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Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 £799 via price match (potential £549 via trade in any smartphone) + Claim Galaxy watch 4 @ Currys

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Link to claim price match:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Graphite 6.7" 128GB 5G Unlocked & SIM Free Smartphone - Laptops Direct

Guaranteed Trade In Offer:
Get at least £250 off guaranteed when you trade in
Get at least £250 off guaranteed when you trade in any phone in any condition and buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

A minimum trade in value of £250 will be applied when you trade-in any working or non-working mobile phone and purchase Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 at the same time. Value received via a BACS transfer if you trade-in online.

Trade In | Currys

Claim Watch 4:
Country Select (samsungpromotions.claims)
Currys More details at Currys

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    Just as a bit of information, if you try to price match online and the customer service rep starts to reel off nonsense about Laptop direct charging restocking fees and generally anything not to give you the discount, end the conversation and try again until you get someone with a different name
    I was bit lucky as they generated the discount code matching the price for 721.57 as per their price promise link (z flip 4 Blue colour)
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    How is the battery life on this one ?
    Not much improved on the last according to reviews I've watched on utube but it always depends on usage etc (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Keep in mind the trade-in isn't £250 for *any* phone, when you dig into it it states:

    We cannot accept a trade in phone if it:
    Does not power on
    Has water damage
    Is over 7 years old

    Last line is the killer, they should make this clearer in the headlines.
    But how will they know if the phone is over 7 years old?
  4. Avatar
    How does the camera compare on this to the S21 Ultra please?

    Good, but not as good as s21, no optical zoom.
  5. Avatar
    Rubbish currys. I got a price match code last night and it shows the code can be used from 7.30 am today to midnight, but I can't use it today morning, and the customer service asked me to try it later. Now the whole flip 4 websites are removed
    they're back now.
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    I couldn't get my code to work so was chatting with an agent who said to try again later but I said I wanted to get it done now so they said if I placed the order they would refund the £200. I placed the order whilst chatting with them and they said the refund had gone through and I would get an email confirmation before the end of the day. I've not had it yet and will update when received.
    Exactly the same thing I did.agent confirmed refund processed but no email yet let's c
    Just for others sake,agent Shubha seems to be aware about this price match and was pretty quick sorting it out
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    Silly question but how do you do the trade in at the same time?? Thanks
    It's a separate process.after purchasing the phone place trade in order selecting the £250 offer n use same personal details
  8. Avatar
    We can do this instore too?
    Probably but it's likely you'll have to explain the process to the Currys staff.
  9. Avatar
    just got my code, going to store in the morning and trade in one of my old phones. Fingers crossed.
    Please post how you get on.
  10. Avatar
    Anything on the fold 4 ?
  11. Avatar
    Heat from me regardless OP, this is a top of the food chain device. ( Floss Carter)
    White shoes…calm downnn 👏🏾
  12. Avatar
    A very nice deal op, a real tempter.
  13. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    This is super hot deal. How come its not hot.
  14. Avatar
    I picked this up, it came in at £549, which i think is a steal especially considering the watch :-)
    In store ?
  15. Avatar
    ... I got it price-matched with AO
  16. Avatar
    I managed to do this by ordering the phone to the store (next day free delivery). When the phone was ready I took an old iPhone 5 to the store and they put my price promise and £250 iPhone trade in voucher on the purchase. They did this by refunding the purchase I had made and then sold me the same phone for £550 by processing the deals as it has to be done at the same time as the sale. If the phone is in stock at the store you can skip the first step (I only had to order the phone to the store as there was no stock already in the store). On top of this samsung have confirmed my free watch 4 as well which I'll get within 45 days. So the phone and watch 4 have cost me a combined 55048556974-C3hRY.jpg
    Uhhhh yeah, and?
  17. Avatar
    Ok folks ordered at long last but so many loops to go through, got a code on Sunday to use today to get 200 pounds off on the purple model but this was sold out today, so went back on chat to get code for blue, said I have to wait till Tuesday to use code, this was a no because today is last day for the offer on the watch.

    My work place does gift cards so bought 1000 quid in gift cards, this worked out at 950 cost to me, 5% off, then bought phone, soon as everything went through on website I went back on chat and told them I found it cheaper on a different website, they agreed to send 200 pounds in gift card through the post back to me, not ideal but they will get used up.

