Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 December 2022.
Posted 15 December 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Grey Titanium (No Strap) - £306 (or £106 after any Trade in and Cashback) @ Samsung EPP & Student Store

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Similar to previous post but now without strap only for Grey Titanium (Black Strapless out of stock)

Follow these steps:
1. Add the Titanium with strap into basket.
2. Search SM-R920NZTDWEU
3. Click 'Buy Now' then 'Checkout'
4. Remove the watch with the strap from basket


Is there was ever any doubt they've now changed/clarified the T&C's to confirm that ALL EPP and student purchases get the cashback. Pic below. See their FAQS on the claim page.

So it's £306 through TOTUM / UNIDAYS / Student Beans / Perks at work etc

Trade in ANY broken smart watch for £100

Claim £100 cash back using current Xmas promo here -


= £106

Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. usmnmd's avatar
    Completed the order 6hrs ago but it's not in my order history. No email confirmation either. Didn't even take a note of the order number immediately after purchase because I thought it's pedestrian to receive a confirmation after your order.

    Any ideas on how I can check my order status? Has it been cancelled?

    cardiffstag23's avatar
    Same here, money taken and no email or proof of anything
  2. BILL517's avatar
    Black strapless back in stock -


    Ordered using Samsung pay+ 5% cashback on top.

    206 - 100 samsung cash back

    £106 - £10 samsung pay+ cash back

    Total = £96

    49077492-wNSk0.jpg (edited)
    Star2021's avatar
    How do you get samsung pay cashback? I used it while ordering yesterday for watch 5 but no discount was applied
  3. BarneyRubble's avatar
    Anyone got a link to a trade in watch cheap
  4. Tornado_Gale's avatar
    Just to clarify are these offers only ever for students or Samsung employees?
    Pondlife's avatar
    It's not samsung employees. It's employees in companies that have perks programs.
  5. Abdou_Jouma's avatar
    Does a xiaomi band work as other smartwach?
    Dealwithit76's avatar
    Yes can be used for trade in
  6. JayMarevls's avatar
    Strapless ones are all out of stock now!
    Raiper's avatar
    It was a long time ago for me, it adds second strap watch instead
  7. Harkrishan_m's avatar
    Xiaomi mi band 5 accepted?
    FREEZIN_WOLF's avatar
    Yes, 100%.

    That's what I traded in a few weeks ago.
  8. deepu25's avatar
    Sorry, but how do you send the old watch for trade in please... struggling to find the info.
    BarneyRubble's avatar
    they send you a bag and label. you need to click add trade in and choose any watch at checkout

    think deals over now anyways as its not adding to basket (edited)
  9. Tornado_Gale's avatar
    I selected working but both my old smart bands are faulty, one doesn't charge and the other one doesn't have a strap. Can I send either anyway?
    HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    It must power on.
  10. rev6's avatar
    I managed to order one an hour ago for delivery on the 20th. Fingers crossed.
    bodolf's avatar
    Did you receive email confirmation?
  11. Sanzai's avatar
    Taking a while for cashback to be approved...

