Samsung hw f350 soundbar £79.99 delivered + 2 years warranty free delivery

Samsung hw f350 soundbar £79.99 delivered + 2 years warranty free delivery

Found 30th Jan 2015
Hello people i found the samsung hw f350 for £79.99 at hifi confidential, which i thought was a great deal. However John Lewis have price matched it and also given me an extra years warranty with it.....

This system gets very highly rated reviews however i have not got mine yet an cannot comment personally on it.
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good soundbar, have it myself.. picked it up for £70 from RGBDirect a few weeks ago only got 1 year guarantee
yes i noticed that price to Nathan97 but wasnt it very slight seconds ? sure i read that it was (box damage or something). Dont think JL would price match that under the T&C's. I bought the samsung 48" tv from JL the other day (also a great deal on here thanks poster) an the delivery service was very good, phone call half hour before arriving an the driver was very pleasent, even at 8am lol
Thanks op just ordered one
Can't see where it says 2 year warranty - only options to pick are for a free cable and/or 1 year warranty.
yes thats at the hifi confedential site. You have to do a price match with John Lewis to get the 2 years warranty. Bit of a ball ache but worth the extra years peice of mind tbh.
so basically you buy from JL but they match CHIFI price an JL give you 2 years warranty
Received john lewis price match, today for £79.99.
got my sound bar yesterday mate. seems alright although digi audio cable needed to get it workin which isnt in the box.
just submitted my price match to JL. Thanks OP
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