Samsung H-Series American Fridge Freezer - Platinum Silver - £679 @ AO (Plus cashback)

Samsung H-Series American Fridge Freezer - Platinum Silver - £679 @ AO (Plus cashback)

Found 20th Jan 2017
I've been looking for a good deal on a Samsung fridge freezer with water and ice dispenser. Went for this one as it get's good reviews.

AO are offering £100 off american fridge freezers which brings the price down to £679 and I just noticed that quidco were offering £55 cashback on Samsung American fridge freezers at which would bring the price down further to £624. This quidco offer expires in 4 hours apparently!

Rather annoyingly as I'm shopping to Northern Ireland it cost me an extra £15. I think it's free delivery otherwise.

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Have to say, we wouldn't be without ours. We use the water and ice dispenser all the time. Filtered ice cold water in the summer is great. You do lose freezer space having the ice dispenser, but again, we wouldn't go back. Ice cubes on tap is something you start to take for granted and during the summer, we love not running out of ice. We had 3 adults and 3 children in the house last summer, and the number of cubes produced kept the dispenser at least half full even on the hottest days when it was used most. Cold votes always amaze me, mostly from people that would say 'oh but i can buy a budget fridge for just a £100', whereas under £700 for a fridge freezer with these features is great. Ours was over a grand although it does have more room and also different compartments, but for that price, this is a really good deal
No reason for people to vote cold here, it isn't cheaper anywhere else, in fact it's a lot more expensive everywhere else.

Nice one David
Agreed should have heat,cheap with ice maker,but personally think that will be the part to fail in time.
No facts for that but just feel it in my water.
Cheers all. Appreciate the comments. Cold votes never a surprise but I've been looking for a couple of months now and with quidco (which has already tracked) this is the cheapest Samsung with ice & water I could find.

For £624 (+ delivery in my case) I'm happy.
Perhaps people are comparing it to the cheaper Samsung's which don't require plumbing - which I think is an unfair comparison. It's nice to not have to constantly top up the water with a jug from the tap! Also this dispenses crushed and cubed ice. Bargain.
Why's this marked as expired? Deal is still on.
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