Samsung J600 silver (Pay As You Go) - £24.95 when topped up with £10 credit - Total £34.95

Samsung J600 silver (Pay As You Go) - £24.95 when topped up with £10 credit - Total £34.95

Found 24th Sep 2008Made hot 1st Oct 2008
The Samsung J600 mobile phone is delightfully reassuring. Pick it up and it sits comfortably in your hand: not too big and not too small. Not too expensive, either. The stylish slide-open casing contains a 1.3 megapixel camera for photos and videos and it's assisted by an expandable memory that lets you add plenty of storage. You can use the memory for music as well, with an FM radio adding to the multimedia choices.

Samsung J600 silver (Pay As You Go) - £29.95 when topped up with £10 credit - Total £34.95


edit -phone has been reduced by a fiver to £24.95
- Sagor


:thumbsup: and heat:)

Lets hope that CPW can do better than they did with the E590 offer:x (personal)

Don't forget Quidco!!

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I had initial problems ordering (credit card not accepting....then credit card company put a block on my card - I think its powered by RBS)
Then city link messed up!!!
But the E590 is a cracking phone for the money - just hope the quidco pays out now - since I had to call them because my card declined... It has tracked though....

Quidco seems to be giving £10 on buying this mobile with Orange .... so that pays for the airtime and CPW mobiles usually unlocked.

looked at this the other day, but the phone has very poor reviews

Not bad, voted hot.

this has been reduced by a fiver to £24.95 for the phone.

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Even hotter deal... and still with £10 quidco....

Good price but rubbish phone

I had a U600 with just 2 "touch" buttons. Never again.

good price, steer clear of the phone tho

still not got my E590 from CPW and not getting any emails from them either. Anyone else not got one?
Lickly to get them?


Good price but a rubbish phone.
I have one of these and the touch-sensitive keypad is carp
Internal memory has to be expanded to be of any use and the 1.3 camera is poor as can be expected.

Has anybody got the £15 validated yet on Quidco for the E590, it said end of September but mine is just tracked still?:x

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Mine says November - Still tracked @ £5

mine says tracked at £5, but still got no phone from CPW and wont answer emails either.


Handset only, no sim card, £119.99??!!!

tasty phone HOT thanks

Did anyone actually get one and is it locked? Thanks.
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