Samsung Galaxy Tab 16gb @Currys - £399 3%Quidco
Samsung Galaxy Tab 16gb @Currys - £399 3%Quidco

Samsung Galaxy Tab 16gb @Currys - £399 3%Quidco

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Been looking at one of these insead of buying an iPad. Don't forget the 3% quidco and possibly more (according to quidco website)

A strong contender for the media tablet trend, take a peek at the future in portable media players with this amazing Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab. This versatile media player features a 7-inch touch screen that is ideal for watching film or online content.

And at only 12 millimetres thick, the Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab surprises by offering massive storage capacities for its size with a 16GB built-in flash memory that can be expanded up to 32GB thanks to the microSD card slot.

But that's not all. The Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab offers phone and camera features as well! It will give you 2G and 3G connectivity and comes equipped with a 3MP front-facing camera. Equipped with a headphones socket in case you need some privacy, it's also compatible with your Bluetooth headsets too.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab runs the Android operating system. That means you'll get access to thousands of free applications. And you can run several applications at once with the Galaxy, thanks to its support for multitasking. The limits to what the Galaxy can do for you are just not in sight!

With all the incredible features of the Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab, the competition for the future of internet tablets just got a little stiffer!


Why not an iPad 16GB then?

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cause the 16gb ipad 3g at Currys is £529



Why not an iPad 16GB then?

Because we dont all like to bend over and get rogered by Apple!

Wasn't this posted for the same price at BestBuy (£399), but with 10% quidco potential and an upgrade to 32gb (via sdhc card I'd presume)?


Not a very good deal.

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Flynn Jack

Has the TkMaxx £329 ipad deal finished?

that ipad, if it's still on offer, is only wifi. the galaxy tab is 3g, has a camera and can be used as a phone and has 'facetime'. i'm actually flumoxed as to why this has been voted cold. this is the cheapest deal out there for the only real contender to the ipad.


Not a very good deal.

great reasoning, now i see why. idiot. if you're gonna comment on it not being a good deal, why not explain? elaborate? it's a very good deal and the best one out there for the galaxy tab at the moment.


Wasn't this posted for the same price at BestBuy (£399), but with 10% … Wasn't this posted for the same price at BestBuy (£399), but with 10% quidco potential and an upgrade to 32gb (via sdhc card I'd presume)?

Must admit, the BestBuy deal is much better

Hasn't it been this price for a while and posted before?

Poor web browsing even with flash turned off, exceptionally juddery scrolling through web pages, except on mobile versions of websites spoils the experience, flash support not that much fun hardly fluid to make it fullscreen, buggy email brings in old read messages, slow to render PDF, jerky motion when scrolling through all but the most simple PDFs, badly positioned hardware buttons, UI elements all just look jumbo android size, and rather silly at 7"...

Can hack it or use alternative browsers but it's like chasing ones tail... You never actually get everything to work "as it should" There is always something relatively major at fault which makes this a chore to use. Very angry at the overall quality

...mind you... it does have a front facing camera.... That comes in daily... Ahem...

Possibly the worst christmas investment I've ever treated myself to. Selling mine.
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They all come with the £200 package, its a samsung offer and not a dealer offer. All you need is the IMIE number and enter details here! samsung.com/uk/…ab/

I bought mine before I was aware of the offer and it still worked!

Could have been an excellent ipad alternative, but samsung got the pricing strategy all wrong.

Because the Galaxy Tab has front cam, rear cam, removale memory and its not made my Apple:)


Why not an iPad 16GB then?

It is definitely not the reason. In fact, I really hate apple's products, for their closed-source software system. Every time when I find that I can't even open the same file using different programs on my ipad, I can't believe how stupid it is. I own android phones, tablets, but nothing comes close to the pdf reading experience on the ipad. Well, this is the only reason why I bought my ipad. BTW, I got my ipad 16G wifi for £329.


Really?The ipad equivalent is £541This works out after cashback @ £340 a … Really?The ipad equivalent is £541This works out after cashback @ £340 and includes £200 worth of exrtras.It'd be far easier if you'd just admit the missing apple logo is the reason you dont like it.

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