Samsung i8910hd Omnia £29.99 then £30/month Orange Dolphin 40 + Quidco £40 @ Mobiles.co.uk
Samsung i8910hd Omnia £29.99 then £30/month Orange Dolphin 40 + Quidco £40 @ Mobiles.co.uk

Samsung i8910hd Omnia £29.99 then £30/month Orange Dolphin 40 + Quidco £40 @ Mobiles.co.uk

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1200 minutes/ unlimited texts / 500mb data allowance.
Took the plunge and ordered one myself, superb camera and video capability ( films in HD ! ) on what is one of the best smart phones available.
I was a bit reluctant to sign up for 24 months, but what the heck, seems worth it for the bundle.


Looks a nice handset, but I'm a bit worried about it being symbian.
As far as I can see there's no software to use the screen in hi res ? It's almost like it was supposed to be a windows mobile device (as the screen res is the max that wm can use) and then they changed their minds at the last moment !

the porter;5756183

i had1 for a day sold it windows mobile nuff said

If it was windows mobile it might be nuff sad.

Unfortunately for you its Symbian S60 r5 (the new touch screen release). As I've said elsewhere I've got one and it will be my phone for the next 17months.

:x had 1 for a week got rid and took the iphone. my opinion miles better all round

ignore this

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Can`t win, One person says symbian's crap, the next says windows is crap . My last phone was Samsung i8510. Running symbian s60 3rd gen, my mates got Nokia N96 with same system and neither have ever missed a beat .

To all the cold voters, find a cheaper deal with comparable phone, 1200 mins unlimited texts, mobile browsing and gps ..... bet you can`t !!

And as for iphone, yeah it's superb, apart from the extortionate price, and crap camera, and I needed a decent camera, ... so there....:whistling:

I think it's a bit big - but it has NO problem playing 350Mb full episodes very smoothly without any lag. Camera kicks ass, as does the screen, superb. If you like watching movies and episodes WITHOUT converting, this is what you want!

Underlying symbian means you get ALL the normal nokia functionality.

But this is NOT a good deal, 24 month contract.
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