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Posted 28 September 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 32GB Tablet + book cover case - £152.15 / £102.15 With Trade In @ Samsung EPP / Blue Light Card

£152.15£19924% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 32GB Tablet

Free book cover case (gets added to basket automatically)

£152.15 /or just £102.15 With Trade In of any broken tablet.

This price can be accessed via blue light card or Samsung work perks.

Free next day delivery.

About this item

From epic films to how-to contents for a hobby you love, Galaxy Tab A8 invites you to a broader world through a bigger, better view.
Joyfully aesthetic with a touch of cool, Galaxy Tab A8 is vibrant in its aura and youthful in its appearance.
Made to deliver immersion on the go, Galaxy Tab A8 opens up an enveloping universe of content, games & activities that young ones love.
Sporting the Octa-core processor paired with up to 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, Galaxy Tab A8 comes ever ready to take up a challenge without draining the speed or the battery.
With Samsung TV Plus, Galaxy Tab A8 delivers instant, free TV anytime, anywhere, right on your android tablet. Enjoy thousands of hours of news, sports, movies, a variety of kids’ content, and more.
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  1. Avatar
    I've got the LTE version of this tablet, and I'll be honest I don't really use it, as it's a very slow tablet, even since I first got it.
    I would recommend trying to save up and get a better quality tablet.
    that bad??
  2. Avatar
    the specs say that the 64 gb version also has 4gb of ram vs 32gb/3gb wich might be worth the £25 extra, can anyone confirm this as searching the model number brings up listings for both the 32gb/3gb and 64gb/4gb versions? (edited)
    I have the 64gb version with 4gb ram and I think it's will worth the extra
  3. Avatar
    I would go with 64gb to future proof it
  4. Avatar
    Got this "free" with my tab s8 ultra, it is a very nice little tablet, a bit heavier than I expected for the size and the screen quality could definitely be better but it's well made and great value at £150
    Compared to the S8 Tab this is really light, and as you say - bargain at £150!

    I got the S8 and loved it, so got one of these for day to day office use - I paid £150 on Amazon (minus the case) and it was a good spend! This is a steal!

