Samsung Gear 360 new 2017 model - £199 pre order @ Mobile Fun

Samsung Gear 360 new 2017 model - £199 pre order @ Mobile Fun

Found 4th Apr 2017
The new Samsung Gear 360 (2017 model) has been announced

Looks like Mobilefun is the only place to pre-order the new model in the UK at this price at the moment
- couldn't find it on Amazon or anywhere else yet
So I guess it might not be a hot deal if there's no competition - but if you want the latest version of this gadget, this would seem to be the place to pre order
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Come on Amazon...
If it's the only place the how is this a deal that can be marked hot or cold?
if its available at only one retailer, its not going to be a deal, they will leverage as much cash as they can for a preorder. cold for me.
bloody expensive sex toy.
I've read that this is being released in UK on 18th April. At RRP of £199.00 it looks to be slightly more portable and capable than last years model which had an RRP of £349.00

Even if you order it here earlier it's not guaranteed you'll get it sooner.

I bet there are going to be some decent bargains on the 2016 model pretty shortly.
Thanks a lot guys - now £219 from Carphone Warehouse !
And £260 at Amazon
Due in a week

Should've ignored the complainers and pre ordered it to save £20!
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