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Posted 19 July 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 32GB Tablet + Free Clear Case - £136.15 With Any Trade In (£186.15 Without / 64GB £161.65) @ Samsung EPP

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Has been slightly less in May, but still a good price, go via totum for this price, You can add a smartphone, for example the s21 FE, and add another trade, this time a broken smartphone, to get that for £399, but that also comes with 12 months Disney+, and buds live headphones, and a galaxy SmartTag+, or the s22 with a trade in, plus 12 months Disney+, headphones and SmartTag for £453 extra (£589 total) Obviously depends if you need a phone or not of course


About this item
  • From epic films to how-to contents for a hobby you love, Galaxy Tab A8 invites you to a broader world through a bigger, better view.
  • Joyfully aesthetic with a touch of cool, Galaxy Tab A8 is vibrant in its aura and youthful in its appearance.
  • Made to deliver immersion on the go, Galaxy Tab A8 opens up an enveloping universe of content, games & activities that young ones love.
  • Sporting the Octa-core processor paired with up to 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, Galaxy Tab A8 comes ever ready to take up a challenge without draining the speed or the battery.
  • With Samsung TV Plus, Galaxy Tab A8 delivers instant, free TV anytime, anywhere, right on your android tablet. Enjoy thousands of hours of news, sports, movies, a variety of kids’ content, and more.

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    Just to piggyback on the people commenting about orders not being fullfilled, i'm still waiting on an order from the main Samsung site for two of these from the 13th of June.

    When I spoke to their customer services, they said they don't have allocated stock at the moment, so is just a waiting game until it gets dispatched...
    I ordered on the 13th and they went preparing for dispatch yesterday.
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    Heat Added, still waiting for mine from 13th June, slightly cheaper back then at £90.30 so worth the wait.
    Yeah, forgot to mention, it says these will be dispatched from the 1st August, you just reminded me
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    Am i being stupid, can you trade in when going through perks at work? I can't seem to get both the EPP price and the offer for trade
    Nope - I tried last time and it wasn’t an option. Spoke to an advisor via chat who was worse than useless.
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    Ok so perhaps someone may want to explain how you can order a discounted tablet on the 27th June direct from Samsung's main website and it's going to take a month to deliver, yet if you want to pay full price today from the same site you can have the SAME tablet tomorrow. Here is the screenshot I just taken if I ordered today. There excuse is you can always cancel your existing order and re-order but why would I want to do that when it will be a lot more expensive. It makes you wonder if the original deal for the Tab A8 was actually a deal for everyone who has ordered or not.

    I guess for future deals that are direct with Samsung I may just pass. Sorry @MrSwitch - I voted hot for the deal I ordered but not this time as Samsung makes promises they fail to keep due to "unforeseen circumstances" and when I contacted them yesterday they said I would need to wait or re-order. You wouldn't get this at Currys, JL etc etc and you would expect a better level of service from the manufacturer direct.


    Replying to

    Yes, Samsung take payment upfront. (edited)
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    I take it back. There seems to have been a bit of a blockage on my emails and just got this from Samsung. Looks like my complaint using online chat yesterday has done a bit of good or could just be coincidence. If you have been waiting for the previous deal from Samsung from June get onto the online chat and ask them why you are waiting when they are showing stock on their website for delivery tomorrow and request they ELEVATE your order from the processing stage.

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    Surprised no one has posted the S22 Ultra for £879 with the buds and tags.

    Need the same process as the S22 offer where you add and remove the buds.

    Personally, I'm hoping similar cashback deals come up this year that bring the phone down to redic prices like they did last year.
    I will never pay £879 for a phone, also £799
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    Samsung are not fulfilling orders fast enough for these "special" deals. This tablet was available on their normal website on Sunday for delivery today, yet I am still waiting for mine ordered in the 27th June. Bought and paid for and not going to be delivered until 25th July which is poor service from Samsung.

    Whilst these maybe a hot deal on price, they are certainly not a hot deal on delivery and presently I am £132.70 down with nothing to show for it. If it doesn't come in the 25th I will cancel and put the money towards something better.

