Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 4GB Ayce min/text £35pm phone free- buymobiles
Seems a good deal.

S7 Edge £35pm, phone free.
4gig, unlimited mins/texts



Burning hot


On fire

free hand warmer


Free ear warmer.

I can't recall a deal this good.

Good deal, just been looking at other deals on the edge and via Comparethemarket you can get the same 4GB on Three for £33 a month but paying £9.99 for the phone. So overall its a bit cheaper.

You jokers know this isn't the note don't you?

Anywho, not a lot of data, but decent price. Heat applied

Well im currently paying Three £15 a month for exactly this sim tariff so unless im mistaken the difference is £20x24 months=£480 for the phone which looks like a great deal, how much is this Note 7 gonna cost sim free/contract as i haven't looked ?

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Surprised this hasn't gone HOT , over 24months works out just a tad over what the phone costs offline.
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