Samsung Galaxy S6, Unlimited Text/Mins, EE Extra, 4gb data £33.49pm @

Samsung Galaxy S6, Unlimited Text/Mins, EE Extra, 4gb data £33.49pm @

Posted 25th Mar 2015
This deal is similar to the iPhone 6 deal apart from it comes in 32gb rather than the iPhone's 64gb version.
Your basically paying £12.65pm for the contract itself when you work out the full retail price of the phone. Good deal I think when compared to taking out a contract through most providers.

Go easy on me if you don't like it simply because you don't think a phone is worth £600 because neither do I... but this holds up a good deal if you need the data. I also rate EE 4G signal and service over any provider.
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Do they do the whole upgrade thing? my contract is up for renewal and that.
For some reason on sites like this you're best off getting a new contract rather than upgrading, you can upgrade the it never includes the best offers.
I don't quite understand why this is voted cold as it beats the o2 refresh offer thats showing as hot on usage, cost, it's EE extra... 4g not 4g "ready" so signal is usually fantastic.
Maybe hukd is sponsered by certain products and providers?
Maybe it's cold cos of the £100 on top. i think mobilephonesdirect will beat this !
Not too sure.. Think i checked on there but couldn't find a better one
I got the same deal but with a note 4. £100 on top sounds a bit excessive.
the note was free in case that wasn't clear
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