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Posted 16 July 2023

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G 256GB Refurbished Good - £649 / Very Good - £729 (+£10 PAYG goodybag for new customer)

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giffgaff refurbished peace of mind:

12-month warranty / 18 -months for Very good
A more sustainable option
30-point phone health check
80% battery health, or better

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21-days no quibble returns
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Product Reviews

DigitalTrends - 9/10
TomsGuide - 4/5
PhoneArena - 9/10
TechRadar - 4.5/5


Stands out. Stands up. Unfolds.

Does a lot in one hand with its 6.2-inch Cover Screen. In both hands, the 7.6-inch Main Screen makes it your ultimate do-more device. And when you need to go hands-free, simply set it down, find a good angle and leave it there while you get more done.

Give your back button a break

Whether toggling between texts or catching up on emails, take full advantage of the expansive Main Screen with Multi View. PC-like power in your pocket transforms apps optimised with One UI to give you menus and more in a glance.

Immersive, impressive

Now you can really get into the zone. Pushed-back bezels plus an even more camouflaged Under Display Camera on a breathtaking 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display means there's more screen than Galaxy Z Fold3 and no black dot getting between you and your favourite games.

The cheat code for smoother gaming

Swiping through the newsfeed or gliding through games, it all flows smoothly on the 120Hz display. This refreshingly responsive screen even adapts the refresh rate to optimize the view for you

The first foldables that can take on water

Be adventurous, rain or shine. You don't have to sweat the forecast when you've got one of the world's first water-resistant foldable smartphones.

Prepared for impact

From the inside out, Galaxy Z Fold4 is made with materials that are not only stunning, but stand up to life's bumps and fumbles. From the glass to the metal, these are the toughest Samsung Galaxy foldables ever.

Pro-grade Camera that stands on its own

With the upgraded Rear Camera, Space Zoom and Nightography, we're bringing a pro-level kit to the foldable form for the first time. Use the massive Main Screen as a viewfinder to flex your photo skills with new tech.

12MP Ultra Wide Camera
50MP Wide-angle Camera
10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera
4MP Under Display Camera
10MP Cover Camera

Shots in the dark hit different

When action-packed days turn to action-packed nights, details stay clear after dark. Advanced OIS and VDIS smooth out video while Super Night Solution limits noise — all for stunning low-light clips begging to be replayed.

It's never too late for great portraits. Galaxy Z Fold4's rear cameras use innovative hardware and software that work together to bring more light to low-light photos. From dusk to dawn and beyond, a powerful processor gives an intelligent boost of color and clarity to every shot.

Nail the details

With the 50MP Wide-angle Camera, even quick snaps are high-resolution masterpieces. Elevate depth and sharpness with Detail Enhancer, taking the best aspects of your shots and leaving blur behind.

Fold's best zoom, so far

Get closer to the action with 30X Space Zoom. The Telephoto Camera's 3x Optic Zoom teams up with Super Resolution Zoom to bring you closer to the action than ever before on a Fold.

Key Features

  • Stands out, stands up, unfolds
  • A new spin on slim
  • Finishes with finesse
  • Do more than more
  • Give your back button a break
  • Immersive, impressive
  • 2-year warranty
  • Operating system: Android
  • Model: Z Fold4
  • Mobile Connectivity: 5G
  • Screen Size: 7.6in
  • Rear Camera: 50 Megapixel

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  1. TheDodger's avatar
    Anyone asking about warranty I can speak from experience. I just had this issue with mine. I bought a Like New for £609 in may. It lasted 34 days and the inner screen ended up like this. 0 Drops I unfolded it and I heard a weird sound and found the inner screen broken. The phone had always been in a case too. I was able to return it to them then they replaced the entire housing of the phone + screen only the internals from my old phone were kept. It probably cost them £500+ to repair it. The turn around was 4 days from when I sent it in. I just included some notes about how it happened and they sorted it out for me free. Which was amazing. I'm not sure how much it helped but I was quite vocal on their forum about it happening just because I was worried it wouldn't be covered. Ended up selling the phone this week on ebay and swapped to the s23 ultra50597286-KaZJh.jpg
    fr3dy77_sp33d's avatar
    I'm using note, but I always want this fold as it can offer a bigger screen. Is it not better? What makes you swap it with ultra?
  2. janner43's avatar
    Cold from me - these phones are just like curved TVs or 3D TVs
    There are always those who will buy something new “just because” - that doesn’t make it a good product.
    Only my opinion, but I believe time will prove me right.
    mailmikey's avatar
    Like you I thought the fold was gimmicky and I will just end up returning but actually I was pleasantly surprised how much the extra screen real estate really makes a difference on your browsing experience. Most if not all the apps have been customised to be larger yet doesn't look weird and the multi screen mukti tasking has been so useful. So don't knock it until you've tried it. Never used my tablet much at all since I had this.
  3. b830ag2's avatar
    I think these giffgaff prices for the fold 4 have been the same for quite a while now.... So not a deal for me, unless I'm missing something?
  4. bowdiddly's avatar
    Be interesting to see what deals the Google Fold will have, they seem to have gone all in to get market share with pricing of 6 and 7 series, hopefully some good deals on Fold
    Shrinkwrap's avatar
    The Pixel Fold is rubbish and is being propped up by the usual Team Pixel hype. The SOC in the he main is 3/4 years old tech and the UFS is 3 generations old, this means that the guts of the phone is S21 ultra level at best before it even hits the shelves at over £1700. Certain other components have been lifted straight out of the Pixel 7a and the build quality.🤡
  5. ohsomeonenew's avatar
    I ordered 2 fold 4 a few weeks ago with a good condition from them, but this time they were used as described. So they went back.
    DannyCouzens's avatar
    So you bought a product and it turned up as described so you returned it?
  6. Zeb_'s avatar
    Went from 13 Pro Max/S22 Ultra to this.

