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Posted 16 May 2024

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G 512GB, SIM Free (Used Good) + £10 Top Up New Customers Smartphone

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Back down to £529 for the 512GB version, good usually come a lot better than described.

Key Features
  • Android 13 with One UI 5.1
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Built-in S-Pen with ultra-low latency
  • 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X - Adaptive 120HZ refresh
  • Quad 200MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP Rear Cameras
  • 12MP Front-facing Selfie Camera
  • 256GB / 512GB / 1TB internal storage | 8GB RAM / 12GB RAM
  • 5,000 mah Battery | 45W Adaptive Fast Charging | Wireless Charging | Wireless PowerShare

No quibble returns
Get time to check out your new phone, with no risk. If it's not the right one for you, return it to us within 21 days of delivery and we'll refund you, easy as pie. How to return a giffgaff phone

Also, 30 days faulty returnsSometimes things go wrong. If your phone has a fault not relating to physical damage, we'll gladly accept it back for a full refund or a swanky replacement of the same model. How to return a faulty phone

Refurbished warranties by condition:
  • 12 months: “Good”
  • 18 months: “Very Good” and “Excellent”
  • 24 months: “Like New”
What does our warranty cover?
  • Faulty software
  • Internal parts gone haywire
  • Battery issues
  • Accessories included with your phone
What isn't covered?
  • Broken screens
  • Water damage
  • Rooting or unauthorised modification of software

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  1. krishbish's avatar
    Arrived today, immaculate. Thanks for highlighting the offer OP!
  2. Rick_G's avatar
    Received my "Good" today... 512GB in black. Just about to charge it up now as it's only on 18% battery but externally you'd be hard pressed to notice a difference between brand new and this. Hopefully pictures show and give an idea... Nothing like what Giffgaff says a "Good" example might look like. Very happy so far!

    MrSwitch's avatar
    Good looking phone that, forgot how nice looking the S23 ultra was
  3. DirtyQwerty's avatar
    I ordered one a few days ago in "Good" and it still had the plastic covers on the sides and was totally mark free. Looked like they'd taken one out of the original box and popped it in a Giffgaff box. Exceptional phone too, better than anything else around this price IMO.
  4. e_munky's avatar
    When returning if it's poor condition can you request an exchange or is it return only and reorder?
    KamalinO's avatar
    Return only and reorder
  5. e_munky's avatar
    Mine arrived today, pristine condition don't understand how it could have been graded at 'Good' - thanks OP
    mrmo786's avatar
    So did mine, too many scratches. Returned. I got one previously and that was almost pristine.
  6. DazzyB's avatar
    Yes mine looks perfect too. Thank you
  7. rimkhan1's avatar
    Paid same £ for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Refurbished
    Memory: 512GB
    256GB was same price.

    Very good condition, I can't see any scratches or scuffs. Seems like a new out of the box thing. It came with O2 splash screen once you get going. Presumably O2 stock being sold as refurbished.
    Battery was dead so don't freak out. Give it a full charge. These are updates which happened one by one

    hcc27's avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Now I'm seriously considering playing the lottery :/
  8. Rick_G's avatar
    What are you all looking for with battery btw? I've been running accubattery since I got it but not sure what it's meant to tell me? Do I just need to run it for longer (edited)
    KamalinO's avatar
    Through adb. There are a few ways to do it, here's one:
  9. Supercereal7's avatar
    Mine came perfect condition for good. 99% battery but msavedbatteryusage: 9564. This okay?
    Supercereal7's avatar
    Ah found it. Had to get the 3.3.1 version of the software. It's done 94 cycles. I'm guessing this is better?
  10. darecky's avatar
    Bought the 512gb in good condition. Like the other person mine also came without a single scratch...however I fear it's because they replaced the screen, and did that with a cheap non OEM replacement because my colours are absolutely sh1t. Just me? Checked online and tried all the settings tweaks. No luck...will be going back soon.
  11. Adam_90's avatar
    Expired. Now 579
  12. hcc27's avatar
    Let's kick off the Giffgaff 'good' lottery