    Thank to the original poster for the offer
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    showing 999£
    you need to raise price match with laptop direct via currys webchat.
  19. Avatar
    I managed to get a pricematch code from currys without any issues. However it states cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Does this mean you can't get the £250 trade in?
    The 250£ is direclty from Samsung. It most likely will go through.
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    Officially Currys is not in the list kf retailer for samsung 250 trade in promotion.
    U guys read the deal or product page properly. The trade in is with Currys not with samsung
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    Bet battery life ain't up to much with Battery capacity: 3700 mAh
    Perfectly fine for an average user.
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    There maybe an issue claiming the watch. I put my claim in last week and it was accepted for me to receive an email today making reference to the price I paid. ( staff discount) My discount had nothing to with Samsung staff discounts and funnily enough I recieved the exact same email when I claimed the Google buds. In the end I recieved them but that is no gaurentee Samsung will do the same
    Just bare this in mind as they all seem to have this claus, how they action it maybe dependant on whom you purchased it from. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Not had any acknowledgement from Currys for sending a trade in.
    From when I did it before, it was kind of completely separate to placing the order for the phone.

    Did you get a quote for the phone you're trading in online from their trade-in page? There should be an option to proceed if you scroll down (with the offer of £250 extra off displayed there too) and then you put in your address details to get the packaging for trade in sent out..

    (I remember the layout of page on my mobile was a bit rubbish on the quote page and I changed to desktop view.) (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Can’t Price Match and Trade-In.
    Both are different promotions and I have personally confirmed with currys via webchat .
  25. Avatar
    Has anyone been able to order? I have a code but doesn't seem to work
    When did u get d code ? .if u got it today it is supposed to work from tomorrow morning
  26. Avatar
    Got a code but now the blue version is out of stock on Curry's site. Frustrating.
    Now the blue flip4 is back in stock but code does now work.
  27. Avatar
    My code didnt work either i manage to get one last night.
  28. Avatar
    Good deal. 128GB version blue / purple OOS with Currys
  29. Avatar
    I contacted Currys as my code didn't work and live chat advised me their website is having issues at the moment and to buy and full price and they will refund the difference, don't trust them to to be honest
  30. Avatar
    They are not releasing the Moto in the US, so for reason alone I wouldn't touch it. They obviously don't have the confidence in their product and back it up as they should.
  31. Avatar
    Contacted Currys via chat. Agent was able to generate a code but will only be valid from 7.30am tomorrow. So by then either stock would have gone oos in Laptopdirect or in Currys.

    Ended buying the device (Graphite) first and got currys to refund me the difference. Used gift card via work scheme @7% discount.
    Other options would be
    1.place the order when stock is available and immediately request price match .
    2. can try price match with ao as well
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    Curry are destroying me.I now ordered the blue one while in stock at Curry's and then requested a price match and a refund. The agent told me that as the blue flip4 is no longer in stock at Currys I cannot have the price match and refund even though I had just bought it from Curry's! So ended up cancelling my order and will now try and buy the black one.So far, have waisted good 2 hours on that.
  33. Avatar
    ...or just give up and stick with my iPhone.
    I've previously had issues with Samsung when buying a price-matched TV from John Lewis...they offered a free Note but then refused because the invoice showed the price difference payback as a refund...and they said I'd been refunded for the whole TV...that I'd sent it back!! JL were great and contacted them a number of times, I eventually got my Note (that I sold on for £500, so you see why I persevered) My concern is that buying online and asking for a price difference would show a similar invoice....but perhaps not?? I don't know? (this is obviously in relation to the free watch) (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Looks like the listing has gone... definitely sticking with iPhone...link even takes me to one!!!
  35. Avatar
    OMG, never expected Currys to go so low. Talk about a dodgy company, now they have removed all flip4 phones!
    You've obviously not done a lot of business with them
  36. Avatar
    Booo! I finally stopped working so I could order this, and they take it down. Cracking deal though
  37. Avatar
    I've just been in to store (Rugby) to ask about price match and got some waffle from the work experience boy about them not being able to price patch Laptopsdirect as they also sell reconditioned items. (edited)
  38. Avatar
    I wont be using my price match code as ended up getting it in store, here it is: 221023-10242031-17
    Unfortunately, no one can use it as Curry's decided to play dirty. But well done price matching in store.
  39. Avatar
    Well I needed a new code as OOS but like others, cant use until tomorrow...why do I keep using these people
  40. Avatar
    Could someone please offer me some assistance, I'm trying to file the claim for the Samsung watch, and their asking for a invoice number but on my traditions long receipt from Currys, there is no invoice number on there, other than a looong TXN number? Is that the invoice number? (edited)
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