Samsung Galaxy S8 £36 per month no upfront cost. £1080@ Sky

Samsung Galaxy S8 £36 per month no upfront cost. £[email protected] Sky

Found 6th May
Samsung Galaxy S8.

36 Per month with no upfront cost and 1GB data.

Sky customers get unlimited calls and texts, non customers pay as you use.

All seems pretty straight forward, Sky compare the major networks and list their prices twice a week.

30 month contract.


Saw £36 got excited thinking glitch. Click deal and saw sky then £36pm
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cold from me, very misleading .... £36 per month ver how long, then please give us a read sum total

3 year contract is that all. lol

2 year contract and they have the phone back

Good deal for sky customers as its the whole deal with free calls and texts, if this was unlimited data as well I'd be all over it.

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Edited. Read the small print wrong seems it's a 30 month contract. Sorry all.

Is one of the better deals 30 months a bit of a killer and there data very expensive I think they use 02 which is basic at best I'm cold
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also phone locked to sky

cannot be a 30 month contract - ofcom forced the industry to only have contracts of two years length in 2011. Is this actually a loan or something?
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