Samsung HM500JI 500GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATAII 5400rpm 8MB Cache - OEM - £56.99 @ Ebuyer

Samsung HM500JI 500GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATAII 5400rpm 8MB Cache - OEM - £56.99 @ Ebuyer

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2.5" Laptop drives, great price me thinks...


The new two-platter Spinpoint M7 HM500JI provides a 12% increase in Windows Vista startup speed, and Windows Media Center playback performance increases by 62%, according to PCMark Vantage. Even gaming performance increases by almost 14%, and applications still load more than 9% quicker on the new drive.


This is gonna get hot! Sweet price, ideal for upgarding the old laptop or PS3.

sweet 2.5" 500gb samsung.

Hot, just came on to submit this :thumbsup:

Why isn't this burning up? :?

Is this OK for PS3? I heard there were some drive not really suitable for PS3 due to heat etc? Maybe I heard wrong...

Nice price, not as good as the 400GB Hitachi but that was 12.5mm so won't fit in most laptops, unless you have a unibody MacBook Pro which seems to be one of the few laptops that have room for them.

superb drive performance really good and price is very good, just fitted mine today,
hot !

all sizes of unibody macbook pro?

i have the 13" 2009 and someone told me 500GB runs too hot, is that that older one that heats up? reckon this one would be alright?

I want a new drive for my ps3, is it worth getting this? I'm a bit concerned about the heat... is this a hotty?

202 in stock for next day delivery.

[SIZE="7"]Hot![/SIZE] :thumbsup:

another shout for the - Does this work on PS3 ?

Nice and HOT! H&R added!

Also interested in whether this is ok for the PS3?

Can't believe some PS3 guys haven't answered this...

I build and repair computers, not games consoles and I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work. Laptop HDDs are built to the same universal standards (SATA, similar power draw) to work in any laptop, except obviously those fatter HDDs that most people can just ignore.

Is the PS3 particularly fussy or something?

This works fine in the PS3. Higher temperatures are normally associated with the higher faster 7400 rpm drives as this has the same rpm as the original drives (5400) this should not be an issue.
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