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Posted 2 January 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Smart Watch 40mm Purple Sport + £75 adidas Gift Card £197.10 / £147.10 W/Any Trade In / £227.14 W/Tab A8 @ Samsung EPP

£197.10£21910% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cracking little offer from Samsung EPP site (access this via student beans, totum, perks at work, reward gateway etc.), you can trade in any broken smart watch (please read terms on what qualifies) for £50 off the watch making it £147.10, plus you can still claim that £75 adidas gift card until the end of January (24th) plus 6 months free premium sub to the adidas running app, if you also add the tab a8, you can get the watch for £125.04 after trading in both a smart watch, and any tablet.

Link to claim voucher

Link to tab

About this item
  • Sleep tracker - know your sleep with our improved sleep tracking technology. Plan your bedtime, detect snoring, understand and track your sleep stages.
  • Watch your heart - the powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive sensor controls three health sensors effectively: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensor, Electrical Heart sensor (ECG), and Optical Heart Rate sensor.
  • Fast charging battery – the Watch5 takes about 30 minutes to go from 0% up to 45% charge. With a bigger battery than its predecessors and fast charging, you're ready to go in no time.
  • Durabile smart watch - Water-resistant, with a harder front display made with premium Sapphire crystal that's 1.6 times stronger against scratches
  • Get your way - Enter the bespoke studio and customize from a range of new bands and styles to match your unique look.

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone know where to get a cheap smart watch to trade in pls
  2. Avatar
    Am I right in thinking you need a Samsung phone to use certain features? I thought I read that somewhere but can't find it now. I have a Pixel.
    You need the Samsung Health Monitor app to measure ECG and blood pressure and that's only available from the Samsung app store (obviously not available on non-Samsung phones). However somebody has put a cracked version of it online that you can install on any make of phone. All other features work on other brands though, or at least the Samsung app to use them are available in the Google store.
  3. Avatar
    Hi @MrSwitch, a dead smartwatch which doesn't turn on would work in trade in?
    No, needs to switch on and 'hold charge' is the wording used. I picked up a Fitbit locally with a cracked screen for a fiver and sent it off for my trade-in.
  4. Avatar
    Hi does anyone know if this is like an Apple Watch where you can make and receive calls on the watch and send texts as standard? On the watch 5 not the pro.
    Yes, Bluetooth version requires you to have your phone with you, lte Version requires you to have a matching smart device contract from your provider. If you want to leave your phone at home that is
  5. Avatar
    Great deal! I paid £143 for it a few days ago as I also had 15% birthday discount code.
    Gave 4th Jan as earliest delivery date, but it actually came the next day (30th Dec). Did the claim for Adidas voucher last night and it was approved instantly so just waiting for it to come through now.
    I don't suppose you've received the code yet from Adidas or are you still waiting?
  6. Avatar
    @MrSwitch do you know if we can claim for 2 Adidas vouchers if we buy tablet & smartwatch?
    Think you can, Maximum of 4 claims per household I believe
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
    What a deal ..useful gift card as buy from Adidas quite often.

    Now I just need to source "any broken smart watch" that charges and holds charge"
    You can get a cheapo new one on Amazon for <£10
  9. Avatar
    There are quite few deals going through P@W,this combo isn't bad.

    It's through perks at works,the deals have a trade in ,each.
    The tablet has a £150 Adidas voucher,too,the watch sn Adidas voucher for £75 (edited)
  10. Avatar
    All colours of the Watch5 appear to be OOS?
    the purple sports band is in stock
  11. Avatar
    Membership for them.
  12. Avatar
    will trading an old Galaxy Active1 watch that doesnt power on (I dont have the charger so unsure if its working or not) work in this promo?
    I believe it has to power on, even if you say it's a broken watch
  13. Avatar
    I received the watch but there was no tamper seals on the box should there be seals on the box???????
    Yeah it usually should have it..black seal one side. Transparent the other side if i remember correctly
  14. Avatar
    Switchy ensuring we keep spending in the new year lol. Heat added. Happy new year @MrSwitch keep up the good work
    Happy new year my man
  15. Avatar
    Just ordered the 44mm sapphire LTE version and the pink 32gb tablet for the mrs birthday, got a cheap Android tablet and a Fitbit for trade in ended up 280 for the pair still cheaper than the watch alone
  16. Avatar
    This is a cracking deal
  17. Avatar
    Ordered in black thanks
  18. Avatar
    Fantastic offer, thank you! Just got the 40mm Watch5 in the grey colour plus a rose gold A8 tab (32gb) for £227, so there are still options available
  19. Avatar
    For those that purchased both a watch and tablet for trade in did you get 2 trade in letters and postage labels? I only got one trade in letter for the tablet. I'm unsure of whether to put both items in the same postage box. They also didn't send a postage bag!
    This happened to me.
    Phone them 0333 000 0333 quoting the missing trade in reference . You will have had an email. They emailed the label instantly to print out. There was an option for them to send it with a blue bag too. Do not put them in the same bag.
  20. Avatar
    God damn you Mr Switch. I swore I wasn't going to get another smart watch, but £200 for the pro 5 was too good to turn down.
  21. Avatar
    Ask for another. Don't return both together
    Thank you I shall do this. I did wonder as only the tablet was requested, have two emails though for two returns
  22. Avatar
    Does anybody where know what the battery is like on the watch 5? On the watch 4 & watch 4 classic, i would finish a day with 20% or something battery left. Currently using galaxy watch 3 which gives me 2 days
    The Watch5 Pro lasts 2-3 days but not sure about the regular 5.

