Posted 3 October 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 256GB 5G Mobile Phone / Smartphone - £599.99 Refurbished Good, £649.99 Excellent, £699 Pristine @ Envirofone

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A lot of phone for the money, from £599 for good, there are 512GB example there as well if you need more storage.

Key Features
  • Folding clamshell design
  • Internal tablet display & external display for traditional smartphone use
  • Android 11 with One UI 3.5
  • 7.6-inch Folding Dynamic AMOLED X2 display
  • 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED cover display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Octa-Core processor
  • 12MP Triple camera with wide-angle and telephoto lenses
  • DUAL 16+10MP selfie (front & cover) cameras with autofocus
  • 4,400 mAh battery with fast, wireless, and reverse charging
  • 256/512GB internal storage | 12GB RAM
  • 5G Mobile data connectivity
  • Stylus Compatibility

Samsung is back again with the new Galaxy Z Fold3, further developing the idea of a folding display with the Galaxy Z Fold3. Like its predecessors, it can transform from a tablet-like display to a more traditional compact one instantaneously.

It has a large 7.6-inch display for composing messages, social media, playing games and more, and with the new stylus compatibility, you can do even more. The 6.23-inch Dynamic AMOLED display on the cover side is for when you want to make calls or take a quick photo without unfolding.

The Snapdragon 888 5G mobile processor offers the performance and 5G connectivity you crave, with 12GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of internal storage (depending on the model).


With its state-of-of-the-art Hideaway Hinge, you can have confidence in knowing that you have the most advanced design in any folding smartphone, precisely engineered for an incredibly smooth movement.

CAM technology gives the hinge the ability to be locked in at a variety of angles, enhancing your experience when using the Galaxy Z Fold3.

Apps are optimised to take advantage of the unique screen abilities, so you can open multiple windows and apps and move between the displays seamlessly.


The incredible 7.6-inch foldable display made by Samsung offers the ability to use this smartphone in an all-new way. It intelligently adapts to what you are doing, changing the refresh rate as needed, up to 120Hz. This maximises battery performance without compromising your experience.

It also emits less blue light, so you can enjoy the benefits of using the large display while minimising eye strain.

When you are not using the large display, you have a 6.2-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display with a high pixel resolution of 2268 x 832. So, you can use the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G like any other smartphone. It is perfect for taking calls, capturing photos, and sending quick messages.


Get creative with the 12MP triple rear camera, featuring wide-angle and telephoto lenses. This combination allows you to capture stunning images with the ability to get close to your subject using the 2x optical zoom.

Make sure everyone has a preview of your photo in real-time with correct framing using the combination of both screens.

5G Mobile Connectivity

Be ready for the future with 5G mobile data connectivity, which offers super-fast connection speeds so you can stream high-resolution movies and download the latest apps in less time.


With the Snapdragon 888 5G working with the 12GB of RAM, you have incredible performance. It enables you to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the foldable display, so you can open multiple apps and do more quickly and efficiently. The 256/512GB of internal storage gives you plenty of space for all your app and media needs.

The 4,400 mAh battery will get you through even the busiest days with the ability to fast charge using USB or wireless connections. There is even the ability to power your accessories using the reverse charge feature.

Refurbished Pristine
These phones look brand new, with almost no marks or scratches.

Often this is the phone where a customer has taken the device out of the packaging or used the phone for a couple of days and for some reason decided to change their mind about their purchase.

One customer’s decision change is another customer’s gain, let’s face it you get a practically new phone at a discounted price.


Refurbished Excellent
You’ve got to have a keen eye for this one! These phones are in excellent condition and have very minor isolated wear and tear to the front, back or sides. These phones are fully functional and in excellent working order.

This is the phone which may have been used for the last 6 months but has normally been kept in a protective case, so may have a few light scratches.


Refurbished Good
Ok, this may be the grade that you may seem wary about. But don’t worry as all our refurbished good devices are in a perfectly functional working order.

This is the phone which you’ve cared for, for the last 12 months but as with anything there will be wear and tear. So, you will get some scratches and scuffs to the screen, some pitting around the back and sides of the phone. But there will be no cracks and simply adding a phone case will be all the phone needs.


Envirofone.com More details at Envirofone.com
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  1. Avatar
    Don't do it!! Great phone until mine split down the crease all the way along the screen, samsung confirmed this is a known fault. However they DONT cover this under warranty. The phone has a short life span.
    As far as i understand, folding screens have a limited number of 'folds' before they split... Sure, the numbers given by Samsung suggest many years of happy use but who knows how many times the previous owner has open / closed it and screen splits are NOT covered by any warranty... I would stay away from any second hand flips / folds unless it is certain that is truly 'pristine'.
    I even had CEX warn me against buying one . For these reasons, i bought a brand new Flip4.
  2. Avatar
    I'm a fan of Samsung - but better stay away from this until we get an answer.

    As much as awareness is great, this is a non-issue for standard users, that use their devices and sell them later on.
  3. Avatar
    Got anything for me for the 4 buddy as prices I'm seeing are around £1000-1200
    Probs best off buying new and selling all the freebies that comes with it, otherwise cex are probs cheapest
  4. Avatar
    What are the main differences between this and the Fold 4 ?
    For me having owned both, the outer display is wider on the fold4, camera and battery has improved generally as well
  5. Avatar
    Oof that's cheap for this kinda thing.
  6. Avatar
    600 for used phone - crazy
    Exactly, shouldn't be posted
  7. Avatar
    Tempting tempting at £700 for a pristine
  8. Avatar
    Great price switchy..
  9. Avatar
    How are you enjoying yours @MrSwitch ?
    I'm on to the fold4 now
  10. Avatar
    I'd love to get a fold but I just don't know how well the screen will be on a used. Could look good as new but still develop a fault shortly into its life. Or as warranty ends. :/
  11. Avatar
    Good price as long as you're happy with refurbished, but look at the saving from new, and all that storage too! ♨️
  12. Avatar
    if anything does happen to the screen would Natwest phone insurance cover it?

    only ever used it once for a completely smashed phone years ago.
  13. Avatar
  14. Avatar
    Did anyone order a pristine condition one? If so what was it actually “pristine” and was the inner screen protector still on?
  15. Avatar
    Just an FYI, a fair few people are experiencing the inner screen protector starting to peel off after a years usage. You can remove it and it will stlil work or replace it but it's fiddly I think. Just going off what I've read, I don't own one myself.
    I have removed the inner screen protector on my fold 3. The was a worn away spot on the protector where my thumb would swipe. The screen feels so much better with the protector removed and no longer any danger of it cracking along the crease and damaging the screen underneath.
  16. Avatar
    Word of warning, I had a Z Fold 3 just short of a year before the entire crease in the middle of the phone lifted. They will replace free of charge if you send your phone away for 2 weeks or take to a Samsung store. PITA if you ask me so I ended up trading mine in for around this value against a S22 Ultra.
    Sounds like the inner screen protector, should have just removed it.
  17. Avatar
    Got mine used from clove for around £500 grade a been using it for about 2 - 3 months no problems with the device. It didn't have a screen protector on mine and some used ones may not come with it. Any questions let me know
  18. Avatar
    i can honestly say at these prices they make for amazing tablets and phones !!!!! trully next gen stuff in terms of usability.

    Dont buy if you cant keep regular phone pristine though
  19. Avatar
    Samsung giving £710 trade in for these against a Fold 4 would save you abit
    Would be better trading an old broken phone for £250 off.
  20. Avatar
    Stay away, screens cracking and Samsung avoiding warranty claims, check the Samsung official forum for confirmation of this. Latest model has reports of same issue
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