Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £692 @ Carphone Warehouse

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge £692 @ Carphone Warehouse

Found 5th Nov 2016
lots of previous mentions around this handset and the free vr headset
for light data users thought a good deal on vodafone £100 upfront, £28 p/m for unlimited calls and texts and 1mb data

£80 quidco today too.


1gb of data per month in 2016!


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1gb of data per month in 2016!

True not for everyone but for my circumstances there's wifi (the cloud) everywhere I need it - on the train, at work and throughout most of central London so just use that instead

calm down it's not April fools yet!


Heat from me fordy. Agree not everyone is going to need more than 1GB a month data (although hands up I'd want more like 3GB personally) but this deal (£772 less the £80 quidco) is just £52 more than the sim free handset and includes unlimited texts and calls plus an additional 500mb EU roaming data too...hard to argue with that.
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