    theprofinuk's avatar
    Meaning that they overestimate the 'good'? Was thinking of buying one for my partner.
  13. Dragon32's avatar
    Good price - especially for 512gb.
  14. Rob_B's avatar
    Took a punt, time for the S21U to retire
    Rob_B's avatar
    Just delivered, went for "good" as far as I can see it's perfect. Will check the battery status later. Have done a quick 10x camera test and it makes the S21U look underwhelming, very happy.
  15. Step_Sis_POV's avatar
    Received mine in pristine condition for Used Good. The plastic is still on it and it literally looks brand new, no scratches/wear and tear. However using ADB tools I can see the battery health is 96% and charge cycles is 173. The toxic hotukd in me is debating whether to return it and try again but I know it's pretty much fine. thanks op
  16. SantoshKaushik's avatar
    Good price, heat added
  17. KamalinO's avatar
    Excellent price for 512GB|12GB !

    Now I just need to sell my ZFold4 first
    Huseyin_Mor's avatar
    I was thinking of getting the fold4 before this, why you want to change to s23 ultra ,
  18. Dobsie's avatar
    Just finished setting mine up. It arrived in pristine condition and has 150 charge cycles with a battery health of 100%
  19. Craig_ward's avatar
    I received mine yesterday and it is pristine , not a mark on the rails or screen, when setting up has the 02 app screen and had to update to One UI 6.0 then 6.1 so looks like sat on a shelf somewhere
    Rick_G's avatar
    Pretty much same with mine with the OS updates too...had to do 3 large downloads
  20. TheHoss's avatar
    Quidco returns £15 too 🏼
    devdas121's avatar
    If you are lucky
  21. Scalesofjustice's avatar
    Great mobile. For a bit more you can find new open box on eBay.
    zayf's avatar
    really i couldn't find anyting less than £600 for 512GB. do you have an example link ?
  22. Demolitionman78's avatar
    So tempted but curiosity around what s23 ultras people are getting
    ch24's avatar
    just bought the 512gb Excellent Lavendar - better waranty for the excellent too
  23. Huseyin_Mor's avatar
    I got 2, 1 was pants , 2nd was excellent,
    How do I check the battery cycle usage
    BraddersJ's avatar
  24. alansbaburs's avatar
    I returned mine, cos feels to big but received mint condition as GOOD condition
  25. JoeyPants's avatar
    They're just giving it away!!
  26. The_Geek_Chick's avatar
    I bought a "good" S23U phone from GiffGaff last month. The first one I ordered had scratches so returned it, the second I ordered was pristine. Really happy with it. Refund on the 1st came through in about 5 days (edited)
  27. billysablo's avatar
    i currently have a samsung note 10+ its in great condition, which of the current samsung deals would be a decent upgrade for me please ?

    Thanks in advance
  28. shell820810's avatar
    Mine just arrived, looks amazing, a few very small chips along bottom edge but screen seems to be immaculate. Need to check battery.
    hcc27's avatar
    Check the battery with ADB just n case, anything below 90% health you may want to return.
  29. Tiny107's avatar
    Hi, is this a physical dual sim model?
  30. mzm70's avatar
    My GOOD had a couple of deep scratches in the screen and more scratches elsewhere.....going back
    hcc27's avatar
    Did you say the prayer before you placed the order? (edited)
  31. acb23's avatar
    Got mine today. No scratches/ body damage. Think battery is 99% and 253 cycles? Am i reading that right?
    KamalinO's avatar
    Yes, that's correct
  32. Brijj's avatar
    52795082_1.jpgIs this good? Or shall I return? (edited)
  33. mostwantedpro's avatar
    512GB Good in green received. Few small scratches on the screen and back, chips on the rails.

    Battery test was the following. 100% seems to good to be true given the 217 cycles? Will see how the battery performs before thinking about returning.
's avatar