    Anyone know whether a picture of the back of the box is good enough? Or does it need to be the watch screen like for phones?
    Prosamuraiman's avatar
    I got impatient and called them. They processed and approved it straight away. I took a picture of the back of the watch using my phone and flash to illuminate the serial number.
  12. Tornado_Gale's avatar
    Trade in watch received by Samsung. How long do they normally take to approve everything?
    ssjinzo's avatar
    In my experience with tablets and phones around 2 weeks to a month, could be longer due to the time of the year. I never had a problem with trade in mind you. They send an email saying trade in has been successful. (edited)
  13. Tornado_Gale's avatar
    Anyone else received their cashback yet?
    quake.ee's avatar
    I bought similar deal and cashback was approved on 12 December but no sign of money yet.
  14. Markyp9's avatar
    Confirmed I got my silver watch 1-2 weeks ago with d buckle grey strap for £164. 364 - £100 trade in of 20 quid old Chinese smart watch PLUS 100 cashback samsung Xmas promo. I wasn't keen on the look of the strap but in the flesh the strap looks fantastic and the d buckle magnetic strap is fantastic so glad I didn't wait for 2 tone sports strap I originally wanted with the traditional buckle. Great deal if still working
  15. rev6's avatar
    Confirmation email for yesterday's order just came through
    Lee_Belshaw's avatar
  16. legend86's avatar
    Just tried and works, although I've already got the black with strap on order from the other great @samspud deal.
  17. umasood90's avatar
    Can't seem to do this even following the steps...
    anewman's avatar
    Maybe out of stock now?
  18. crball79's avatar
    I've just ordered another after having the original one cancelled, used a different payment method this time than samsung pay so fingers crossed.
    rev6's avatar
    Yeah it's still available
  19. roar349's avatar
    Ordered this morning, just had the confirmation email Not gonna lie, there was squeaky bum time
    Nikos_Mountzouris's avatar
    Same here. Just wondering how we are going to return the old (in my case cheapest new smart watch from Amazon) to them.
  20. TheSquare's avatar
    I just got my £100 paid to bank today
    Tornado_Gale's avatar
    Really. Wow that's incredibly quick
  21. Tornado_Gale's avatar
    So I now own a galaxy watch 4, ticwatch pro 3 and now this. I think I need help! Haha
    quake.ee's avatar
    X-Man spotted with 3 hands...
  22. Sham_Ahmed's avatar
    I had the Galaxy 3... is this Galaxy 5 better than the Fitbit Charge 5? Get that it's a watch vs fitness band but they both do the same
    hasankhizer043's avatar
  23. mystogan12's avatar
    I got mine just now and they’ve accidentally sent me two watches…
    rev6's avatar
    Lucky so and so...
  24. HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    I can confirm this works. Thanks OP.
  25. JackAllard's avatar
    Can anyone try the gw5 non pro for me please? 40mm. Thanks!
    SB7's avatar
    Watch 5 40mm = £199.75 - £50 - £50 = £99.75
  26. darren_hooker's avatar
    Fantastic price OP thanks..
  27. Blazzz's avatar
    Does this work with blue light card .
    dred_selby's avatar
    Yes.Worked for me.
  28. samspud's avatar
    Worked for me thanks op
  29. mattturner756's avatar
    Damn this is a great price. I love my watch 4, if I was on earlier I'd grab this
    quake.ee's avatar
    You will love GW5PRO even more:)
    I've swapped and don't regret a second:) that battery life..mmmmm
  30. Android786's avatar
  31. SB7's avatar
    Watch 5 40mm £99.75 after £50 trade in and £50 cashback:

    Graphite = SM-R900NZADWEU
    Silver = SM-R900NZSDWEU
    Pink Gold = SM-R900NZDDWEU

    Watch 5 44mm £116.75 after £50 trade in and £50 cashback:

    Graphite = SM-R910NZADWEU
    Sapphire = SM-R910NZBDWEU
    Silver = SM-R910NZSDWEU (out of stock) (edited)
    samspud's avatar
    After £50 cashback?

    You've even copied and pasted my description. Love it

    "Imitation is the best form of flattery" (edited)
  32. Mo86's avatar
    What epp please ? Ist student?
  33. BarneyRubble's avatar
    anyone got the product code for the black?

    add a tab a7 lite for 15% so £176 after cashback for both (edited)
    SB7's avatar
    SM-R920NZKDWEU but out of stock
  34. ssjinzo's avatar
    What's the cheapest smartwatch to trade on amazon
    samspud's avatar
  35. dani80's avatar
    Can a kids fitbit be used as trade?
    Minstadave's avatar
    I would think so. I sent them a £6 piece of tatt from Amazon and they accepted it.
  36. Jj_Gg's avatar
    Damn. Doesn't work with totum. Such a shame as it's an incredible deal this
  37. 0m4d's avatar
    4G one available? I have the Bluetooth pro from a previous deal but I'd like the cellular tbh, fold 4 is bulky and 95% of the te it's fine but would be nice to walk the dog etc without having to carry it
  38. Raiper's avatar
    It doesn't work adds two the same watches
    SB7's avatar
    Step 1 adds £364 with strap.
    Step 3 adds £306 without strap.
    Step 4 remove £364 one
  39. Mo86's avatar
    when can u claim the cash back ?
    BarneyRubble's avatar
    when you get the watch
  40. nd4spd's avatar
    any 4g models ?
's avatar