    Addendum: After checking it appears the standard Watch5 has up to 50hrs battery, compared to 40hrs on the Watch4, so probably a bit better but you'll be lucky to get two days from it - you need the Watch5 Pro which has a claimed 80hrs life for that. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Guys any info on the trade in it hasn't given me an address etc will they send this after I've received my watch
    They send a pack,that comes with the Watch, normally a bag and a postage label,sometimes the bags normally missing.
  24. Avatar
    Thicko question but can you trade in old Fire 7 tablet? Working just old and probably worthless
    Should be able to - click the trade-in option and it will give you a list you select from so you can check if yours will qualify.
  25. Avatar
  26. Avatar
    Nothing showing as in stock for me (through benefithub which is like perksatwork). Annoyingly, all in stock when going directly to Samsung website!
  27. Avatar
    Cracking deal. Sadly NHS not covered by any of these schemes
    Get the Perks at Works account,if you don't use it now,it may come in handy for something else.
  28. Avatar
    Question, so on the Samsung website it says, claim 50 cashback, so can I get the 44mm Watch 5 with 50 cashback + 50 trade in and thr 75 voucher.?
    I got the 44m with an orange and blue strap, it was reduced to 215, then I got £50 trade in for a fitbit versa 1. Came to £165 in total, and also the Adidas voucher is a bonus.
  29. Avatar
    is this watch compatible with iPhone?
    It doesn't like my pixel 6 pro,I have to put on my Samsung.
  30. Avatar
    Anyone know if they'll take an old ionic that was replaced by Fitbit for recall??? Works but locked by Fitbit
  31. Avatar
    None in stock through perks at work on the 40mm version (edited)
  32. Avatar
    Does the Adidas voucher have any stipulations like minimum spend or no sale items etc? Thanks.
    I think it has to be used in one transaction
  33. Avatar
    He did it again 🫡
  34. Avatar
    The Adidas voucher is for EPP also or just normal order?
    I've noticed when ordered normally you see the "claim adidas voucher" on checkout, however, when using Student beans, there is none on checkout. Will that cause a concern?
    @MrSwitch any thought on this please? thx
  35. Avatar
    Confused saying you have to be part of employee scheme for me

    Can someone please explain how this works. Thanks (edited)
    I used perkbox but it's through my employer. I believe your employer has to have signed up for one of the schemes
  36. Avatar
    Are you selecting 40mm instead of 44mm and Bluetooth instead of lte, also 32gb tablet (edited)
  37. Avatar
    Can’t seem to add the 40mm now 
    seemed to work for me, just ordered. click to cancel the default band selected and it should include the band (ex, graphite included the graphite band for 242 for me on the LTE version)...looks like non LTE graphite is there now with graphtie band as orderable too
  38. Avatar
    Not sure if anyone has tried successfully tried but upon creating an account if you select the current date as your birthday you'll also receive an email from Samsung with a 15% discount code. (edited)
    How long does it take for the discount code to come through after creating the account? Thanks
  39. Avatar
    49213093-40IZb.jpgHuawei Band 3 Pro Fitness Wristband Activity Tracker - Black,

    Does something like this count as a 'smart watch'?
    It does
  40. Avatar
    Does anyone know if you get the LTE version if you can link it with your phone number? EE implied you have to buy through them and were being difficult when answering my questions.
    With an esim this is possible. I know that vodafone has this but 3 doesn't. Not sure of EE. It costs extra 7 quid with Vodafone and you would also need an esim compatible phone