Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition) US Version with Warranty £95.54 Dispatched from and sold by Amazon US

Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition) US Version with Warranty £95.54 Dispatched from and sold by Amazon US

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I was looking at an earlier deal for this posted by @gomyron and noticed in the comment thread that @_Sparky_ had picked up the same camera from Amazon, sent from America including postage and custom fees for £95.54. Seemed like a better deal, so searched, came up and link and thought I would share.

All credit to @_Sparky_ though.

Does seem like the best 360 camera for the price - works to a limited extent with later iOS phones, really designed for Samsung phones (and a few other top end Android models). You can use it with a PC, though obviously lose out on a viewfinder, etc.

Picture quality is okay - the 4K video isn't the highest quality, but that's because the 4K stretches around 360 degrees. Frame rate is a bit low at 24fps, but as long as you know that going in, then there's not much to complain about. Obviously better options at (much) higher prices, but that's not really the point.
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You can get the first edition of this from eBay argos for £69.99. No idea about spec differences as to whether it's a good price or not
The previous version of this camera is actually better, apparently due to the compression system or something and can be found cheaper as stated by Wirralbargains77.

I have two of the previous version (I want to try to create some 3D 180 degree VR vids). The image quality for videos and pics is great for Youtube or Facebook but if you want to view it in VR then anything more than around 1.5 metres away from the camera will become increasingly blurred. To be fair it's not down to the camera, it's just that 4k resolution isn't up to the job. Really for a decent VR video experience it needs to be shot at at least 8k, with 16k probably being the ideal. Unfortunately those cameras are probably around 5 years away. I'd recommend these if you have an interest - I shot a wedding with one recently where the camera was fairly close to the bride and groom and it's certainly a great novelty as long as people are aware of the limitations.
This is expired now, sold out pretty quickly ...

I'd say the new version is an improvement on the older version and worth the extra £30 ... original camera had 15MP sensors, but this version's 8.4 f2.2 seem to produce a better result. For video, the frame rate isn't particularly high, maxing out at 24fps at 4K, and as Tony points out 4K stretched around 360 degrees doesn't produce the sharpest content. Low light performance is poor - best waiting for a sunny day.

Still, for me, using these in an educational context, it's fine. Can produce some interesting content ... messing around with the new Google VR Tour Builder is fun, along with other similar software. The live streaming is interesting, but I'd like to work out how to put it through a PC if I can.

If you missed out on this, or the BT deal for £99 (it's back up to £229 there), then you can pick one up from Amazon at £144 at the moment.
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