Samsung ht-f4500 - Samsung 3d blu ray surround sound player - £100 instore @ ASDA

Samsung ht-f4500 - Samsung 3d blu ray surround sound player - £100 instore @ ASDA

Found 28th Jul 2013
Samsung 3d blu ray surround sound player for £100, £160 pretty much everywhere else. Picked this up this morning
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Is this WiFi or Ethernet?

I nearly brought a different model yesterday but I held off! I hope they have this in my local store! Thanks OP

Is this WiFi or Ethernet?Thanks

Ethernet, but I believe you can buy a dongle to make it wireless!
Pity my store (Wolverhampton) doesn't sell much electronics. Every time I've been there they have nothing.
Does anyone know if you can connect to a WD Mybook live network drive via this?
Best get powerline adapters
I always find going to Asda Living is better to get deals like this
good luck trying to find any, I rang customer services and the checked all the stores around Manchester and managed to locate 2. think it's already been posted aswell
Posted a couple of weeks ago, there was 2 in asda queensferry the other day not sure if they're still there
They were still £150 2 weeks ago, I nearly bought this then.

They were still £150 2 weeks ago, I nearly bought this then.

they may have be on the shelf 2 weeks ago but they scanned at £100 2 weeks ago
seems like another "tesco like" wild goose chase. Probably about 10 in the whole in the whole country. None in my local stores.

COLD for hardly any stock
just got one from huyton asda. had another on shelf. there may even be more as was only enough room for 2 on shelf
set this up and got on the bet with a sky WiFi adapter
Got one from Cityside in Belfast. There was two left. I think it is on a bundle offer with a TV. I think the system works out as £100 as an add on to the TV but scans at £100 regardless.
Got one of these two weeks ago in Asda Dumbarton and I was delighted when it scanned for £100!
2 in Leicestershire
None left in my local store and they said they won't be getting anymore in
Which Leicestershire store had them in Naarmi?
Won't you need am amp with this setup?
Got mine for 50 which was an absolute steal

Won't you need am amp with this setup?

No. This has a built-in amplifier
One left on the shelf at the Asda in Hamilton, Lanarkshire.
Yea I posted it. Great little system if you can find one now!
2 currently the shelves in Bolton - Manchester road store. Not my cup of tea as I prefer the soundbar option only but this is a bargain!! listed at £100 and they're in the clearance section right before the pharmacy next to the dvds/blu rays
Bought two . Top surround system. 199 in currys and the version above has just larger speakers.
Has hdmi arc support.
Speakers fit well on the monoprice stands.
No lovefilm though.
Just done the weekly shop in Harlow, spotted this, as soon as I did I recalled a HUKD thread on this. Just bought the Technika 40inch LED for £187, so this goes down perfect alongside. Blu ray, 5.1 surround setup, 40 inch LED TV all in £287. Very happy and birthday next week who said getting into the 30s isn't worth celebrating :-D Thanks OP and hukd just the best site on the web...
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