Samsung HW-J6500 Soundbar - £199 @ Hughes

Samsung HW-J6500 Soundbar - £199 @ Hughes

Found 13th Oct 2016
Was looking on AO at the HW-J6000R which with a code brings it down to £224 but then when searching around further I saw this HW-J6500 at £199 at Hughes.

Now I can't find any difference between the non R or R models but from reading I'd take the 6500 over the 6000 while also being £25 cheaper.
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why cold why cuz I'm interested
Someone colded it? Can't imagine why as I can't find it cheaper and I can't find comparable soundbar for the price!

If there are better for the money, please post it as I've ordered one of these now but just want the best for my money.
I'm well aware of that which you'll see I said in my original post.......

This is in fact the better model for cheaper.

why cold why cuz I'm interested

It started cold because the OP forgot to mention the retailer in the deal when first posted.

It's an easy mistake to make I know but some ( not all ) HUKD shoppers are rather impulsive - see a deal don't know who's selling it and can't be bothered hitting the ' get deal ' button to find out so automatically vote cold as a way of punishing the OP.

That's one theory in addition to several others including those that believe it's pricey against what they would be prepared to pay - some will agree and some will disagree.

Good price and heat from me - later from when I first saw it earlier

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Did I forget? Oops. Someone (you?) sorted it for me it looks like?

Cheers anyway.
That's from the same store and it was also on clearance then. They've just lowered it more.

It was selling for around £500 in December 2015 according to reviews.
j6000 was the better option
How on earth is the J6000 a better option when it's £25 more expensive and a lesser model? I had that ordered but cancelled it after comparing the models.

Happy to be educated as I can't work that out?

Just seen you purchased the HW-K550 which was also a good deal so good on you.
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Home theatre system is much better option at this price range
Heat added. This is the curbed version of the 650. Good price…127
orders cancelled, check emails
I didn't order from AO so I wouldn't have received a cancellation email.

This is from Hughes and is being delivered on Monday.

Sorry to hear the AO deals got cancelled though. Would have been a nice bar for the price.
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