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Posted 8 May 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB 5G Smartphone - £834.15 with a trade in of any smartphone via EPP / Student / Lebara APP

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Access via totum, lebara app, perks at work etc.

Basic spec
  • All from your smartphone, all with AI: The Galaxy S24 Ultra allows you to effortlessly edit your photos, get real-time interpretation on a call, formats your notes into a clear summary ¹ ² ³ ⁴
  • Armour up with titanium: Durability, scratch, water and dust resistance with Corning Gorilla Armour, Galaxy S24 Ultra is ready for adventure, Write, tap, and navigate on the new flat display with the built-in S Pen ⁵ ⁶ ⁷
  • 200MP details that rival reality: The most megapixels on a mobile phone, and AI processing, Enhanced ProVisual Engine recognises objects and reduces noise, Zoom in on the action, even at night with 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS ⁶ ⁸ ⁹
  • Hyper-realistic mobile gameplay: Faster processing, and nearly double of the S23 Ultra's Vapor Chamber to give you the smooth graphics experience, Massive capacity, Greater energy efficiency, All-day battery to play on and on ⁶ ¹⁰ ¹¹ ¹²
  • Brightest adaptive mobile: Galaxy S24 Ultra with 2600 nit display, Improved Vision Booster enhances contrast and colour for a clearly exceptional experience, Reduces reflections and improves visual clarity with Corning Gorilla Armour ¹³

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  1. techdude203's avatar
    Are there any other discounts/cashbacks I can stack with this? And do you reckon it's better to wait til summer for any better offers? Not sure to get this or wait til summer , I think they have summer cashback offers? (edited)
    adil171's avatar
    You’re better off waiting, prices for Samsungs usually drop like crazy.

    This can already be had for around £913 with a 100gb sim for 24 months.

    The sim is worth around £10 a month so you will end up paying around £673 for the phone over 24 months and £240 for the contract which you were going to pay anyway (if you need a contract). (edited)
  2. Ali_Boro's avatar
    Is this deal better than the deal with the free tablet offer a couple weeks ago? I missed out on the free tablet deal so looking for next good deal, I don't need SIM contract, I just need the handset.
    shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    Quite similar, the price today is close to 100 off the previous offer, but the price a couple of weeks ago made up for that by giving the free tab
  3. slipd's avatar
    Has the 12 months Disney+ offer ended now?
    Jonwillis's avatar
    The offers have all been moved to the Samsung wallet app. If your device was eligible it will be in there to claim it (edited)
  4. propyl21's avatar
    Ah to be a student and be able to afford a £1000 phone in this climate...
    Bigsmoke825's avatar
    If you have access to these sites as a student or otherwise you shouldn't actually be paying anywhere near £1000 for a Samsung phone with trade ins and other offers.
  5. HappyShopper's avatar
    Here is the link to last years Student S23U deal.

    If you read through that deal, at the time, people were saying the deal was better than the S23U launch deal a few months earlier.

    I wasn't planning on upgrading my S23U so missed the S24U launch deal but am now thinking about it so hope there is a decent Student S24U deal in June this year.

    That reminds me, must setup a HUKD alert for the S24.
    Zosia's avatar
    Yeah, that's the deal ehich turned wrong for me last year, cashback declined.
  6. Joshfount's avatar
    Taking advantage of the enhanced trade in offer makes this a great price for the top Android flagship phone ♨️
  7. brettreading321's avatar
    Anyone have any good deals on the 1tb version?
  8. Lasarke's avatar
    £689 if trading in a flip 3
    I'm super tempted but.... Pixel 8 pro has caught my eye
    kanesurveys's avatar
    Me too, but Pixel 8 Pro camera reviews are not great compared to S24 ultra, so depends what you are looking for
  9. hashim0786's avatar
    Any deals on 1tb version?
    shiverMeTimburz's avatar
    £1089 with any trade in
  10. paulvandyk's avatar
    I have access through perks at work but didn't know Lebara app offers similar deals?
  11. Professor_Chaos's avatar
    Not as good as last years student s23 ultra offer with free earbuds but ok deal if you want one now 
    Bigsmoke825's avatar
    Too early for a similar deal to last year's I expect one in June with a summer cashback promotion
  12. Costinel_Patrascu's avatar
    If you get the srudent discount it doesn't stack up with the trade I'm discount !!!
  13. Gokkers's avatar
    shame samsung killed the 24 months 0%. would have made this an easy purchase
  14. Emd69's avatar
    Any idea for Samsung Tab S9 Plus offer?
  15. Friendes's avatar
    Got excited as I have same price through perks and recently received another 15% off as a birthday gift from samsung.... they don't stack... want to try to talk with customer service chat ,maybe there is a workaround 😄
    Bigsmoke825's avatar
    There won't be you can't use 15% Birthday codes on the student/EPP sites unfortunately, you could stack it on the Samsung App Store and get a further 5% with code APP5. (edited)
  16. techdude203's avatar
    do you think there will be a better offer in June based on history? I currently can use student discount from this offer, not sure to wait for june or get this
    Professor_Chaos's avatar
    I’d wait unless you’re desperately wanting one now 
  17. asim_mahmood's avatar
    One spot digital have 512gb for little over a 1k
  18. italondonistaavataurino's avatar
    my birthday is on the 24th and made almost my mind up about buying the s23U 512gb like new from GiffGaff for £749..but now I found out I can have the S24U 512gb for £919.15 after any phone traded-in for £100 via this offer.. in a previous post under Discussions I asked opinions and the consensus was that s23U still better for its 10x optical zoom at its price but now I'm not sure with £170.15 price difference.
    When the total is spreaded over 24 months I would pay approx. only +£7ish/month for the S24U.

    EDIT: I've actually changed my mind after some reviews.
    The 5x telephoto of the S24U seems better in most scenarios and night shots and almost equal at 10x, and better than S23U at 30x.
    Unless I find a like new/pristine 24 month warranty s23U for £500ish I now see that £170 of difference from £749 giffgaff like new to new £919.15 via student discount a more than justified price to pay.
    Maybe I'll wait for June for better deals anyway (edited)
  19. artis2kewl's avatar
    Looks like this has expired!
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