    EDIT: I got the base S8 Tab - not ultra (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Charged and tested both of the ones I bought for Christmas pressies
  6. Avatar
    Tried with Perks at work and it comes to £127.16
    Maybe I am doing something wrong?
    You must be on 64gb which is default. Just click on 32 gb icon and price changes
  7. Avatar
    Not sure whether to get this or the new Fire 8 kids for my little one (out in 2 weeks)... It's a nightmare to get YouTube Kids into the kids environment on the Fire 8 but the subscription definitely has value. Thoughts? (edited)
    My (possibly faulty) recollection is that Youtube Kids was fine as it was in the Silk store but full Youtube was problematic (needed to install Google Play and associated files via .apk). I have had several Fire tablets over the years and hated all of them but kept getting seduced by the price. They are probably fine for kids up to 6 or 7 but after that are a PITA. Generally my kids ditch theirs because they are slow and clunky and end up using mine, which is annoying. Normal gripes - a lot of the games they would like to play are not available (Pokemon Go is a prime example but LOADS of others), end up constantly bouncing between kids and adults profiles all the time as a result (and getting hassled to enter passwords) and the one that really stinks is that in the kids profile they can't get on a wifi connection without giving them the password for parental controls. I always seem to be in the middle of something when they want to connect to a new wifi (in an airport for instance) and have changed the parental password something like a million times. The parental controls in a standard Android build are MUCH better and for that reason they are both getting a non-Fire tablet this Christmas.
  8. Avatar
    It might have already been mentioned, but this works on Reward Gateway too if you have access. Just ordered our third one! Perfect for the kids with YouTube, Roblox, Netflix, etc
  9. Avatar
    I can confirm that I received mine (64GB/4GB RAM).
    I’m trading my old iPad mini 2, but I’m under impression that colours are better on that old iPad, maybe just need to get used to this one
    FYI, after logging in and downloading all the updates you’re left with 43.7GB of free space and 1.6GB of RAM, so I think it’s worth to buy the 64GB one, as you might need that 1GB of RAM if you’re using it for more than watching Netflix
    Do they send you an envelope to post your tablet for the trade-in?
  10. Avatar
    Anyone know what the "blacklisted" devices are that the trade-in info mentions?
    Surely blacklisted means by a network? I.E. IMEI blocked
  11. Avatar
    Is the trade in valid on any of the other models? Would like a cheap S8 Tab. (edited)
    You get £150 trade-in with a S8 Tablet purchase.
  12. Avatar
    Finally found I had access via Vecris card that I get with Scottish Friendly Society. Got the 64 GB / 4GB RAM for £127 after trade in, free cover included.
    you can register for perks at work, for free, see above the comments. to get to the samsung is a tricky, but it is free
  13. Avatar
    How do I get blue light or work perks discount?
    Thanks gents should be a separation section for people with BL discount or Perks at work discounts - just getting us normal people excited (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Just ordered. Came here to post it but you beat me to it. Have some heat.
  15. Avatar
    Wow! Great deal... Another Christmas present sorted 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🏻 HEAT! 🔥🔥🔥
  16. Avatar
    Also remember 5% (so £5.01) cashback with Samsung pay/curve card. Pays out instantly as well. :-)
  17. Avatar
    Just had my pink 64gb cancelled. (edited)
    Why is it cancelled?
  18. Avatar
    Excellent tablet, snappy with a decent screen.
    Use it for console emulation and it runs brilliant.
  19. Avatar
    Mine is coming up as this via Perks
    Maybe because yours is LTE and not WiFi?
  20. Avatar
    got a broken iPad. it turns on but the screen is not working. Would that be fine?
    Confirm with Ts&Cs but I think broken ones need to be able to charge and hold the charge
  21. Avatar
    Got a working amazon
    fire tab 7 (old one) will that work? (edited)
    Yes, i've traded in 4 different fire tabs including one that was physically damaged.
  22. Avatar
    Cheers, ordered the 64gb version. Hopefully the trade in on a device with a broken charging port will not be declined (edited)
    How much ?
  23. Avatar
    Anyone traded in a phone that doesn't power on before?
  24. Avatar
    Define broken tablet? Does not even turn on?
  25. Avatar
    Ordered 64GB one, could do without it, so if anything I will tell my wife it’s your fault
  26. Avatar
    Grabbed it thanks OP. Went for the 64gb silver as it seemed to come back in stock - was only the pink in 64gb. Felt worth it for the extra ram to last us a little longer.

    Took a stab at combining with Quidco but Samsung pay already paid out
    How much more was it
  27. Avatar
    Boycott Samsung the Scammers!
  28. Avatar
    Thanks OP, flying to NY in a fortnight and my toddlers have commandeered my Huawei pad so was looking for something for the flights! Ordered. Heat.
  29. Avatar
    32gb version only has 3GB or RAM
  30. Avatar
    3gb is enough, i bought 2 in June and one yesterday
  31. Avatar
    Looks like my order has been dispatched
    Ditto,mine has also been dispatched for delivery tomorrow.
  32. Avatar
    Ordered, heat added.
  33. Avatar
    How is the situation with android tablet now? Haven’t used since the Nexus. Recently bought cheap Mi phone and the playstore is quite a mess,
  34. Avatar
    How can we order this? Its asking to validate account
  35. Avatar
    Great deal. Heat added
  36. Avatar
    Can i send an old android telephone for trade in rather than a tablet?
    Can i send an old kindle or amazon fire?
  37. Avatar
    out of stock now - also price has changed I think now 177.65 in the sale with up to 50 off for trade in (cant find any further discounts on my bluelight card account)
    Nope, definitely still available in both silver or rose gold. £177.65 is for the 64gb not the 32gb
  38. Avatar
    Tried to combine the Blue Light Card offer with a £100 Samsung voucher from buying the Fold 4, and as anticipated, it didn't work out.

    Best I could get was £30 for the 32gb version using the £100 voucher and the £50 trade in.

    Went for the LTE, 64gb, 4gb ram version for £100 using the voucher and a trade in. (edited)
  39. Avatar
    Can you trade in a working Apple iPad 2?
  40. Avatar
    Hi sorry confused - do u need to be registered through a work scheme? Thanks
    Yes, Blue Light Card, Student discount sites etc