Samsung galaxy tab s2 8 inches £299 @ Samsung

Samsung galaxy tab s2 8 inches £299 @ Samsung

Found 22nd May 2017
Price drop for Samsung galaxy tab s 2 8 inch

It is going to be discontinued soon

If you are after this model this is the time to buy

John Lewis will re match as I got them to price match

Currently lowest price

Whenever I post a deal it goes cold I don't know why

Let's see what happens this time
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this price and not an ipad....

this price and not an ipad....

lol I know but I can install any applications off the internet
I have an iPad as well
Both are good in their own ways
Maybe try posting deals for brands other than Samsung...
expensive for the 8 inch-nearly 2 years old now.
Sorry, agree with Rich069, this is nearly 2 years old now and well behind the curve now. Afraid to say that Samsung are over inflating the price of their tablet range. It's a shame as I want a new tablet and would rather get a Samsung but cannot justify it at these prices for a product so behind my phone (S7 Edge).
Great tablet and for me better than the iPad, but it is 2 years old, Samsung really take the P.
Unless Samsung think they can launch only a 9.7" Tab S3 and this stays to cover 8".
I picked up one of these for £190 from CeX and I think that was the right price for this tablet. For the price, its not particularly fast, the fingerprint scanner is slow and the battery is small. What really sets this tablet apart from the competition is the weight. You can use this for ages without your wrist feeling any tension. This is the reason I would choose this over any of the competition.
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