    Replying to

    Haha same OH problem here. Sometimes I get them delivered to office and sneak them in later.
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    MrSwitch means 🌞H E A T 🌞
    It's definitely a hot day
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    Was a better deal before. Jump in!
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    Good price Switchy! But they haven't fulfilled my last order of A8 and that was a month ago or something (edited)

    Replying to

    Maybe if you ordering now my previous order waiting time was extended by 3 times I don't think if they have enough stock
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    Has perks at work taken off Samsung from there site as I can see Samsung in perks anymore?
    Me too not seeing Samsung from couple of weeks. I emailed them, will update here once I get response back.
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    Has anyone traded an Amazon fire on one of these deals and it been accepted ok? Says any "android tablet" but Fires kinda are/kinda aren't android. Thanks
    Yes, x3.
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    Got one the last time (32gb) had no issues,in fact was delivered a week early
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    What would you say is the best sub £180 tablet?

    Its for a gift. Needs 64g storage minimum and not the Amazon ones as she person I’m buying for doesn’t like them.

    Any advice appreciated.
    The Samsung Tab A8 is fairly decent apart from the charge time. I have the 4gb/64gb one and it was only £132.70 with free case. Less I think than I paid for my Lenovo Tab 2 years ago.
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    I am waiting for Samsung to release some 8" tabs which I preferred over the 10" ones. All the higher end tabs are above 10" nowadays.

    Replying to

    Oh sorry, i got confused with the Samsung A7 Lite which is 8"
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    Got my A8 on the deal back in May & it’s been fantastic. I had a Fire 10 Pro previously but this was a nice upgrade
    Sorry to tell you but you actually did a downgrade. The A8 uses a Unisoc T618 SoC which is a untested budget chipset. Whilst the Fire 10 pro uses the Mediatek MT8183, which is a better SoC in comparison.
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    Any good deals currently on Tab S7 or S8?
    Can pick up the S8 from Samsung for £549 and then £150 off if you trade in any old tablet or if your prepared to risk EBay plenty going for in and around £400 ish sealed
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    WOW waiting over a month seems crazy for such a mass-produced Tab.

    Samsung has usually been pretty good with timelines for the order( have made a ton).

    I would suggest complaining via email/phone/chat and get some compensation.
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    Skorchio Deal!
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    Isn't this cheaper on amazon without trading?
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    Have had cashback and trade in offers the past 7 months for the following:
    x6 S20 FE
    x2 Soundbars
    x2 Buds pro
    x2 Tab S8

    Was fearing I had to many trade ins / cash back but all went through without any issue thankfully
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    Anyone has this and plays Asphalt 8.

    Can this handle high frame rate 60FPS, on high graphics. (edited)
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    Anyone used this as a car SATNAV (using a hotspot)... I'm having issues with Maps not catching up to location of the vehicle quick enough...
    I’m sorry but why do you need such a big screen for satnav? Is there something I’m missing? Why can’t you just use your phone?
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    Got my A8 delivered yesterday, - Samsung had put back delivery to the end of July last weekend after I ordered on the previous promotion. Their stock control must be randomly generated.
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    Are they seriously doing this deal again?!? I'm still waiting for my order to come through from June. Won't vote either way, but just be warned they probably will mess you about
    Get onto live chat and complain.
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    Just a bit of a heads up.

    The charge time on this is extremely poor. It was at 30% this morning around 8.30. At 11AM it's only showing 84% which suggests it's around 3.5 hours charge time which is maybe double that of my Lenovo. That's pretty poor in my opinion.
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    Has the deal gone now? I've just tried getting the 64gb one with trade in discount of £50 and its coming up with £195? Yet when I tried yesterday, it came up with £161 for the 64gb one? Going via Totum
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    Any idea how you do the trade in. Do they take the tablet with the delivery
    They send you your trade in return sticky label with your order.
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    This tablet is crap imo for the listed price, I got the Fire HD 10” from Amazon £69. The display is very poor quality for £180 device, everything about this tablet screams BUDGET (speakers, speed, ram management, lag, camera, literally everything).

    I sold mines for the same price I purchased it luckily. Either go for Fire tablet or get a second hand iPad for £135
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    Really not impressed with the screen on the one I bought. It's so dull and washed out and the viewing angles are terrible.