the 256GB S23 in green with a matching silicone case for £605. I had to use a £100 voucher from Samsung, £100 off for trading in my partner's broken iPhone 7 and the got 10% off for adding a case. TCB tracked at £25 but not holding my breath. If anyone is wondering how I got the Samsung voucher I went in to my account and toggled the email promotions on.
    Was that the S23 or S23 Ultra?
  33. Avatar
    Picked one up couple of days ago for £479! £630 tradeinn from last year's phone plus an emailed code Samsung sent me tempting me with a further £150! No idea why, maybe they saw it was sat in my incompleted basket for a few days .

    Pretty decent upgrade price for a 512gb S23 ultra!
    Dont forget to add a samsung tag for £28 as they'll knock off another 10% for buying with an accessory.
    I got the s23 ultra 512gb down to £810 with OnePlus 7t trade-in (£230)

  34. Avatar
    100 quid c o d e DMX-P361-XGKC-85ZK
  35. Avatar
    Trade in accepted today! How do you get Disney plus to work?
    It's in the Samsung Boost app.
  36. Avatar
    Is it me or its cheaper on the main Samsung website? And not the epp website? (edited)
    Often the EPP is more expensive as trade in offers are worse
  37. Avatar
    This is too cheap? Can't complain but need more freebies with it.
    Yes need a free watch with this.
  38. Avatar
    My two cents on this launch is unless you need/want the ultras extra features or the snapdragon for gaming just get yourself a Pixel 7 Pro. I suppose the size of the S23 is a selling point too along with 120hz vs Pixel 7.
    The S23 is small and lighter compared to the 7
  39. Avatar
    Was expecting more than this....
    Ha. We should troll Samsung and ask 'Is that it?'
  40. Avatar
    Wot is this phone announced now?
    I know, ridic