Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wifi 16GB @ ECELL Ebay

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wifi 16GB @ ECELL Ebay

£364.99eBay Deals
Found 1st Mar 2012
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Wifi and Wifi+3G is the latest and greatest Samsung tablet and is the best specced Samsung tab.

The Wifi+3G version can be had for £450 at ECELL

These are very recent and have not been fully released in the UK

1.4Ghz Dual Core processor (same as in the Galaxy Note)


Honeycomb 3.2 (will get updated to ICS)

1280 x 800 Resolution

Super AMOLED Plus display (same display as the Galaxy S2 and the one and only Samsung tablet with this amazing display)

7.89mm thin which is even thinner than a Galaxy S2

16GB minimum storage

The screen is supposed to be understandably amazing compared to the other Samsung tablets.

You can get the Wifi version on amazon now for £474.54 which is too much
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Did you see what's hot before posting this?

Did you see what's hot before posting this?

what? the tab8.9? that's a low end model compared to this.

Get your fact's right sunny.
This is a good price for a UK sourced Tab 7.7 - my only concern would be the 1 year manufacturers warranty - if these are grey imports then Samsung won't honour the warranty.

329 … 329 HERE:

I am so tempted ..... this is currently the highest specced tablet in Samsung's lineup.

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take your blinkers off before voting hot from me.
have been after this one from November when it was not even released, best samsung tablet so far but still too expensive. Im after 3G model. If anyone can find it cheaper please post it. many thanks
Its a good price, but as mentioned the Panamoz link is cheaper and from the AVforums link there are a lot of posts from people applauding their customer service
I've had this tablet for nearly a month now (bought from Ecell)and its outrageously good.Screen is fantastic and the 1.4ghz dual core processor is super fast, blows every other tablet away at the moment.Can also be used as a phone the same as the original Galaxy Tab, which is a bonus.If you can afford it buy it now!
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