    It's clearly the best phone in the world on the planet right now and the future. Revolutionises how you ue a smartphone, just when the industry was getting boring too
  7. MoneySaver94's avatar
    I bought the fold 4 on launch for c£1.2k and the inner screen broke by itself after 10 months. Samsung refusing warranty because of minor scratches on the hinge…
    lumsdot's avatar
    But its been tested for 4 billion folds
  8. MaybeMaverick's avatar
    they had one a few months back for £599 like new, gutted I missed that
  9. IkkyPatel's avatar
    It should go down further when fold 5 comes out i am holding it for now
    ayeworld's avatar
    Yep. I'd rather go for the Fold 5 due to the new folding flat hinge. Maybe we'll be able to get that for this price in a years time. Although the new Honor Magic V2 folding phone looks superior in every way to Samsung's Fold.
  10. Shrinkwrap's avatar
    Almost 2/3 off the launch price for a good conditioned unit inside a year sounds like a deal to me.
  11. markrfc's avatar
    I've just returned one rear casing marked, corners chipped and clicking hinge but good return service.
  12. Noghar's avatar
    I switched from a Fold 3 to an S23 and don't regret it at all. The battery life on the Fold was just not good enough, and it kept dying at about 10pm unless I topped up the charge during the day. Apparently this is down to an inferior chip at the heart of the unit and US models and later UK models are not so badly affected. But really the Fold did not do anything the S23 doesn't do just as well...and the S23 lasts 36 hours even with pretty intensive use.
    Zeb_'s avatar
    Fold 4 battery life >>> fold 3 battery
  13. MrKrabs's avatar
    Cba to post as a deal, but the 512gb like new version is £799 which is decent
  14. Dealmessiah's avatar
    Not the best of deals. I got the 512GB one, Like New for £799 in June.
  15. Articuno's avatar
    How's giffgaff's warranty if the inside screen happens to break by itself?

    CeX don't cover the inside screen cracking because it's deemed physical damage (that you caused), even though there's a lot of documented cases where the inside screen has just cracked upon being opened, particularly in cold weather. I loved my fold but knowing that it could break through no fault of my own and I'd have zero warranty was scary.
  16. realdeals's avatar
    I guess this is the risk you take when you buy a refurb you never really know how it has been treated, I saw a mate Friday night and he still has his 3 from launch and it's all good.
  17. realdeals's avatar
    I'm waiting for some half priced 5 action, but the newly released Honor is looking very tasty indeed with a global release on the cards.
  18. 7nthsea's avatar
    I really love my fold 2 still going on in perfect condition
  19. samsmith66's avatar
    Wouldn't have a fold phone even if they paid me.
    sajidtg's avatar
    sajidtg Author
    If they paid me, I would. And then make even more money by selling it.
  20. Shrinkwrap's avatar
    I have to be totally honest I haven't got a clue what your link is suppose to I mean. The deal is for very good or excellent so I selected page 9 where you normally find actual buyers and all I see is returns and nobody is saying they received a pristine phone.

    Very good and excellent is not Good and very good I don't see the logic in assuming you might get a pristine phone when good was advertised. For me it is the usual case of exaggeration. (edited)
  21. dannyblind's avatar
    Ill be upgrading mine soon. £750 for sale not a scratch on it 😁
  22. dhd's avatar
    I was looking at getting the fold but the inside screens are so fragile and made of plastic so are easily scratched. Just not a piece of tech im trusting myself with as I'm not always careful with my phones.
    I decided to go for a s22 ultra through gift gaff refurbishment as it was only £25pm. Came with not a mark on it in the 'very good' rating. Battery life could be better.
  23. hamish8888's avatar
    I've just sent my 2nd fold 4 back . First one inner screen was bulged and the second one doesn't open up fully without forcing the hinge. The quality doesn't seem to be as good as my fold 3. Let's see how Giffgaff deals with this one as they were great with the first return.
  24. DannyCouzens's avatar
    £749 for excellent condition on eBay store with no top up required
  25. wrcallar's avatar
    I also had Samsung replace my screen free of charge. Was a gift gaff phone only few months old. I scuffed the edges too and they still accepted it without question.

    Makes me more paranoid now. Tempted by the fold 5 for £850 through BT scheme, but fold 5 sooooooo similar it's a joke
    GsinghD's avatar
    Give me the code if you are not using it lol. I so want that BT offer.
  26. PapasMagic's avatar
    Are these vat claimable for someone buying on business?
  27. HarrisonC's avatar
    Has anyone bought one and received it yet? What's the quality like?
    MaybeMaverick's avatar
    Bought a very good one for 699.

    Honestly it's 99% flawless, there's a very small micro scratch on the back, (that's with me carefully looking at the phone inch by inch)

    The screens are in mint condition
's avatar