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Samsung Galaxy S24, AI Android Smartphone, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 50MP Camera, Long Battery Life + 3 Year Manufacturer Extended Warranty

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Back at £499

Another option - credit as the 256GB version has also been reduced

About this item
  • All from your smartphone, all with AI: Effortlessly edit your photos, Get quick language translation on a call, Convert your voice recording into text then summarise it ¹ ² ³ ⁴
  • Two epic options: More to love about Galaxy S24: FHD+ screen resolution for a crisp and clear image, New space-grade Armour Aluminium keeps you protected, IP68 dust and water resistance, Want more? Galaxy S24+ with even larger screen with QHD+⁵ ⁶ ⁷
  • A true power house: A camera with 50MP to get closer with every pinch, Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x, Capture enhanced shots with vivid detail at more zoom distances than before thanks to the new AI zoom solution ⁸ ⁹ ¹⁰
  • Smarter all-day battery: Power on and on, The Galaxy S24 has an intelligent battery that gives you more watch time and more you time ⁸ ¹¹ ¹² ¹³
  • Our brightest adaptive mobile display: Increased device size, Ultra-slim bezels, Galaxy S24's 6.2" FHD+ display offers more screen real estate, Plus enjoy optimal colour and contrast with Vision Booster ¹⁴ ¹⁵

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  1. drapertron's avatar
    Great little phone, using one to type this ️ lightning fast and excellent camera, hits that sweet spot of being relatively compact but still 95% flagship spec
    BT1978's avatar
    Is it true it has stellar battery life too?
  2. ADT's avatar
    Same price at John Lewis, would take that for their 2 yrs guarantee.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    3 Year Manufacturer Extended Warranty

    at Amazon
  3. ST09's avatar
    Do these have any resale value? Got 25% off offer on business account which expires soon.
    zubsha02's avatar
    Realistically no phone has any resale value, its a depreciating asset not really a store of value. The value is in the use you get out of it, if you buying it to sell then its the wrong product.
  4. tho_nee's avatar
    Cursing myself for missing out this offer and taking up pixel 8 a month back just 50£ cheaper. What have I done
    blonk's avatar
    I had a pixel last year and an s23 and the pixel just wasn't the same enjoyable UI for me
  5. blonk's avatar
    sterling92's avatar
    256gb available in grey at 559 if that helps
  6. shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    I'd call samsung regards this 3 year warranty claim.as there are reviews on amazon claiming.the 3 year warranty to be non existent after contact with samaung .

    Unless the 3rd year is direct between customer and amazon getting repair from a 3rd party
    iForgetful's avatar
    Probably from people buying from Amazon marketplace instead of from Amazon.
  7. Noclouds's avatar
    The UK version uses the Exynos chipset, unfortunately - though interestingly it's not all bad (if talking about the cameras, at least).

    Results from the main camera are broadly similar to the US/Asia Snapdragon model, some even prefer the Exynos model but the ultrawide angle lens is much better with the Snapdragon chipset (much more resolved detail, the Exynos model shots also look quite washed out and grainy, especially in low light.

    With telephoto, though, the Exynos seems a little better than, though a bit grainier, very slightly better image stabilisation on the Exynos model; however the Snapdragon version is noticeably poorer in low light, really poor, with more noticeable jitter, the Exynos model shows more detail, less grain.

    The selfie cams trade blows but are mainly very similar. Portrait mode, often one of Samsung's strengths, is pretty much identical.

    The above are from Tech4All's Youtube channel, the video being only a month old so I'm assuming they both had the most recent fixes, he'd set out assuming the Snapdragon model would be better, which is what I was expecting, His conclusion was that as Exynos is Samsung, they've been able to tweak it more to work well with their hardware. I need to see if this is consistent with other reviewers and how the Snapdragon version does with a Gcam port (Exynos doesn't support Gcam, unfortunately).


    I appreciate that absolutely doesn't make up for the Exnyos version having a performance hit on the CPU, GPU, thermal performance, battery performance and even network stability, compared to the preferred Snapdragon model, I understand UK buyers are frustrated, jealous, even bitter, up to a point. Keen to see how it does against the Snapdrogon chipset S23.

    Good price, though, if you can overlook those frustrations. Gonna get toasty!
    Deal_HUNT3R's avatar
    At £280 it's worth a punt

  8. BT1978's avatar
    Heat from me
  9. Iappearmissing's avatar
    Where is the best place to sell phones these days?

    I have a Galaxy Flip Z 5 and I really want this instead, thanks (edited)
    hasankhizer043's avatar
  10. Jrjrjr's avatar
  11. Shahid1973's avatar
    Exactly this happened to me when I bought my A52s it was a 2 year guarantee not 3!!!
  12. Deal_HUNT3R's avatar
    pali13's avatar
    What you get this on mate
  13. Scanamon_Darkly's avatar
    Should I get a Pixel 8a on the £14.99 deal with 100gb data or is there any decent monthly deals for the s23 s24?
  14. Brijj's avatar
    This or s23 ultra?
  15. captinblack's avatar
    Picked up the ultra 256gb for £736!!!
    52794642-9RvKI.jpg (edited)
  16. ineedtv's avatar
    I would never go for the 128 model with its slower ram
    shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    Both storage sizes have the same amount
  17. lozmeister's avatar
    How does this compare to the Poco F6 Pro?
's avatar