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Posted 7 July 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - Refurbished Very Good - £629.99 using code delivered @ musicmagpie / eBay

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30 day returns if you're not happy with the condition

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This product is in very good cosmetic condition, there will be signs of wear which may include light scratches and/or scuffs but nothing that will impair functionality.

Battery health will be a minimum of 80%. The item has been fully tested, restored to factory settings and is in excellent working order.

This Phone doesn't include its original box.

  • FREE 12 Months Warranty
  • FREE USB Charging Cable
  • FREE Royal Mail 48hrs delivery

Please note devices have been through a refurbishment process so may have had parts replaced such as battery, screen, camera etc. This is all done in house by qualified technicians and is backed by our 12-month warranty.


  • Immersive Viewing - the 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display lights up, like magic, the Under Display Camera disappears, leaving behind nothing but what's onscreen.
  • S Pen and Flex Mode - Get precision your fingers could only dream of as you put pen to glass. And you can watch, video call and more with Flex Mode which splits the screen in two, letting you work smarter.
  • Multitasking experience - Split the large screen into three apps at once, then open five more via pop-up. Save groups of apps to the Edge panel to open later for instant multitasking, then watch, chat and so much more, all at once.
  • Water Resistance - An IPX8 rating means you can unfold freely, even if you're caught in the rain.
  • Armour Aluminium - The backbone of this incredible phone is a super-strong, yet lightweight Armour Aluminum frame, 10% more durable to protect the interior parts of the hinge-like a suit of armour
  • Ultra Thin Glass Screen - the biggest leap in our foldable display technology. With the addition of a panel layer and protective film, it's 80% more durable than before.


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  1. Avatar
    Musicmagpie does not refurbish phones, just re sells them as they got, not even cleaning them properly. Keep this in mind.
    I thought they did a spit and polish?
  2. Avatar
    To those that have or have at least used one what are you using the extra screen for other than just having a bigger screen?
    I may be interested in this but curious what people's experiences are.
    TY (edited)
    Had it on contract from release date, but sold quickly. No benefits of extra screen at all for me and that crease was just a pain when using stylus, always clearly seen at daylight and catches even finger. No good, no good...
  3. Avatar
    Am thinking of giving it a try at this price
    Good luck ! I bought this phone 3 weeks ago and returned back next day. Had 2 small dots on screed(stuck/dead pixels) Tried to buy another one, came as perfect condition, but had earwax in earpiece and battery was exhausted, barely kept till 3:30pm after charging all night and just lightly using it. Also screen was not closing properly. Returned. Bad experience...
  4. Avatar
    I have the fold 2 never owned a phone so long.. brilliant phone... I'm waiting to see what the fold 4 brings ... but compared to release price its around 1 3rd
    What is so brilliant about it?
    Heavy, feels bulky and very uncomfortable in pocket. You need separate bag for it to carry, especially summer time. I think it is only good for people who don't have a PC/laptop at home and uses Fold all the time. Cause I do all my important tasks on laptop, watch movies on big screen tv at home and play games on proper screen on proper console or PC. When on the move outdoors, phone is only needed to check for emails, catch up on Messenger and make/answer calls. I have better ways to enjoy outdoors time than sit with a phone in hands all the time.
  5. Avatar
    In two minds as just got the s20 FE. Not sure the OH would agree to this.
    The S20 FE is a cut down version of the regular S20 anyway - if you've got the dosh, I'd sell the S20 FE and get this - just don't tell the OH and tell her it grew into a fold
  6. Avatar
    Noice op, Noice 🔥
  7. Avatar
    Coming up as 692.99 for me..
  8. Avatar
    Got the fold 2 for £750 on Amazon last November for a great deal. If you're inbetween 2 minds of getting a fold, go for it. They are amazing! The convenience of switching instantly to a table on the go is immeasurable. Can't imagine going back to a normal phone.
  9. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    I don't think I am going back to a regular phone , I have the fold 2 and I I am addicted to the huge screen..
    BUT i have an extra phone for going to the beach or other ..dangerous places
  10. Avatar
    has this been shipped for others? MM is yet to ship for my order.

    Replying to

    Well I watched a few videos of people removing it and then tried to put my finger nail down the side like they all do, nothing.
  11. Avatar
    Picture is the fold 2
    It isnt, its the first fold
  12. Avatar
    This or the recently purchased Google Pixel 6 Pro! Lol
  13. Avatar
    😬 well theres some of the money i had saved for a tv gone (annoyed). Ordered to replace my fold 5g (1st gen) although 1st time i tried to order it failed due "not enough stock" so tried again and successfully ordered BUT will wait and see if i actually get it 🤞
  14. Avatar
    Good find
  15. Avatar
    Excellent phone. I've had mine 9 months (and I had the Fold2 for 6 months before that - which was great but had some flaws which this model solved).

    Invest in a Spigen case.
  16. Avatar
    Had since its release on the Samsung upgrade scheme. I have enjoyed it but the factory fitted screen protector on the main screen is splitting in the middle and lifting at the top and bottom. A Ballache to get replaced and some people on their 2nd or 3rd in a year. £30 charge if you are unlucky too. Not good enough on a phone so expensive. Mine will be going back in Aug when I can change for a S22 ultra. A shame really and a definite flaw.
    Screen protector is under warranty, so it will be replaced free of charge (I had mine replaced in April 202w, Fold 2, purchased last year in March). The bad news is, it's not a 10 min job, because they replace... The whole screen. I'm talking about Samsung official repair store. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    I found it too big and heavy to use as everyday phone, paranoid about dropping it (which I did smashing the front screen )
  18. Avatar
    How much?
  19. Avatar
    This or S21 Ultra?
  20. Avatar
    Love my Fold 3.. chunky and pretty heavy though, like carrying a remote control from the 80s everywhere.
    My only gripe is that lots of apps aren't optimised for the screen sizes so can look a bit weird, but I believe this is getting sorted in a future android update. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Great price, best I've seen but this technology is still in 'beta'. Too many complaints about mechanical failures on the hinge (or gradually worsening) or random pixel failures on the OLED that aren't covered by any warranty, they have improved it a lot but it's still not ready for mainstream imo, especially with the softest screen protector in the world. People complain about batteries wearing out on high-end handsets rendering the device useless, would you want to add more mechnical failure points?
    Clearly you're not a user. Every phone has issues. Some people are more picky than others.

    As a user myself everything you mentioned is not true.

    Mine is still as good as new and I use it extensively.

    But you do you. I'm not one who's easily scared by reading those click bait articles
  22. Avatar
    All sold now.
  23. Avatar
    And of course the day after ordering MM has 2 stackable vouchers
    Yes I noticed too and got quite annoyed until I found out they all sold out before 10am anyway so there would of been none left? Or maybe there would of been 1 left if we held out just a lil longer and got an extra £60 off -.- ..reeeeee