Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB White - NEW - £344.99 @ Mobile Phones Direct

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB White - NEW - £344.99 @ Mobile Phones Direct

Found 22nd Mar 2017
Looks like a great price for a brand new SIM free phone from a reputable seller with next day delivery. Cannot immediately see a better deal elsewhere, and on a rough calculation this seems to beat most 24-month contracts when taking into account the overall cost, unless you're happy with max 500MB data.

Over 24 months works out at £14.37 p.m. Pop in a £5 a month SIM with an operator such as PlusNet and you have a great phone with a reasonable allowance for just over £19 p.m., plus the flexibility to change allowances at your convenience and no contract tie-in.

Yes it's a 2-year-old phone, but it's also a great one and you only have to look at the price that S5s are selling for on eBay to see that the Samsung flagships retain their value.
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Paid this much for 64GB Edge+ nearly a year ago and it was used basically new so mabey now they might have reduced a little more.
If your after this phone I think its a good deal.

Personally, I'd pay more and get the One Plus 3T which is much newer, dual sim, and isn't held down by the bloat of Touchwiz.
The S8 is announced on Wednesday I'm holding out to see what that does to S7 prices.
Paid around the same (after Flubit + 18% cashback etc) in 2015!
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