Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Unlocked Black - £619.99 @ Smartfonestore

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Unlocked Black - £619.99 @ Smartfonestore

Found 15th Jun 2017
BRAND NEW Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS (The big one) UNLOCKED BLACK ....(14 Available at time of posting) Cheapest I've seen from a british company
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Heat! Thanks. Ordered via Quidco for £5 cash back (so basically, free delivery). It's sealed, new and unlocked and for me due to credit card fees @ 3%, cheaper than Amazon Italy - plus it'll come with a UK charger!
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Heat - despite what others thinks
Heat from me but going to wait for OnePlus5T
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I'm upgrading from my trusty Nexus 6P. I'll use the S8+ until the Note 8 is released.
Why cold? Seems like a good deal for the plus?!
Always the same for Samsung deals I find it funny seeing how low they can go.... The apple deals get the same
Thanks OP! Received the phone. Box was sealed and it is a brand new, sim-free, unlocked UK unit. Great seller - next day delivery was spot on.

No red tint (edges) in sight. Very happy with the performance. Nova launcher & Pixel pack has made the transition from my Nexus 6P to the S8+ seemless. My last Samsung was the Note Edge and that really disappointed me as Samsung promised Edge owners the world - we got nothing!

Ps. Spigen case and screen protector from Tate Guard work a treat.
14 back in stock
This should be a hot deal.

I bought mine at the same price from Smartfonestore nearly 2 weeks ago and used TCB to cover the delivery cost.

It was posted special delivery next day and when it arrived it matched the description.

UK model, new and sealed as you would expect. Very happy with the phone and price I got it for.

I did consider paying a little less to get it from Amazon Italy but I wanted a UK model which should be easier to sell on next year and I didn't want any issues with delivery times, having to return it to Italy if any problems and buying a UK charger, etc.

Plugs straight into the free VR headset I got from the Vodafone deal without the need for any adaptors and I'm also on the £5 EE contract which was posted on here a few weeks ago. Very happy with my setup
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