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Posted 4 October 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (14.6", Wi-Fi) Tablet - £814.20 / £664.20 With Trade & Galaxy Keyboard Cover (12m Disney+) Via EPP @ Samsung

£814.20£8999% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

5% automatically applies at checkout, making this £664 after trade in of any tablet, then claim the keyboard cover here - 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/bac…ted
Features & details

  • More than just space. The largest Samsung Galaxy Tab S is designed so you can create like a pro. Shoot with our first ultra wide front camera in a tablet and edit on the largest screen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.
  • Write, sketch, doodle or draw all your wildest ideas into reality with S Pen with ultra-low latency. A thousand tools in one, the new S Pen gives you impressive levels of control.
  • Love to draw or paint? Clip Studio Paint5 was created just for creative people like you. With a natural brush feel you can bring life to your most imaginative creations.
  • Auto Framing gives the spotlight the speaker deserves. So, you can record a dance lesson and the camera will automatically zoom in to keep focus on you and your moves as you give instruction.
  • Ring up your bestie or up to 31 of your closest friends with the high-quality video calling app available. The three Mic noise reduction technology makes sure you focus just on the call.
  • Size. Position. And number of windows. You’re in charge with Multi Window. That means you can research decor inspirations, sketch out architectural plans, and video chat with your friend — all at once.

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  1. Avatar
    I think I got it for 699 with free buds2 and free A8 tab along with the free keyboard cover
    That was a much better deal with TCB tracking
  2. Avatar
    Does the keyboard cover include the pen?
    The tablet will include the pen not the keyboard cover
  3. Avatar
    Honestly if I had circa £600 ~ £800 I would just buy an iPad. Actually you get 2 ~ 3 base iPads for that money. Even the base iPad trumps any android flagship in the world regardless of the brand. With an IPad you are guaranteed circa 5years of updates, super smooth UX, butter like scrolling, excellent security, and a rugged hardware to match.
    Obviously you have tried 600 -800 android tablet to claim these things…?
  4. Avatar
    Cannot recommend the Ultra enough - I am an Apple person normally but got so much more use in day to day use and productivity from the Ultra than I ever did with my iPadPro (which has now been sold)
    In what way?
  5. Avatar
    Woah that's so cheap Have some heat Mr
  6. Avatar
    Will they accept an old HP touchpad
    They accepted mine. It was surprisingly able to boot up. I also realised how heavy it is.
  7. Avatar
    Any deals on the Tab s8+?
    I bet there is a similar deal on the s8+ on the same website
  8. Avatar
    got a previous deal £900 (£750) after trade in with the free tablet and ear buds. Not received my keyboard yet so haven't really used the tablet yet (still have my 7+ for now) has anyone else got their keybaord yet? how long did it take?
    I too would like to know how long the keyboard takes. It says 45 days when you redeem but wondering if it will be quicker than that.
  9. Avatar
    So what happens with trade in? You have to send it away?
    They ship your shiny new tablet to you, and next to the box they include a prepaid envelope to send the trade in one back. Even if your trade in works perfectly, say its broken. It'll give you the same discount, and fewer headaches.
  10. Avatar
    Daft question this or a laptop? Changing jobs and need a latop or something similar for training. Guessing this would do the job? Or am i better soending the same money on a laptop?
    Id recommend a laptop. Microsoft office applications have come a long way for Android but no where near as good as windows. If you already have a Windows device this would be a good addition. I have tab s7 alongside my windows laptop for university which is the perfect combination. However OneDrive, Microsoft word and teams have so many more features on windows. Basically of you need office applications a lot get a Windows laptop. Also depends a lot on your job!
  11. Avatar
    It runs just on Android ?
    IOS, MacOS, Windows and Blackberry OS I think?
  12. Avatar
    what happened to the paypal payment?
    You can't pay with PAYPAL anymore!?
  13. Avatar
    How are people signing up to Samsung EPP? It says my work email is not valid. Is there any way I can get on? Surely everyone in this thread's workplace hasn't signed up to Samsung EPP!?
    you have to go through your works discount site. if they don't have one but you have a company I think you can sign up for perks at work for free
  14. Avatar
    Why can I not ever login to this EPP yoke? Any ideas why this message comes up?

    The link provided in these EPP deals will NOT work. It takes you to a page that shouldn't be accessible. You need to go directly through your portal I.e. bluelight, unidays etc and search Samsung through there.
    If it is asking you to validate your email, you're on the wrong page. You don't need to sign in if you go through a portal.

    If you have previously clicked on the link in this deal, and then try to go through your portal, I would advise clearing cookies before doing so, as it can mess it up.
  15. Avatar
    This offer so hard to resist not to buy but now just was looking YouTube it is ok on the table to use very nice screen etc But then I saw the person take to hands and start reading vertical omg how big it is on his hands

    To buy
    1 If my job will be traveling and need to use emails etc then YES
    2 If do not have laptop and need just for home use emails , MS office , and other then YES "" I think Dex mode can replace laptop ""

    No to buy
    If you have good laptop and still will be using more then say this big tablet
    Then all this massive 14 inch screen lose the point as you still will be using laptop for home work So it is will be another device on shelf not used
    Maybe consider the smaller S8 Plus or even the S8... most reviews I've read say they like the S8 most because of the smaller size being much better for handling.
  16. Avatar
    Thanks OP, just received mine and am ready send a very old tablet of mine.
    How long did it take to come after ordering?
  17. Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Wondering..do we get any Disney free for 12 months along with this offer ?

    I mean how do we claim it (edited)
  18. Avatar
    The only keyboard book cover for the s8 ultra I can see on the website is £245 surely that’s not the one you get free? (edited)
    Yeah that is the one
  19. Avatar
    Any owner of this able to confirm whether the AMOLED screen has the pentile subpixel arrangement? A quick search on the web came back inconclusive.
  20. Avatar
    Anyone received their keyboard cover yet?
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