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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 64GB 4GB Tablet With Free Book Cover - £177.65 / £127.65 With Trade In Via EPP @ Samsung

£177.65£24929% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Extra 1gb ram and extra £20 for the 64GB version, in my opinion worth it, cover auto adds, trade in any tablet

You need to go via Totum, perks at work, student beans, reward gateway etc. To get this deal

About this item

  • From epic films to how-to contents for a hobby you love, Galaxy Tab A8 invites you to a broader world through a bigger, better view.
  • Joyfully aesthetic with a touch of cool, Galaxy Tab A8 is vibrant in its aura and youthful in its appearance.
  • Made to deliver immersion on the go, Galaxy Tab A8 opens up an enveloping universe of content, games & activities that young ones love.
  • Sporting the Octa-core processor paired with up to 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, Galaxy Tab A8 comes ever ready to take up a challenge without draining the speed or the battery.
  • With Samsung TV Plus, Galaxy Tab A8 delivers instant, free TV anytime, anywhere, right on your android tablet. Enjoy thousands of hours of news, sports, movies, a variety of kids’ content, and more.

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  1. Avatar
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 2 models please, trying to figure it out on the site is annoying.
    A8 LTE v A8 WiFi.......
    LTE basically means you can put a sim card in only for online data use. WiFi version means that you'll only have to rely on WiFi for internet, no mobile data.
  2. Avatar
    What is EPP and how do I register? I can sign in ok but it doesn't want to verify my email address after that
    I was trying to use it yesterday for a monitor (went in via SudentBeans), but I got stuck at that same verify email point. Never managed to solve it.
  3. Avatar
    Whenever I try to login to Samsung or verify my email address it says "The Email field must be a valid email." No matter what email address I use 😞
    The link provided in these EPP deals will NOT work. It takes you to a page that shouldn't be accessible. You need to go directly through your portal I.e. bluelight, unidays etc and search Samsung through there.
    If it is asking you to validate your email, you're on the wrong page. You don't need to sign in if you go through a portal.

    If you have previously clicked on the link in this deal, and then try to go through your portal or even onto the normal website, I would advise clearing cookies before doing so, as it can mess it up.
  4. Avatar
    as a guide to what performance to expect.....The UniSoC Tiger SoC in this is on a par with an SD665

    Not dreadful, but not mind blowing either.

    But it is cheap and being the 64Gb model with the extra Ram it is a useable day to day Tablet.

    With the trade-in price, £127 is probably it's realstic value
    Tiger T618 is nothing like SD665. It has 30% higher single thread performance. 28% higher Antutu performance and 300% higher 3DMark Wild Life performance.
  5. Avatar
    We ordered 2 of these a couple of weeks back for Christmas for the kids , as the Amazon fires they use are terrible . £50 trade in for non working and broken screens too
  6. Avatar
    Thanks OP!
    Finally found a use for a my circa 2012, broken Nexus 7!
    Very welcome mate
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
    Bought this a hour ago, coming tomorrow. Looks good for a budget tablet. Perfect for videos, Hoping it will play some games
  9. Avatar
    Have this, recently updated to Android 12. Perfect for Netflix in HD, widevine L1. For £120 you really can't go wrong.
  10. Avatar
    I've got the 32gb model of this with this same cover stand and for the price it's decent enough. It's good for the kids too using the kids mode on it. I've had the tablet for about 8 months now and no issues with the case or tablet from semi-regular use.
  11. Avatar
    I'm getting the same message when I try to log in. "The email field must be a valid email"
  12. Avatar
    I bought this tablet with the case a few months back when they were doing some amazing cashback deals on trade-ins. The tablet is OK, slightly lags a bit and the screen resolution is nothing amazing, for a cheap 2nd tablet it does the job.

    The case however is terrible, mine cracked within a few weeks, didn't drop it, force it or anything, just a cheap waste of plastic. Better off getting a case with a keyboard off of amazon
    You certain it cracked on its own? I think someone or something lives in your house! 👻 (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Isn't this the same deal posted last week but just pointing towards the 64gb variant?

    We ordered one 32 one 64 for Christmas. Great improvement over Fire tablets - screen is fine, speakers surprisingly good, performance is solid much more responsive than Fire tablets, Samsung kids mode is brill and locks the kids in a tailored environment with selected apps. Recommend for sure.
  14. Avatar
    Was planning to get this and trade in an old tablet but according to Samsung (via video call) it must be able to power up. Is he right? Anyone got any experience of what is classed as "broken"?
    I bought an A8 earlier in the year using an old chinese Android tablet circa 2012 that turned on but was stuck in bootloop...never getting any further than boot logo. Was accepted as trade-in.
    So yes....trade-in must power up....but doesn't need to be 'working". (edited)
  15. Avatar
    It's not bad for the money. The screen could do to stay on for more than 2 seconds when bringing it out of sleep and make sure you don't touch the area between the home screen button and the 3 lines underneath the space bar or it sends you to the home screen which is real annoying.
  16. Avatar
    Can you trade in a Amazon fire kids tablet with the trade in deal? Can't see in t&C's? Thanks
    I found these on a pdf of terms from a previous Samsung UK trade in PDF from 2021

    Amazon Fire 7 (2017) - SR043KL | 8GB |

    Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) | 32GB |

    Amazon Fire HD 8 (2015) | 8GB |

    Amazon Fire HD 8 (2015) 16GB |

    Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017) - SX034QT | 16GB |
  17. Avatar
    Waste of time unless you have Blue-Lights or are a student!
    And that's from a Customer Service Agent at Samsung. For me it £159 and no free case. So unless I go back to School at 65 year old carer, it isn't going to happen for me

    If someone could change the title to save further disappointment. Thank. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Any recommendations for the cheapest tablet to use as trade in? Cheapest in my local Facebook marketplace is £25
  19. Avatar
    How long do Samsung take to ship the freebies after submitting a claim ?

    I've just submitted a claim after buying a Galaxy S8 (free Keyboard cover). They texted the approval within a few minutes, however it says they ship the "gift" within 45 days.

    If they take anything near the maximum, I either need to use my precious new tablet without a cover for ~6 weeks or buy another one whilst waiting for the Samsung shipment. Which reduces it's attractiveness as a deal. (edited)
    With my A8 tab, they turned up together yesterday!
  20. Avatar
    I'm looking for an Android Tablet for my elderly dad, to replace his much loved Hudl 2. Would this fit the bill do you think? He's just using it for email, airplane tracking, reading the local news stories etc. He's not into Netflix or streaming!

    I used the Samsung trade in on the S20FE offer last month, so will have to find another trade in device, we have a couple that won't power up, so will look locally for a cheapo working tablet. Any thoughts on another model if not this one?

    Thanks (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Ok got mine today. The case is a bit meh, is it meant to stay closed if I put it upside down, seems like a very weak magnet.
    That's why the case is free lol.
  22. Avatar
    Is there a way to get HDMI out? Or cast to Firestick
    It says no MHL/HDMI (Mobile High-Definition Link) here samsung.com/uk/…ua/

    But you can cast it to a Chromecast or Samsung TV.
  23. Avatar
    is this deal still on??
  24. Avatar
    Samsung raised the price or reduced the discount, so it is not £127.65
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