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Posted 23 November 2022

Samsung HW-Q930B/XU 9.1.4 Wireless Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos & Amazon Alexa - £799 delivered @ Currys

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Save £300.00!
Was £1,099.00

Also available at a few other big name retailers such as AO.
It's one hell of a soundbar, really immersive and cinematic, I've tried it in store and it's true what they say about it, this things a beast!
From the retailer:

This Samsung sound bar will bring a touch a cinema into your home. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X make the most of the 17 speakers for spatial audio that's perfect when you're watching films. You'll be able to enjoy beefy bass thanks to the wireless subwoofer, which adds more depth to the sound. The wireless rear speakers will put you smack dab in the middle of the action. And Q-Symphony lets you combine the powers of your sound bar and a supported Samsung TV to double up on the sound, completely cable free.
Currys More details at Currys

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    Picked up the Q990B last week for around £830 with discounts. Absolutely blown away by the clarity and sound that comes from it. This isn't too much different so will be a great purchase!
    If anyone wants a 25% off code hit up the DMs 😏
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    Same on samsung website now48798248-bbonR.jpg
  3. Avatar
    Man, I'm jealous of you lot getting work discounts :-(
    Same through student beans 48799316-4qEOv.jpg
  4. Avatar
    ahhh i have the sonos arc and ones in my basket then i see thissss.... what do i go forrrrr??
    You need the sub for the sonos to beat this
  5. Avatar
    Keep the option open on the new jbl 1000, if you can get the 20% discount (£800). It's more comparable to the q930b bigger brother the q990b
    Sorry thought you were asking about the q930b. The jbl has only just been released so reviewd are thin but look very promising.
    I've had multiple top end soundbars. I buy and sell them too. All have had the issues with back ground music affects suddenly being too loud. These top end soundbars are brilliant but don't think they can beat an AV set up. The older ones always had issues with speakers not pairing but this has been resolved recently.
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    I priced matched Currys with Electronic Empire last week and got this for £722 delivered
    Thanks for this. They price matched me too and saved me £70
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    If you have company discounts I.e switched on its 719 FYI if that helps anyone

    48798637-PBuOG.jpg (edited)
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    I had this sound bar and while it does sound excellent I ended up returning it as it kept locking up and needed a hard reboot.
    If that wasn’t happening the arc connection kept bugging out.
    Oh really, that sounds annoying as hell. Did you get a replacement or was it just a dud or something?
  9. Avatar
    Took the bite - got it for £642 - used 20% first order discount on Very. Paid off the outstanding balance on Very Pay.
    Delivery on Sat, cant wait!!!

    Thanks OP
    Wow that's one hell of a good idea man, just checking that out now
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    Use a code for 25% to get it cheaper but it works only on samsung page (edited)
    Hi Sebastian. Where did you find a 25% off code?
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    Tbh mate i would go with the q800b or lower if youre not gonna use rears, save you some money. I'm tempted to get the lower ones aswell as 799 is a bit of a stretch for my budget lol
    Trying to think how I could get them set up
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    Superb sound bar.
    Paired with a 77" LG C1 OLED, and it's like being in the cinema!
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    Just placed the order for £719
    Any chance I could be a temp at your work
  14. Avatar
    Can this be used without the rears? Don’t really have anywhere to locate them.

    Or best opting for the Q800b?
    I've got the Q700A which is last year soundbar. It is more or less the same as q800a which it should be similar to 800b. The 700 and 800 models are the smaller models with less speakers inside the soundbar.
    Based on my experience, if you go with a smaller model, without the rears, it will be rubbish. The only reason I've kept my 700 is because I've purchased the rears separately and it makes a difference. With the bigger models, I can't say, because they are obviously more powerful and have more speakers. I strongly believe the 700 and 800 models without rears are a waste of money. The rears in my case are behing/at the side of the setee. (edited)
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    Do we think the 990 is going to go on sale Friday? I can’t decide to pull the trigger on £1,299 minus 20% with their welcome discount code or wait it out.
    Hi how I can get this 20% welcome discount?
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    Why not Samsung HWQ950AXU which is 11.1.4? I dont it listed on Samsung website strangely.

    The q950a is now an older model and not in production any more. It was the top premium model selling for £1500. The q950a will sound better then this. I've owned both. Even the much older n950 sounds better
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    The fact it’s got Alexa does this mean when I play music to all my Echos that this will also play in same group?
    Unfortunately not an option
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    Great price
  19. Avatar
    Very tempted by the £599 price from Samsung. Annoyingly the code doesn't work on the works rewards page. Or do I spend a little less?
    No it doesn't as I have tried on both employe and stutend portals
  20. Avatar
    Is this the best soundbar in this price range? I am thinking to buy one but I am confused between this Bose and Sonos. Please advice
    Hart to tell as both bose and sonos will come only as a main unit without the subwoofer and no rears . Here you get the full package. So its hard to beat that I would say (edited)
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    Would I have to use the little speakers with this ?Would it make that much of a difference ?
  22. Avatar
    Did anyone also snag the £100 Quidco bonus on £700 Samsung spend? I missed it but got cashback to track on the Q990b. Returning the Q930b that literally just arrived as Currys refused to price match with "Facebook"....
    I did yes but haven’t used Quidco much. The standard cash back has tracked at around £30. Where would the bonus £100 show?
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    For someone who has owned a soundbar and a proper home cinema set up with separate speakers, is there much difference?