Samsung HT-Z320R 5.1 Home Cinema System £169.99 @ Dixons

Samsung HT-Z320R 5.1 Home Cinema System £169.99 @ Dixons

Found 1st Oct 2009
It's £199.99 at PC World and Comet, been looking it up for a while
First deal Ive posted so if anyone wants to amend/change feel free
Not sure how to post a picture either



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seen this on the site this morning, was tempted but after going down to look at one the speakers look and feel rather cheap, I know it's a case of low price = low quality in the audio department but still, compared to the LG I saw (had oval speakers - not sure on model no but was £230) the speakers were heavy and generally was alot better product, albeit £70 more.

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I had the Z310 and they were great but had to send them back and just kept the cash, unsure whether to make a purchase!

same price at PC World too

Cheaper ]here

£134.00 including delivery

not sure about the company though

Don't normally post on here but thought I'd add my 2p worth. At this price the speakers are a good deal, we have had them for about a year now and they are great, no complaints with the quality given the price. Some of the controls can be a bit 'clunky' for example you are unable to change the bass without going into the DVD menu and changing from there, even if your watching freeview. Also DVD drive is slow to eject, all common complaints with this set, but otherwise they are great.

EDIT: Just realised we have the HTZ310r, these ones must be the replacement so some of the details might not be the same, sorry.
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