Samsung Galaxy Tab E and Free Now TV Box for £139 using code - Tesco

Samsung Galaxy Tab E and Free Now TV Box for £139 using code - Tesco

Found 25th May 2017
There is an offer for a free Now TV Box with the Samsung Tab E and then use code TDX-KYMX for £10 off

£149 for just the tablet at Currys and Argos
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Add the £1item…091
and then use code TDX-HKFY to reduce price to £130

The Now TV box also has a bonus 500 clubcard points
I think 500 points not showing up
heat for the first comment ^
Cracking deal.... Been looking for a new tablet and trust Samsung.

Looks like both Now TV are in stock to buy
I like the look of this, but the 8gb of ROM is a no-no. The wife struggles with 16gb in her Nexus 5X.

Plus I think I'm right in saying that the fact that it's on 5.1 means that apps can't be installed on the SD card either.
have 2 of these for the kids. No apps installed on SD. Great tab but both mine have an annoying glitch where they reset themselves to 2014 date and Wi-Fi stops. You have to manually put in the date again to get it all working properly again.
is this tablet any good for downloading a few movies and games onto without becoming sluggish?
nice deal, but Samsung are awful at updates.
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